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July 11, 2012

James asks…

What Bugs Do I Need To Watch Out For in Colorado Apartment + Killing Bedbugs, Think I Found Some?

Ok, so my boy and I just started renting our new apartment, we’re painting before we move our stuff in. So we’ve already looked at the unit 2 times, 1 before we signed the lease and after the lease.

Today was our 3rd visit, I’ve read reviews and some people complained about cockroaches and bedbugs as a problem, the rent was cheap and we’re college students, so I figured for the location it was a done deal.

The manager told me the apartment was already sprayed last week, but today we found this little bug that looks to be a bed bug, I think. I squarshed that son of a b*** as soon as I saw it, but that is when I began to notice tons of little dead bodies all over the kitchen, like ALL over! There musta been at LEAST 30 dead bodies of these little guys!

I know it’s weird they’re in the kitchen and that’s weird, but they were tiny, so I don’t think they are cockroaches. I know bedbugs are like lice and can hop on you and ride where you go, we haven’t completely moved and are still in our other apartment, I don’t want them getting in my mattress, how do I wash them out, does a hot shower work fine?

Also, do they bite dogs? I have an Italian Greyhound and she was w/ us today, do they get on dogs? Should I bathe her?

What bugs do you need to watch out for in Colorado??? I’ve lived here 12 years and never had a problem, but that was before I got my own places….


Detailed thorough answers REALLY appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Okay first of all until you find out for sure DO NOT PUT YOUR PERSONAL ITEMS OR FURNITURE IN THE APARTMENT!

In addition if they are bed bugs they will latch on to any live, worm host it doesn’t matter if it is a person or an animal.
Also it can cause skin infection since when they latch on the are actually sucking your blood.

With the apartment being vacant they could be anywhere looking for a worm host.

I would suggest that you talk to the manager and tell them you can not and will not move your things in until YOU meet with the exterminator to confirm the bug type and that they are gone for good.

Bed Bugs like roaches can and will travel through walls and if the neighbor has a bug problem Bed Bugs Or Roaches will travel to your home.

If it just roaches have them do a fog inside the walls to form a barrier.
This will get that under Control and fast as well as treat you full apartment again.

If it is bedbugs, I assure you you would need to get a magnifying glass and look them up on the Internet they will show you a picture, They are very hard to see and look like a dot of a pencil to the human eye until they have feasted. One they have feasted the body gets bigger and easier to identify.

It takes an average of 3 treatments in all the base boards to kill them and must be done ever week.

Good Luck and I hope it is just baby roaches and not bed bugs since you have been to the apartment and went back to wherever you are staying.

One more thing Walmart sells Bedbug spray in the camping section in a aerosol can we used to provide this for our maintenance personnel if they needed to enter an apartment. I suggest you get some till you know for sure and spray your clothes, socks and shoes before going into the apartment.

Lisa asks…

19 year old from California thinking about going to film school in Colorado, couples questions about loans etc?

Ok so my buddy and I are both 19/20 years old and basically on our own. We are tired of our regular old jobs and tired of always talking about getting into the movie industry but never doing anything about it. So, we decided we should just put ourselves out there and give it a go. We are liking the Colorado film school idea BUT here is where my questions begin. First of all we have pretty much no money, so what should we be doing to try to get loans that will pay for our schooling and housing (there are no school housing, just apartments near by that are really cheap). Lol I know this is stupid but in reality I know it can help but he is an independent black dude and I would be an independent Mexican dude, should we be flaunting this like some have told me? Secondly, are there any citizenship factors I should know about as in switching from CA to CO? I guess the best way of putting this all into ONE general question, is are the basic steps the both of us should be following to get us a place in Colorado and into school? And I have to emphasize that we basically have no money, he is on food stamps, I live rent free with my parents but pay for everything else on my own. I was hoping to be able to start the school process in at least a year… IDK if thats a realistic figure or not, but yeah, just anything you can tell me to help me gain some bit of knowledge would be much appreciated, thanks!

Administrator answers:

First off go to the following site: and then call and talk to the financial aid administrator at Colorado. Ask her to give you a list of scholarships that you can apply for. Between Pell Grants, Government Stafford Loans, Scholarships and Private Loans through Sally Mae that should get you started.
Filling out the online FAFSA form will get you started there is no obligation and it will let you know how much funding you will get from the government. There is a lot of paperwork involved but it a necessity. But start by calling the Financial Aid Rep at the Colorado Film School.

Keith s is the Executive Director for IAFT.

Sharon asks…

California Living?

Hi! I am planning on moving to the Los Angeles area in about 1 year. I’m saving all the money I can possibly get my hands on, working as much as possible. I need to know the safest, cheapest areas in which to rent an apartment. I will be living alone, just FYI. Can anyone give me a rough estimate on rent, utilities, cable/internet costs (maybe the name of a great internet provider), and car insurance for Los Angeles and surrounding areas? I am from Colorado, so I know NOTHING of California. Thanks for any and all help and advice you can give me!

Administrator answers:

I’m currently living in San Pedro about 20-30 min south of L.A. The rent is about $595/month for a studio very close to the beach and port. Water and gas is paid for so you the only thing you have to worry about is electric which is not bad if you’re living by yourself….usually runs in the $40s. Internet and cable is about $80/month. Pretty decent, fast service: the company is COX communication if you want to check them out online. Insurance epends on what your drive and your record, If everything is in order you should get quotes around 300-400/half year liabilities only though. Thats pretty much the necessity excluding furnitures and clothes. The area is pretty nice, good air, nice neighbors, close to the beach and cliffs overlooking the ocean, sceneries, and parks. I hope this helps and good luck L.A. Is an expensive place.

David asks…

Help me find a new state? I really need help. Providing lots of information. Very important to me!?

I NEED to leave this state. I live in Colorado and i CAN’T STAND IT HERE!!! I really need your help. Here are some of the criteria:

*The state HAS to be good with children with Disabilities, One of my sons has autism and my daughter has Downs Syndrome. This state has to have a system that is VERY helpful with children with disabilities/ money for them and such. Monthly Financial assistance is very important.

*It has to be somewhere near cheap to live in. Housing/Rent is the most important figure. I don’t mind paying more for food, but being able to rent an apartment/house/condo has to be affordable.

*I would like to live up north, in a more European state. I used to live in England and I really miss it there, I think a state up north would be more similar. Obviously New York is too expansive, but i’m not certain how states like New Hampshire, or Michigan? How about Virginia?.

*The people HAVE to be friendly… I am entirely sick of living with this horrible snobs like here in Colorado.

Obviously States change from city to city, but in order to do more research on the cities, I need a state to start from. Please give me some suggestions.

The MOST IMPORTANT things are:

It has to be financially friendly to children/people with disabilities and special needs.
It has to be affordable.

Things I would like in this state:

It would be nice to be up North, in a more European state.
I would like to be near a beach somewhere.

It would certainly be a plus to live in a small city where you know everyone. Obviously this goes more into research of the cities in the state, but again I need a couple states to start looking into.

Please give me a couple ideas of what might be ideal.

SIDE NOTE: I understand I will need to do a LOT of research on my own, but I really, really need a starting point.

I’m planning on moving with in the next year.

This state is becoming very depressing to me, I’ve been crying a lot and I have figured I NEED to get out of here. This is very important to me.

Administrator answers:

Rhode Island and Connecticut probably have the best state-level support for ASDs, children and adults. Those are distinctly northern states, and have a lot in common with England.

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