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May 3, 2012

Richard asks…

What is the cheapest rent for a house or apartment in colorado denver,adams,commerce city counties lkn to move

Administrator answers:

Depends on the area. If you want to live in Commerce City, which is the crime and crack area of town, it’s likely to be cheap. If you live in downtown, it’s likely to be high, over $1000 a month. Live in the suburbs, and you can get a 1 bedroom apartment for around $500. Rent a house and it’ll be around $1200 or so.

You get what you pay for.

John asks…

What are some of the good apartment complexes to live in Denver?

Rent up to 750$, cheaper the better, need parking, not very far from the downtown zip 80202, preferably not flats, basically a decent place for a college student. Have a car so transportation is not a problem but still would like it close to downtown. Has to have 2 bedrooms. I have checked in, and have many lists of name but I would like to get feedback from someone who might actually live there or feedback from your friends or family. Please HELP. Moving to Denver pretty soon and I would like all the help possible to know what are the good places to live and good communities around and please tell me what areas or complexes in Denver to avoid. Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

My boyfriend lived the the ballpark lofts and had a good time. Any of the apartment complexes around coors field are nice.

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