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August 11, 2013

Donna asks…

Is it true that most cheap apartments in New York are infested with rats??

Where can you find cheap apartments in New York that are not infested with rats?? What is the lowest rent you can find in New York that can rent mth-to-mth and is a decent and safe apartment not infested with rats and located in a safe neighbourhood and where can you find these apartments in New York?? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

You may see a few on the street, but infested? Try washington hieghts. It’s not too bad.

Carol asks…

Are there any good cheap apartments near Florida State Univeristy Panama City campus?

I will be transferring there and I need an apartment, can anyone tell me of any good cheap ones?
Florida State University located near GCC in Panama City, Fl

Administrator answers:

Mami is 2 Florida state university campus located in panama.
1 in panama city FL
2 in panama city panama

r u lookin on FL or the one on PANAMA panama?

Mandy asks…

How to find cheap/reasonable apartments will very little money in Jacksonville, FL?

I’m working two jobs, the 1st is just enough to pay all of the bills I currently have such as credit cards, loans, car note, car insurance, health insurance and things like that. The second job keeps me going through the month as far as food and gas. I currently live with my folks and I pay a few household bills. But I’m more than ready to move out on my own. Are there any cheap reasonable apartments or programs to help people other than public assistance?

Administrator answers:

Might look around UNF – quite a few apartment complexes (including a lot of new ones along 9A) and you might find a college student who is looking for a roommate to share expenses.

Michael asks…

Are there any cheap apartments in Sacramento Ca?

Is there apartments, Duplex, or Studios That rent is $750 and down in Sacramento? Ive been Home searching but all homes are pricey and i need a low income place. Ive been on craigslist Searching but no luck Is there any other Websites i can check out that may help ?

Administrator answers:

Carmicheal and arden have a lot of 1-2 bedroom ranging from $550-725, just depends if you wanna live next door to lil wayne or not

Helen asks…

Can anyone recommend cheap BUT CLEAN Apartments in Benidorm – Nr Levante Beach?

Im wanting a nice, clean but cheap hotel/apartments to stay nr Lavante Beach in Benidorm – May 09.

Anyone Help?

Administrator answers:

There are many apartments to choose from, most range from 2 key to 3 key.

They should all be cheap really as benidorm does offer a lot of cheap hotels. I would say just shop around to find the best deal.

Ken asks…

How to find cheap apartments as a student?

I’m planning on moving out of my parent’s house soon and going to college in the fall. I’m 19,and I’m going to get an apartment with 2 friends.The Problem is that my parents are providing no guidance. The College does not provide housing,so how can we find a place thats affordable?
I am awaiting a response from 2 different jobs,and one of them is almost a sure thing. The problem is coordinating all 3 of us to get jobs in the area as we currently live a decent distance away from eachother.

Administrator answers:

Look around on campus for bulletin boards in the student union…there are usually always posters looking for tenants or roommates. Even if the college doesn’t provide housing, they might have an office with someone that can guide you of places to look around in the area which are willing to rent to students (not all landlords are willing to rent to students).

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