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September 10, 2012

Robert asks…

Cheap 2 bedroom apartments for rent including utilities?

I am looking for an apartment for rent including all utilities, with 2 bedrooms in the oak lawn, evergreen, chicago ridge or crest wood area…. Trying to stay at 600-775?? Help!

Administrator answers:

Didn’t i just answer this? For you? Try

Man i must be dreaming, i coulda swore i just answered this. Is it groundhog day? Lol good luck.

Daniel asks…

looking for a cheap apartment to rent for 6 months in the marbella area of spain from march 2007?

Administrator answers:

Firstly, bear in mind that Marbella is not cheap, full stop. In the whole area around (compare nearby town/cities in the provinces of Málaga and Cádiz), it´s one of the most expensive places, sometimes by far. Remember, Jesús Gil picked it up from a relatively grubby little town in the 1990s and turned it into a magnet for the well-to-do (including some shady characters too btw), and residents include the Saudi royal family. So no surprise that the rental prices reflect this.
Try googling the following combination:- Marbella, piso, alquiler – and check the different offers on different sites. Be prepared for high prices, so don´t set pre-calculators if available (eg, “menos que EUR 500 al mes”) too low; in that way you can grasp a sense of the price range generally before deciding on your price range. If the search asks for your choice of province, it´s “Málaga”. I think there´s one called something like fotocasa (?) which is nice as it has photos and lots of offers, but look around as there are plenty of web-sites with different offers too. And make sure you have a Spanish dictionary/translator nearby (unless you speak Spanish of course) to check out important terms (amueblado etc.). Happy hunting and good luck!

Chris asks…



Administrator answers:

I would recommend looking at for an apartment in California. Http://

This site has detailed property descriptions, maps, photos, a video of the community & surrounding area. You can also have instant contact with the leasing consultants!

Hope this helps! Good Luck!

Sandra asks…

does anyone know a cheap apartment or house that is for rent in Silverspring,MD?

I live in Bladensburg but i want to move to Silverspring. I need a 2 bedroom apartment. All i find is shared housing but i dont really want that.I need something cheap. Around $600-750 is what im looking for. Maybe a 1 bedroom is ok too.

Administrator answers:

Most of the stuff is likely to be already rented but you could try the source below.

Laura asks…

Cheap furnished apartment to rent in amsterdam for 3 months?

Not 100% sure on the date, but was planning on backpacking through europe starting and ending in amsterdam. Would be nice to have an apartment in the place i’m going to be the most.

Administrator answers:

Sorry to tell you but that will be practically impossible. Leases are usually for at least a year and not cheap at all. Even when you live here in Amsterdam and want to move, leaving another house behind, it’s very difficult to find a new one. You have to be subscribed at a housing corporation for many years.
The best you can do with a small budget is to stay in a hostel.

Good luck anyway and enjoy your stay in Amsterdam.

Joseph asks…

Do you know of a very affordable (cheap) apartment for rent in the Washington DC area?

Please give me a name, the city and how much you pay to live there. I will be working for a nonprofit, so I won’t have lots to dish out on rent. A one bedroom or studio would work.
To elaborate – I’m looking to rent a bedroom in some one else’s home, townhouse, apartment or duplex. I would like to spend no more than $450 per month. I am renting an apartment here in Indiana for $450 now. So I think that figure is fair for just one bedroom in some one else’s home.
If I had to rent my own apartment I would like to stay somewhere around $700 and live no further than 35 miles outside the city.
Hope that’s enough info…

Administrator answers:

I assume you have a vehicle? If so, you rent in Alexandria, Va, Bowie, Md, etc. Maryland is always less expensive than Virginia so consider looking there first.

Jenny asks…

how can i get a cheap apartment in Provincetown MA?

I want to stay at Provincetown, MA for three months since 15th , June.
Who knows how to rent a cheap apartment there?Thanks:)

Administrator answers:

A lot of places have rooms you can stay at if you plan on working at restaurant or hotel for the summer, contact the employer and make arrangements

Betty asks…

Apartments : Is Pie-Ix in Montreal a dangerous area?

I found a cheap apartment for rent there and I would like to know what Montrealers opinions are on that area. Is it a good idea…I know its a poor area and that is why most apartments there are so cheap but its a very good deal. What do you think? I’m a young single mom, btw.

Administrator answers:

Not the best of areas but some of it is ok

Sandy asks…

WMauritius: My mother would like to rent a cheap bungalow/apartment for 2 months!?hat would you like to ask?

Your Question

My mother will visit Mauritius in oct-nov.
She need a place to stay which is quite, near the sea, and on the EAST COAST somewhere.
It cannot cost more than 700 euro for 2 months, that is 350 euro per month.
Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Have a look on
However i would not (pay) rent before inspecting a bungalow some of them are in awful should have a friend here to check it for you or rent a hotel room as looking for a bungalow.

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