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June 16, 2013

William asks…

How expensive is the cost of living in Killington, VT?

I’m from a different state, but I’m looking to move to Killington. I’d be looking for a 1 bedroom apartment as cheap as possible. What’s the average?

Administrator answers:

Moving to Vermont! You’re so lucky! It is such a beautiful place to live! Lucky you! In general, the cost of living is higher in New England. I would expect to pay somewhere between $700-$900 per month for an average 1 bedroom apartment.

Check out this link:

Happy Hunting!

David asks…

what is a cheap way to move from USA to Canada?

what is a cheap way to get contents of a 1 bedroom apartment from USA to Canada? any recommendation is highly appreciated

Administrator answers:

Are you wanting to move it yourself, or pay someone to move it?
If you move it yourself, you will need to make out a manifest listing everything in the truck, to go through customs. You may have to pay duty on some or all of the contents. If you hire movers, they will do this part.

Be sure and have your landing documents in order and with you, or if you are a citizen of Canada, then have your citizenship documents. Without one or the other, neither you nor your belongings will be allowed entry.

There are a number of rental trucks available, pod-type containers you pack and they move for you, and moving agencies available. Most have websites with a tool to get an estimate of the costs.

I will look some up if you add which type of moving you plan on, what your need is.

Chris asks…

WHY is it I never found cockroaches on an expensive apartment but I do find cockroaches in a cheap apartment?

When I lived in a 1-bedroom $1050 a month apartment I never saw a cockroach, and in this apartment where I pay based on income I find a few cockroaches every day. So is it the management is spending less money on sanitary maintenance than more expensive apartments?

Administrator answers:

Landlords in less expensive housing do not care about the tenants and only for the $.
Upper-end apartments, landlords care about their tenants’ well being, investment, and new clients.

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