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July 25, 2012

Paul asks…

cheap apartment for rent up to $700 a mounth?

Administrator answers:

It depends on where you live.

Here in Kansas City there are apartments that lease for about $400 or all the way up to $2000!

Betty asks…

how much money should someone make to be able to rent an apartment?

id like to move out of my house, and i don’t want to wait for other people cause its just not happening, much money should i be making to be able to rent a cheap apartment

Administrator answers:

What is cheap? 700 a month then you need a take home pay of 2100 which is 3 times your rent

Michael asks…

where to find sheridan and irving park apartments for rent?

looking for cheap apartments in that area for me and my son.
2 bedrm,1 bath,living room and dining room..nice location

Administrator answers:

If this is in Chicago, then try or the Chicago Reader. You can search by neighborhood or zip code.

Chris asks…

I’m going to NY on April. Where can I rent a cheap flat?

Guys !! I need your help, I’m going to NY and I have never been there, so I dont know where I can rent a cheap apartment to stay for a month!! Any ideas??

Administrator answers:

Most apartments are not able to be rented for only a month, usually you have to sign a one-year lease.

If you are looking to rent a vacation property, you can. I would look into long-term hotels because they offer better amenities, services, concierge, and housekeeping.

If you want a lower price, you’ll have to sacrifice location. Apartments in the outer boroughs or New Jersey will be cheaper, but expect a lengthy ride on crowded public transit.

Lizzie asks…

Where is rent cheap? What cities?

I would like a fresh start somewhere, I am 19 and have made bad financial decisions in the past and would like to get away from my hometown of Spokane, Washington and just make a fresh start somewhere on the East Coast or Southwest like Arizona or California. I have been looking all over online for apartments in different cities all over the nation but have not been able to find anything very reasonable, I would like to find a city about Spokane size 400,000-900,000 people. Heres the strange part is in Washington State we have the highest minimum wage which is calculated based on cost of living, however here in Spokane i can find a very nice sized and good neighborhood apartment for about $500-$750. However if i look for an apartment elsewhere I’m finding studio apartments with like 300 sq ft for $500-$700 where that would get you a 1 bedroom or even a 2 bedroom in Spokane. Are there any other cities where i could find cheap apartments that are nice looking and in a good neighborhood? I would like to find a Studio apartment, maybe 1 bed max, thats at least 500 sq feet for no more that $600. Please help ive been looking for days and have not been able to find anything good. I don’t need specific apartments if you could name a city that you know for sure would fit my match that would be great, please no answers like “MAYBE buffalo”. Thank you very much and any help will be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Check Pittsburgh

John asks…

Cheap apartment for 4 – 5 months in Stavanger, Norway?

I may get a temp job in Stavanger, Norway in November for about 5 months. Could you please suggest me a website where to look for cheap apartments for rent? I would prefer one in a safe area (how is it in Stavanger in general?), private one (not to share a room with someone else; sharing a kitchen or bathroom may be OK) but may be very small. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Administrator answers:

Try this forum (link below) for all your answers about Norway.

Donna asks…

cheap houses/apartments for rent?

Im wondering if anyone can help me find a online directory or soemthing that will help me find reasonabily priced homes in vancouver (or near by) , 1 room or 2 room.

Whats a good place to look for a place to live (in vancouver) in if you don’t actually live in or around vancouver?

Administrator answers:

These websites could help you :

Best of Luck !

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