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January 9, 2013

Mandy asks…

Cheapest place to rent in Sydney?

How much am I looking at paying a month for a 1 bedroom apartment for a month, in a cheaper area of Sydney. Obviously, I assume the most expensive areas are around the CBD, but will areas prehaps 15-20 miles outside the CBD, but on the railway line be cheaper?

Administrator answers:

See these sites for rental properties
You can use google maps to find the distances and travel times to Sydney

William asks…

Why are rent prices in Spain so high if their unemployment rate is through the roof?

Checked some rent prices in Madrid and I was shocked how high they were. I figured that I could get a 1-bedroom apartment there for around 300 to 400 Euros like in some other European cities that have a lower unemployment rate. But apartments are actually much much more than that. So here’s my question. How can rent prices actually be that high? I mean how can people pay for that if their unemployment rate is more than 20%??? Shouldn’t apartments be cheap then as every 4th or 5th person in Spain is unemployed?

Administrator answers:

It is not a case of supply and demand. It is more Spanish than that.

One key fact is that Spanish housing is the most overvalued in Europe at around 24% overvalued. (Don’t laugh, the UK is second at 18% overvalued)

The over-valuation results from the housing boom bubble. Spaniards will not drop their prices. They see this as a normal cyclical fluctuation in prices and would rather have a property empty than rent, (or sell), at less than before.

As an example, a small flat in our block is for sale at €300.000. The bank foreclosed the mortgage over a year ago and threatened to sell at €98,000. I believe the flat to be worth €185,000. The owners are waiting until they get their price or equivalent rental. The flat has been empty for about 4 years!

Just south of Barcelona, lies Sitges. The second most expensive place in Spain. House prices for nice properties have not fallen. New builds, however have fallen dramatically.

People who are in trouble, rent smaller properties and let out their homes.


See Spain’s shocking unemployment stats on

I see them every day.

Maria asks…

How much do you get from SSI disability each month?

And what is it for? And how do you survive on it monthly?
I get $1,500 for Social Anxiety/Kidney Problems. I live alone in a 1 bedroom apartment in the San Fernando Valley (where rent is cheaper). And I get by ok.

Administrator answers:

Depending on what state you live in etc. Your payment is calculated by averaging your salary for the previous two quarters and giving you a fraction of what you made. I live in CT, I made $45,000 a year before, I collect about $400 a week in SS.

Helen asks…

I need suggestions/opinion…?

I’m asking this for my parents. We’re a family of 3 since my bro moved out. We currently live in a 2-bedroom apartment where the rent is $1,400. My parents can’t afford to pay this anymore because my dad is now a senior and doesn’t get much from social security and can hardly work part time. My mom does most of the working. Neither one of my parents have decent credit because my brother messed it up for them (long story). We can’t find any cheaper apartments and we can’t buy a house because of my parents credit. What can we do?

I can’t work because I’m only 13-years-old.

Any advice/suggestions/opinions?
My mom IS trying to fix her credit…
My parents try to hide these things from me but I end up finding out anyway.
It’s pretty small. We live in Orange County California in the U.S

Administrator answers:

I think that if your 13 they need to figure it out. You should have no idea about how much rent is or how awful your parents credit is. They should not be stressing you out. Tell them that its their fault and their problem and that they need to get their butts in gear and fi it.
Where are you from that rent is that expensive? How large is the home?

John asks…

What are the cheapest apartments in San Clemente, CA near Camp Pendleton?

I am searching for an apartment near the Las Pulgas gate of Camp Pendleton in San Clemente as my husband is in the USMC and is coming back from deployment soon. I’ve been looking on and a few other sites but I know there’s got to be more out there than just the ones listed for rent & I know some people don’t always post their homes/apartments for rent online.
We’d like something under $1000 at least a 1 bedroom/1 bath.

Administrator answers:

You cannot find something in San Clemente for $1000 or less. It is just not doable. I have lived in two apartments out in San Clemente before moving on base and in all honesty, it will take up the majority of your husband’s BAH plus a few extra hundred depending on where you live and your husband’s pay grade.

I have lived at Pacific Pointe, where my car was broken into, for $1200 and my husband and I had a very large living room, bedroom, and bathroom, but everything was outdated, guests had to go through our bedroom to get into our bathroom. You had two assigned parking spots which other people constantly parked in, and weirdos for neighbors.

I have also lived at SeaCrest Apartments for $1400 and the apartment was small and spider infested. It was much nicer though with granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, and beige walls with crown molding. My husband and I had a private patio as well. There was also ample parking. The neighbors were nice and mostly military or young couples/families. But, it took forever to get anything fixed there. If I decided to live out in town again, I would live there.

Pulgas is really in the center of base along the 5, so you may want to check out some apartments around the main gate in Oceanside. You can get a bigger bang for your buck, but in a crappy area. Otherwise, I would suggest living on base.

Feel free to contact me if you need any more help!

Steven asks…

where is the cheapest possible place I could live while having all the bare essentials?

I would need a toilet, shower, space for a bed, kitchen, and a small entertainment area for computer and tv. Just all the bare basic things.

Would a mobile home be a good idea? I’ve looked into the tiny house movement, but some of those houses are very expensive for the size.

Or would it be cheapest just to rent a small 1 bedroom or utillity apartment?

Administrator answers:

An efficiency or studio apt is the best, try looking around a college town

unless you can find a roommate to share the rent

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