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May 23, 2013

Charles asks…

We are forclosing our home and We want to live where the housing is cheap to rent?

My wife and I are looking to rent a home. We both work. She is 39 and I am 44. The home we had was a 4 bedroom home with quiet neighbors, But we can’t keep up with the payments. Our payments hit us at $5,300 and now we have to forclose. We want to find a quiet place to live and fine a place that will take an out side dog. We are looking to spend up to $1,500.00 to $2,000.00 per month on a home that has large yard for a hot tub. And a home that has a formal living room and a family room with 2.5 bathroom. We prefer a 3-4 bedroom home. We want a single family home. We don’t want roomates and an Apartment is out of the question. The home needs to close to Napa State Hospital from 10 miles to 35 miles one way there and one way back to the home, So up to 70 miles per day. The last thing we request is that the home be in middle class neighbor hood.
We are hard working couple. We have been married for 7 years, No kids. No drugs, No smoke, No drinking. $500 offer 2 u 4 finder fee 2 U.

Administrator answers:

Good luck finding a rental after a foreclosure, try to find it before you are behind on the mortgage if you can. I don’t know where you live since I never heard of Napa State Hospital so can’t help find a rental for you.
You seem to want a lot for people who don’t pay the bills they already have. How do you plan to pay off the foreclosure debt if they sell it for less than you owe?

Sandy asks…

Why are some apartments with more bedrooms cheaper than those with less? (Within the same complex.)?

I am currently looking for an apartment and I have noticed that when looking at apartments online, many show their 4 bedroom units at a lower price than those of 1-2 bedrooms. Any idea why this is?

Here is a link:

Administrator answers:

It may be per person.

Apartments are so cheap there! I pay $1300 and live in a “cheap” apartment.

Helen asks…

Need Help With These Math Problems!?

Two Questions:
1. A local fitness club has two payment options.
Plan A: A monthly membership fee of $25, plus $2 per visit
Plan B: Fee of $7 per visit

a) Determine the number of visits when both options are the same. Verify your answer.

b) Which plan is cheaper for one month? Explain. Assume that a month has 30 days.

2. An apartment building contains 80 apartments. One-bedroom apartments rent for $850 a month. Two-bedroom apartments rent for $1050 a month. The total monthly rent income is $78 400. How many apartments of each type are in the building?

Administrator answers:

therefore after five visits it will cost the same

b)Plan A: $85
Plan B: $210





one bedroom:28
two bedroom:52

Laura asks…

Would you move California to Oregon and start new?

I’ve lived in California my whole life and im just ready for a move, i’m sick of it here, its just to expensive for us. My work has laid us all of and 2/28/2007 is our last day. There moving to Hillsboro, Oregon and offered us jobs if we’re willing to relocate, at no cost to them thu so we’ll have to pay for our move. I’ve looked at apartments, houses and townhouses and its so nice and cheap up there. For a 3 bedroom nice new townhouse it was only $1100. Thats how much I pay now for a small 1 bedroom apartment. Would u take the move. I’m so nervous. I wanna do it but just not alone. I live with my BF of 5 years and he’s willing to do it. But he would rather 1 of us {me} go up there and try it out 1st, then he’ll come up. He would move back into his parents house for a few months not pay rent and send me money. I just dont know. I wanna do it but i’m so scared. How can i push myself to do it.
It was my idea to have my BF stay down here. Were both in our late 20′s but i suggested he stay just incase something were to happen as in get fired or quit or anything. Then he could stay down here and send me money for a few months then come up in 3-6 months.

Administrator answers:

First of all, is this job worth moving for? Do you have potential to grow in the company? If you will make enough money from this job, why will your boyfriend have to send you money to live in Oregon?

Oregon is a great state, very pretty and everything, but it will be a lot colder than California. How do you like the cold weather?

Heck, if your boyfriend doesnt not have a job in Cali, he should move up with you. I have a couple of friends that just moved down to Oregon from Washington State for jobs. They really like it down there.

If you are tired of California, and want to try something new. Go for it! No regrets!

Ken asks…

searching furnished basement apartment to rent in Toronto?

we’re moving to Toronto and we decided that we’ll be living in a basement (coz it’s cheaper) although our concern is that we dont know where to start searching for a basement apartment (furnished) to rent, is it possible to find a 2 bedroom basement (1 couple and two girls) for up to US$1.600 (utilities included) in Toronto?

I had to post my question again coz i didnt get any answer in renting and real estate category :(

Administrator answers:

There are a lot of listings on
in your price range you should be able to find an above ground place! It’s easier to find a place once you’ve already moved here… I’ve had a lot of friends come from the UK, stay in a hostel for a week of two or go through until they find a place here

in Toronto and most of Canada it’s not often you’ll find furnished apatments, infact it’s pretty rare…

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