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September 23, 2012

Lisa asks…

How much does it coast to rent a house?

Is it easy to find a job there in UK?? If I’d like to work and learn your language it’s better if I find a job in a small or in a big cities!?

How much does it cost to rent a cheap apartment/house in England?
SORRY for my English!! : (

Administrator answers:

Its not easy to find a good job in england. You will probably have a better chance of getting a job though because you are not english….thats the way we roll over here with our labour government :(

Rent depends on area…the more north you go the cheaper the rent.

I pay £800 a month for a 1 bed flat in essex… would get the same up north for £300-£400

I am only 20 mins from london though on the underground….thats why its so expensive , best of both worlds :) And the wages are a lot higher

Donna asks…

Is there a cheap apartment/house for rent in ” Tai Po” (N.T., Hongkong) area?


I’ll be relocating in honkong and I am looking for a cheap apartment or a housing for rent in tai po area. Maybe 300 sq ft or less around HK$ 3000 a month will be best. Cause most of the ad rentals is to expensive.
Is there any sites where i can check?

Any information will be a great help. Thank you very much in advance.


Administrator answers:

I’m not sure where. But HK is an expansive place living.

Ruth asks…

Apartments : Is Pie-Ix in Montreal a dangerous area?

I found a cheap apartment for rent there and I would like to know what Montrealers opinions are on that area. Is it a good idea…I know its a poor area and that is why most apartments there are so cheap but its a very good deal. What do you think? I’m a young single mom, btw.
Its close to henri bourassa metro

Administrator answers:

It’s not that bad sure you can find better but the price will not be that good. I don’t think it can be more dangerous than elsewhere so if you have a great deal go with it

ps: important to know cross street cause pie-ix cross the whole city from north to south.

Thomas asks…

Looking for cheap apartment/ house to rent?

Some where near the charlotte area doesn’t have to be big some where between at lest 150 a month or cheapp a weekly??

Administrator answers:

Here is a list of 1477 rentals in Charlotte using Cazoodle Apartment Search

Steven asks…

Should I rent a cheaper apartment and risk having mold problems or pay more for a nicer apartment?

I am highly allergic to mold and I am afraid to move in a cheaper apartment because if there is mold then I will be constantly sick. I had this problem in the dorm at college when I lived there. I was sick all the time and always on heavy duty antibiotics for sinus infections and bacterial infections. I eventually had to move back into my parents house because of it. I want to get my own apartment but I don’t make hardly any money (I make $8 an hour and my parents won’t pay for anything for me) and I am trying to save money so I wanted to get a really cheap apartment but I’m kind of afraid to move in a cheaper place because I could have health problems. What do you think about this, should I chance it and give it a try or should I pay a LOT of money for something nicer where it won’t be as likely to have health problems. I would only be getting a 6 months lease, since I am moving to a small house me and some friends are renting out of state anyway. The cheapest I could find was a studio apartment for $380 but the building looks dirty and old. That was the only studio in this town. The cheapest apartments that have 1 bedrooms are around $470 to $500 and they didn’t look so good either. Honestly.. to get something decent I would have to pay about $700 or $800 in this town. Is it worth paying a few more hundred dollars or should I give the cheaper ones a chance and hope I don’t get sick?

Administrator answers:

If you suspect mold, have it remedied before signing a lease. If the problem is merely covered up and not remedied, it will return and you will have little recourse. What color is the mold? Black mold is deemed toxic…not worth playing with…google it and see all the havoc it can play on your health. If the difference is that significant, consider what the cost would be to remedy the cause for the mold personally, if the landlord won’t do it, and at least have it properly fixed…then you can rest easy.

Mark asks…

what are the names of the websites where I can rent an apartment for $400-$500 or cheaper than that?

I wanna rent an apartment in buffalo,ny but I want to know what are the names of the websites where I can get the cheapest apartments

Administrator answers:

It’s not really reliable to seek for cheap apartments on internet. Although if you can find some, they aren’t entirely as what you see on the website. So my suggestion is pick up a phone call or open yellow pages.
You can also contact some real estate agents, normally, they aren’t going to charge you but the landlords instead.

Hope this would help.

Betty asks…

Real Cheap Apartments?

Does anyone know where I could rent an apartment in Virginia Beach for $300 or less for just one month with a lease an no deposit. Doesnt matter if its just one bedroom or just a studio. I need help in trying to find something below or exactly at that price range. It would be highly appreciated for anyone to reply to this.

Administrator answers:

There are no apartments for that price. You can rent a room in an apartment or house for $300 plus utilities.

Carol asks…

Cheap Apartments in South Carolina?

does anyone know of any cheap apartments like from 400-500 dollars for rent in lexington or west columbia sc i need something thats cheap but safe :)

Administrator answers:

Check out the Waverly Place Apartments Conveniently, located to I26 and Hwy. 526 at the North Charleston area in the Dorchester School District.

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