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October 25, 2012

Laura asks…

What is the cheapest 1 bedroom apartment monthly any where around Sydney Australia?

Administrator answers:

Nothing is cheap in or around Sydney.

Donald asks…

are there any 1 bedroom apartments in orlando for cheap?

Administrator answers:

Try a search here:

Lisa asks…

im searching for a studio or 1 bedroom apartment for cheap in the bronx?

its for my cousin and his wife who want to move from buffalo, ny to the bronx to be near family.. they are ready to move in asap.. they are looking for something ranging from 600 to 1000 at least. doesnt matter what area of the bronx. no brokers please. if you own an apartment leave your info here: (second letter the #1 not I). thanks:0)

Administrator answers:

If they are moving to be closer to family, I suggest they enlist the help of the family to help them find something close, safe and cheap – they can find apts for rent in the local papers. They can try Craigslist but be very careful of scammers – read and heed the warnings. The best bet may be to contact a local relator who can find them suitable apartments within their budget.

Chris asks…

Does anyone know any decent apartments near keesler Air Force base? We only need 1 bedroom cheap but safe.?

My husband has a long tech school there and we live in Missouri so we are wanting to find an apartment off base but close for cheap but safe area for my 2 yr old when we are there. thanks for your help!

Administrator answers:

Sorry, but with the state of things in the Biloxi area following Katrina it’s not likely that you’ll find anything any time soon. What little is available is going to be breathtakingly expensive, I’m afraid. It will likely take several months to find anything as well. There’s precious little available close-in to Keesler; you may well have to widen your scope as far as 50 miles to find anything at all.

Please reconsider your options here. If he’s non-prior service and going to Keesler following basic training he probably won’t be allowed to move off base for a while anyway.

If he’s prior service and just going there for re-training, contact the Housing Office at your current base of assignment for information on the availability of housing in the Biloxi – Gulfport area.

Steven asks…

I Need to Rent a Very Cheap Apartment with 1 Bedroom and 1 Bathroom in Waltham Massachusetts?

price range from $300 to $700

Administrator answers:


James asks…

What is the cheapest 1-bedroom apartment in Harlem, New York?

Administrator answers:

$1100. If its cheaper then that its for a reason.

Betty asks…

where can I find the cheapest apartments in vegas?

i need help moving in a cheap apartment 1 bedroom with no credit check please help?

Administrator answers:

Go to they have alot listed on there really good prices too

Thomas asks…

My best friends are looking for a studio or 1 bedroom apartment for cheap. HELP!!!?

They are currently living in Newington, CT. They are engaged to be married in October of this year. If you hear of anything…Please let me know. Thanx

Administrator answers:

U didn’t say.. Where they live.. Dud????????/
go look in the classified ads..
Good luck

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