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June 6, 2013

George asks…

my landlord will not fix the A/C do I have to pay rent?

i am in the final month of my lease for an expensive one bedroom apartment and the a/c does not work — it runs but does not cool the apartment– i have complained in the past but no action– they say thats just the way they are– i ran it for 4 hours with all windows closed and it was 1 degree cooler then outside ! a few months ago the maintenance guy from the company that installed them came and said that they were cheap units and he could do nothing about it– it is 95 degrees and i am paying big money for no a/c i want to rent strike and not pay– can i legally do this? thanks

Administrator answers:

Basically check your local tennant act.

In most states, gives the landlord a formal letter stating that if the A/C is not fixed within 14 days, you are no longer legally responsible for the lease and will be able to move out of the apartment, breaking the lease.

Unfortunately, there’s not much more you can do. In most states it’s not illegal to have an ill running A/C. Check your lease–you are covered if your not heat or are in the middle of a flood or have trouble with your toilet. It’s unfair–we went through the same problem. It would be 93* outside and 95* INSIDE.

Helen asks…

My roommate never pays the rent on time. What do I do?

My boyfriend and I moved to a new state & lived together for a year and finally decided to get a roommate, because we couldn’t afford the rent anymore. We lived in a one bedroom and decided to try and find someone to take the living room, but pay a lot less. A guy we both used to work with just so happened to move into the same area as us with his girlfriend. Two weeks later they broke up and he asked for a place to crash. We let him stay on our couch for free for about 2 weeks and then asked him if he wanted to be our roommate. He said yes and he was so grateful etc. All he had to do was pay us $350 and he got the whole living room, all utilities, internet, cable etc. In the beginning he always payed (usually the last day of the month, but oh well at least he payed). He was VERY gross though. He would leave old sandwiches on the floor and even bottles of urine in coke bottles because he was too lazy to get up to go to the restroom in the middle of the night. BUT we held our tongue, because we DESPERATELY needed the money. He also kept using our kitchen stuff which bothered me because he NEVER cleans them off. He would cook and leave leftovers in the pans until mold was growing out of them. We’ve told him COUNTLESS times NOT to do this, but it’s like talking to a little kid (he’s 24 by the way. We’re all the same age, but he acts like a 4-year old).
Fast forward a few months. Our lease is about to expire and my boyfriend and I want to move into a cheaper area, but in a bigger place. We decided to look for a studio and leave this guy. The problem is a studio is much more expensive then if you would just split a two bedroom apartment. With a two-bedroom‘s rent split in half we’d be paying exactly the same we would be now. So we started looking a new roommate, but literally couldn’t find anyone (we’re still new to the area, and we didn’t feel comfortable just posting an ad on craigslist and invite any weirdo to live with us). Long story short: We decided to keep this guy. We figured since he would have his own room he could do whatever he wanted in there and we wouldn’t have to see his nasty @$$ in the living room anymore. BUT he would have to pay HALF the rent and one third of the utilities. We explained this to him and said it was fine and that he could afford it.
I went ahead and got the apartment (my dad is my co signer, because my credit is pretty new) and we didn’t put the guy on the lease because 1. His credit is f**ked up and 2. we still want to try and find a new roomy.
So far… he’s barely payed us ANYTHING at all. We told him we needed the security deposit and the first month’s rent. He said he didn’t have the money but he would get it in a week. My boyfriend and I got into debt just to come up with his half of the money. A week later we ask for the money and he gives us like $100 and said he had to give the rest of his paycheck to his mother because she needed it blablabla. Another week goes by and on the day he owes us the money he is nowhere to be found and doesn’t pick up his phone. It pissed my boyfriend off so much he stayed up until 2 AM until the roommate got home and he confronted him. Our roommate said he was sorry, but he didn’t have the money (which is bullshit because he leaves his pay stubs hanging around the apartment and we KNOW how much he gets payed. He always buys new clothing and shoes and ipods and shijt with his money). We tell him we’re going to start charging him a late fee, because we’re getting in trouble if we don’t pay the rent etc. He promises he’ll pay us NEXT week…

Sooo…. what do we do? I KNOW the obvious answer is FIND A NEW ROOMMATE ASAP!!! But I’ve tried and it’s not so easy. I don’t have money to sign up for those “roommate search” websites. I’m starting classes soon so I am keeping my eyes open for anyone looking for a place, BUT in the mean time… HOW DO WE GET OUR MONEY? Do we threaten him? Do we just keep harassing him until he gives us the money?

