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September 26, 2012

Carol asks…

Cheap cities to live in? Rent?

I would like a fresh start somewhere, I am 19 and have made bad financial decisions in the past and would like to get away from my hometown of Spokane, Washington and just make a fresh start somewhere on the East Coast or Southwest like Arizona or California. I have been looking all over online for apartments in different cities all over the nation but have not been able to find anything very reasonable, I would like to find a city about Spokane size 400,000-900,000 people. Heres the strange part is in Washington State we have the highest minimum wage which is calculated based on cost of living, however here in Spokane i can find a very nice sized and good neighborhood apartment for about $500-$750. However if i look for an apartment elsewhere I’m finding studio apartments with like 300 sq ft for $500-$700 where that would get you a 1 bedroom or even a 2 bedroom in Spokane. Are there any other cities where i could find cheap apartments that are nice looking and in a good neighborhood? I would like to find a Studio apartment, maybe 1 bed max, thats at least 500 sq feet for no more that $600. Please help ive been looking for days and have not been able to find anything good. I don’t need specific apartments if you could name a city that you know for sure would fit my match that would be great, please no answers like “MAYBE buffalo”. Thank you very much and any help will be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Here is a list of best cities for renters. This should give you some ideas of potential cities to move to.


Good luck with you move!

Betty asks…

Apartments For Teens………?

I live in North Carolina. I am currently 16 and will be turning 17 in a few months I am looking for a cheap apartment to rent until I go to college. I understand that some of you may say please wait until you go to college its only a year away and ive been doin that for the past year and its not working well. Everyday the situations gets worse and I have been dealing with it for years and years and I have finally came to the point where i simply cannot take it anymore. I in a tenny tiny 2 bedroom with my mother, 2 nephews, my 2 yearold sister, my recovering aunt and her to dogs. I am currently sleeping on the couch in our living room. I an a nice child I dont really get in to trouble and anythat I do is really minor. I do pretty well in school considering that fact that I have no time at home really to do any homework. I spend most of my days at school then when I come home i clean and cook and clean some more then help get the kids baths and school clothes. During all this i have to
listen to my mom *%^$# about whats wrong with her life and how everyone else is causing problems for her and no one helps her. Shes called me out of my name she has threatend me she even kicked me out the house once and then when I left she made me come back. I do everything I can to help her out and stay out of her way as much as possible but it never seems to be enough. I don’t know what else to do anymore I honestly feel like giving up on everything. She’s makingmy life hell and i cant stand it if she miserable everyone else has to be even if the try to make her happy.
I’ve missed out on so much of my teenage years i really want to try and enjoy whats left of them……….
i do have a job right now but it doesnt pay much but i dont spend my money i save it unless my nephews steal it or my mom prementally borrows it and i am currently lookin for another job as well.

Administrator answers:

If you are in a local church you could see it any one in the church has an extra room/apartment you could rent cheep.
In my church there is a family that has an apartment built-in to their garage. More than once they have rented it out to teens who were having troubles at home.

Other than that I don’t know any other legal way for you to move out. I also live in NC and I have never heard of apartments just for teens.
It looks like you will have to wait it out for that one more year. I wish there was some other way out, but I do not know of any.

Ken asks…

where can i find a relatively cheap apartment or room in london for 2 weeks?

i’m planning a trip to london in the new year. 2 weeks stay. i do not want to stay at a hostel and am looking to either rent an apartment for half a month or rent a room in a flat for a half a month. any suggestions? posting want ads on craigslist is an open request for scam offers. does anyone know of quality estate agents that i could contact?

Administrator answers:

Estate agents won’t be of any help…..because they won’t be able to make any money from you.

Your best bet is to ask this on

Or browse whats what’s already offered there… Http://

Be hard to do it any other way cheaply.

Lizzie asks…

Cheap apartments in Barcelona?

Does anyone know of any apartments/companies in barcelona that rent for about 30 euros a night? It’s self catering accomodation i’m looking for, not youth hostels. It needs to sleep about 8+

Administrator answers:

Try, and check the boxes for what you want. But good luck finding someplace cheap in Barcelona, it’s a very popular holiday destination.

Mary asks…

Do you think i should be in charge on paying rent?

My husband and I are looking for apartments to rent , the problem is he wants to rent a cheaper apartment because our goal is to save for a house downpayment. I on the other hand prefer a luxury apartment , because of safety , and all the knick nacks ect . He suggested if i want that apartment than i will be in charge of paying rent , while he paid all other bills …like phone , insurance, car , utilities and saved money for the house … I havent agreed but what would you suggest , settle for not so safe cheaper apartment or go for the all luxury apartment ?

Administrator answers:

Compromise. Find a medium price rental and share all expenses.

Laura asks…

Cheapest apartment for rent in socal?

I’m looking for a 1 bedroom apartment in socal area under $1000 a month, any suggestion? zip code I like to live at ( 91748,91744,91746,91791,91792,91790.) Thank you for your input!!

Administrator answers:

Look on Craigslist. You may have to get a roommate. So. Cal. Is a great place, but it’s very expensive.

Linda asks…

Anyone know a good company for moving to Kissimmee Florida?

I’m looking to move to Kissimmee but I’m currently based in the UK so don’t have much knowledge of where to go/who to chat to. Does anyone know of any good companies to get in touch with? I’m looking for a really basic, cheap apartment to rent.

Administrator answers:


And they have adjusted rent apartments that they can rent out to you and they have fabulous retirement and insurance and many other perks too!

Thomas asks…

cheap flat/apartment for rent in leeds city centre?

what’s the cheapest pcm i can get? currently in city centre around £500..if possible i wan’t try to find some where that is around £350 pcm

Administrator answers:

Hnmm.. Probably you should ask local agents in area where you living.

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