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October 4, 2012

William asks…

How much would a small flat or apartment be to rent in London?

I’m looking into moving to London for collage and I was wondering, just generally, how much a cheap apartment would be (not like in a really rough neighborhood, i don’t want to be murdered haha)

Administrator answers:

The cheapest decent apartment would be about £250 per week! If you are American, just understand that Brits ONLY rent by the week. It also depends on how many people you have with you. This is usually only enough to cover a 2 person apartment with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. In American dollars, that is about $1600 a month.

Joseph asks…

Need a cheap apartment in Oslo ,Rygge…?

i live in Germany now and i will move to Norway soon for a new job.
i need to rent a cheap 1 or 2 room apartment in Oslo,Rygge , close to Rygge Airport..
The city or the town called Moss,Rygge and i need it close to rygge airport.. any help ?

Administrator answers:

Of course! :D Its not easy finding an apartment when you don`t know norwegian.
Norwegians have a page called (find) its like ebay, exept it even has apartments and cars, thats where you will find ANYTHING out for sale.

These are rentable apartments in the nearest city, moss. 15-17 minutes with car/airport bus.


Leilighet= apartment

Lisa asks…

cheap apartments in natomas?

I am looking to find an affordable apartment in sacramento preferrably in the natomas area. I am looking to spend 500 to 650 a month for rent. Anyone know of any apartment complex with low monthly rent?

Administrator answers:

Ask a real estate agent, esp one that deals in apt mgt.

If you desire, I can find one for you;
I started out in Sac!! [went to csus]

James asks…

Can I find a cheap room/ apartment to rent in San hose ?

San Jose California

Administrator answers:

CraigsList sometimes have room and apt rentals.

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