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July 23, 2013

Mandy asks…

why is it so hard to find an apartment for rent?

I need to move out by Feb. 1st 2007, I need a three bedroom apartment and I can only aford to pay 1200-1400 a month no more than that and I can’t pay a broker so I need one without a brokers fee. Can someone HELP.

Administrator answers:

You won’t find a 3 bedroom apartment for that cheap.

Betty asks…

What’s a good price for an apartment in Pensacola, Tampa?

I have been to Florida many times but never actually lived there. My husband and I would like to move there in the next year or so and I was just wondering if anyone from the Pensacola or Tampa area knew what good rent for a simple 1 or 2 bedroom apartment is (not necessarily beachfront)? We have been thinking about this for about a year and these are the 2 locations we like.
I am still very young and JUST got married, wanting to move there for health reasons mostly, and I don’t know anything about living there.

Administrator answers:

Pensacola is much cheaper than Tampa. It’s also more of a “home town” than Tampa which has lots of tourists.

Richard asks…

What is typical rent in houston around the methodist hospital area?

my friend just moved there and has roomates but is moving out soon and asked me to move down there and be roomates with her. I’ve never been to Houston so have no clue what rent is like there. She is mainly finding apartments around 800 to 900 a month. Does that sound about right? what about 1 bedroom?

Administrator answers:

Yeah that’s about right. It’s not real cheap to rent in Houston. You can rent a house for around $1200 a month.

Joseph asks…

How much would a 4 bedroom apartment or house cost in Seoul Korea?

Me and my family want to move to korea and was wondering how much money it would cost for a 4 bedroom apartment or house. I need to know how much rent is, and how many sq. feet it is. It kinda needs to be in seoul because well we need to stay close to seoul

Administrator answers:

You have a wide price range depending on the neighborhoods.
The apartments in Gangnam, Seocho and Songpa(???, ???, ???) are outrageous! They are about 4 million won (US$3,750) a month with down-payment(deposit) of 200 million won(US$190,000). Of course, you can get this 200 million won back when you move out.

The average, I guess, is around 2 million won($1,900) a month with down-payment of 100 million won($95,000) though.

You can get cheaper ones if you move to far north or far west of Seoul.

Ken asks…

What’s the average price of a small 1 bedroom appartement around Rexdale ?

I might have an opportunity to go work at the Woodbine racetrack. I’m wondering how much per month it could cost to rend a small 1 bedroom appartement around Rexdale ?

Administrator answers:

Good racetrack. Terrible neighbourhood. One of Toronto’s worst. I’m sure you could get a cheap apartment, but consider living a few extra kilometres away:
- up highway 27 is Woodbridge … An upscale suburb. I’m sure there’d be a good bus route to Woodbine from there.
- south of Islington & Eglinton is nice. Even Islington & Dixon, while not high-end, is a safe area.
- Finch & Jane or Finch and Weston is not considered very good.

I’d be very careful about where you lived. Speak to some people with families at your future workplace and see where they live.

Good luck!

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