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August 16, 2012

Linda asks…

Why is rent so cheap in Chicago?

I’m planning on moving to either Chicago, NYC, or Stanford/Berkeley for graduate school. I am and have always been from Southern California, so when I see the average cost of an apt in Hyde Park for a one bdrm is 900, I can’t help but feel suspicious…

Can anyone enlighten me on why this is? Is this too good to be true? There a catch?

Administrator answers:

Because the cost of living is much cheaper in the midwest. Our gas and food is cheaper, too. Salaries are a little smaller here, though, because the difference in the cost of living. Parking is still expensive, but there are many many public transit options in Chicago.

Lisa asks…

The lease is up on my apt this month. They are keeping sec dep. Do I still have to pay 1 month?

I’m in bankruptcy and can’t afford it anymore. I owe one month’s rent after they keep the security deposit. Will they come after me for one month? Do I have any negotiation? I am in NYC.

Administrator answers:

If you owe the rent money then you need to pay it. They certainly can sue you in small claims court to get their money.

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