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August 25, 2013

Joseph asks…

I am planning on retiring to Mexico, like San Miguel De Allende, How Much Are the Rents?

I am planning on San Miguel De Allende, Mexico for retirement, How much is a 1 bedroom apartment in this area, are wheelchair accessible apartments easy to find? Are their towns that are better for wheelchair accessible areas and wheelchair apartments? I also want to know which towns are the cheapest towns to retire that are safe besides San Miguel De Allende , which is not the cheapest area. What requirements are their to move to Mexico and what are the benefits. I like to hear from both Mexicans who speak English and Expats who moved their ,
I also like to know how much it costs to buy a home and what are the taxes on a home besides the rental market
What is involved in bringing a car to Mexico or buying a car in Mexico . Is it better to buy in Mexico or bring a car from U.S.A. How about driving license and plates ? Again Thank You For Taking Your Time. Happy New Year

Administrator answers:

Rents vary. People who live here try to pay less than tourists. See links for real examples. Bringing a car with a clear title in your name from the US is easy (with deposit). Longer term/permanent visas do not allow US cars. Mexican plated cars pay higher taxes. The town is high in elevation, not flat, and not wheelchair friendly. You should subscribe to the “civil list” to see the good and the bad. Recently there has been a discussion of alternative cities. You can ask questions or search the archives.
Feliz año nuevo

Robert asks…

How much income will I need in order to live in an apartment for rent in Hawaii?

I’m just looking towards a small 1 bedroom apartment. I’m going for a medical related career which will make my health, and dental insurance already payed for.

Administrator answers:

Hey, welcome to Hawaii, ok? So, if I unnerstan, you already gotta firm job offer, so you know you can hava job when you get hea, that good, cause notta good idea to come hea to work without first hava job, yeah? So, question mite be, can you afford 1 bdroom apt on wage you gotta offer for, yeah? So, what you need to know is how much 1 bdr apt cost, yeah? Now, for sure it depend on where you wanna live, as to how much apt gonna cost, ok? And for sure, some place hea with cheaper rent not good neighborhood, ok? And you wanna live as close to where you work as possible, cause travel during rush hour nealy impossible, I know people who leave home 2 hours before work, so they can make it 20 miles in 2 hours, ok? So, you not say for sure which island, but let say you come to Oahu, then for sure you can find cheap apt in bad area, or highrise for 800 to 1K per month, ok? Maybe include parking, maybe not, ok? One thing gotta tell you for sure, NEVER sign a lease onna place without you see it IN PERSON, ok? Cause some real dumps for rent hea, and once you sign, hard to get outa lease, ok? So, my suggest, getta cheap ticket, getta cheap hotel, come ova for few days, and chek it out for you self, yeah? Hope this help, peace and aloha to you!

Steven asks…

What are the best neighborhoods in Philadelphia for students?

Looking for a 1 bedroom apartment in Philly, preferably close to UPenn.
What are the safer/cheaper/younger/more exciting neighborhoods? and what prices can I expect?
I’m expecting to pay around $700-$1000 for rent.

Administrator answers:

Near Philadelphia colleges, of course. Penn is located in “University City” an eclectic neighborhood filled with Penn, USP and Drexel students.

Michael asks…

I need decor ideas for my living room?

So my bf and I live in a 1 bedroom apartment and since were a young couple we don’t have many things. Were in are early 20′s and we hang nothing to hang on the walls in the living room. Do you have any cheap idea or maybe things that I can make?
Also what stores would be cheap but good to find the sticker wall designs?

Administrator answers:

Get your digital camera out (or borrow one) and take some pictures of things you enjoy- try to look at them differently, like if your man is into cars, take a pic of the hood ornament up close or the part of the tire….then mess around with them like looking at them in sepia tones or other ways to change the picture alittle and then blow up the pic…frame it in a cool from – I used IKEA for inexpensive frames, and there you’ll have very personal art and it doesn’t cost much!

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