Administrator answers:

Yes, a new roommate would be the best option. I would also talk to the apartment complex and see if they would transfer your lease to a smaller apartment that would be easier for you and bf to afford. Also check your lease to see your options for terminating the lease so you and the bf can move to the cheaper studio.

As far as the current guy… Perhaps you can baby him a little and require he pay you a certain amount every time he gets paid, instead of once a month. This is a bad situation, but you/bf are responsible for the rent, so $100 from him is better than nothing. I know that sentence is like pouring salt in the wound, but until you have another viable roommate he’s relieving your costs. I would start with one deadline to pay a certain amount. If he misses it, it’s time to consider giving him notice to move out. In the mean time, start looking for another roommate at school.

Roommate sites- I don’t have experience with them, so I can’t say whether it’s a good idea or not. But from a cost perspective, it costs how much to join them and this guy is costing you how much each month? It might be best to invest in the site before school starts as there will be more people looking before school than after.

Maria asks…

Is this reasonable rent for an apartment for an 18 year old?

So I want to move to Milwaukee, WI which is about 30 minutes outside of where I currently live with my parents (i’m 17) and I was thinking of living at a place called Bayshore which is a mall and they rent apartments in the mall area and I would work in the mall and live in the mall apartments. But the rent for a studio is 950 a month, 1 bedroom 1200 a month, and 2 bedrooms 1400 a month. I might find a roomate and split it with her (couldnt do it in a studio, but in the 1 bedroom so total the rent would be 600 plus utilities.) is that reasonable???

Or should I find somewhere cheaper? I’m going to be working in the mall so it would be convenient but i don’t know. It comes with free parking and a gym as well as access to the mall 24/7 obviously because it’s right in the center of the mall. What do you think?
We would share the bedroom. As in 2 single beds in one bedroom.
Apartment Features:
Air Conditioning
High Ceilings
Individual Climate Control
Large Closets
Washer/Dryer in Unit
Window Coverings
Granite Countertops
Hardwood Kitchen Floors
Stainless-Steel Appliances
Ceramic Tile Bathrooms

Administrator answers:

That’s pretty high end for a first place ( no offense).

I paid $495, $225, $125 and now, $650 for my current place. Granted, theses where all houses & in smaller towns in Texas and Kansas. However, I would still look around I know people who get apartments for $500-800 ALL BILLS PAID. Shop around, and you have to have good credit, references and a steady good paying job to get one of those apartments you’re looking at.

Good luck!

Michael asks…

What are some inexpensive neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY?

I don’t mind “bad neighborhoods” (I hate that term by the way), I just want cheap rent. I’ve checked out and other similar sites, but not really finding what I’m looking for. Is it possible to get a 1 bedroom apartment for under $1000??

Administrator answers:

I really recommend Sunset Park. It’s an undiscovered corner of Brooklyn, that really has the potential to be nice place to live.

Steven asks…

How do I tell my parents I’m moving out with my boyfriend?

I live with my dad and he thinks I won’t be moving out for awhile. Well my boyfriend found this nice place with cheap rent and wants me to move in with him and I really want to too. How do I go about telling him cuz I know he’ll snap, especially since its with a guy in a 1 bedroom apartment (but I’m 18, so its not wrong)? My parents did the same thing, move in together at a really young age. And my mom had my stepdad move in with her after only knowing each other for a few weeks, and my dad lives with his gf that he know screws him over. So they shouldn’t freak.

Administrator answers:

Just tell him, but ask him if it would be OK to move back if it doesn’t work out. Don’t burn any bridges

William asks…

How much does it cost to purchase an apartment in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands?

not rent, I mean purchase.
a small 1 bedroom apartment.
i’m looking for the cheapest one possible.

Administrator answers:

I got as far as this – looking at Streymoy, the southern part – Tórshavn – and then I needed to speak Danish. Have you tried through this link?


For once I think the web is failing us, and it might be time to pursue a local estate agent/realtor by telephone. Sorry!

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