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November 26, 2012

Joseph asks…

What are the names of the cities in upper east side new york?

what are some of the names?i only know soho and manhattan and im not sure if they are cities or small towns.
o and also, how much would be a cheap apartment there (1000-1500)

Administrator answers:

There a five boroughs of New York city. Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. Within each are neighborhoods.
When most people think about New York city, however, what they mean is Manhattan.
Within Manhattan, there are different neighborhoods. Among them are Soho (SOuth of HOuston st.), Tribeca (TRIangle BElow CAnal st.), Chinatown, The east and west Village, Chelsea, Clinton, Midtown east and west (area where Time Square, Broadway, and millions of tourists are), the Upper East Side and the Upper West Side (the two neighborhoods on the east and west side of Central Park), East, Central and West Harlem (above Central Park), etc…

As far as rent, yes, it is very expensive. You should, however, be able to get a small studio for about the price range you mentioned.

The neighborhoods to look at depend on who you are. There are neighborhoods with many young people and students (neighborhoods in and around the Village) and there are older neighborhoods with many married people with families (the Upper East/West Side-due to their proximity to Central Park).
If you are young and single, I recommend neighborhoods near NYU. These areas can be expensive but there are plenty of young people, restaurants, clubs, nightlife, etc.. You might also want to get a roommate.
However, if you’re older and like things a bit more quiet or have kids, you might like the Upper West/East side.

Most Manhattan neighborhoods have their own personality and once you find your niche it becomes impossible to live anywhere else. The neighborhood becomes a part of you.

Steven asks…

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in new york city?

I wanna rent an apartment there and was wondering how much it costs. Also, how much does renting one room cost?

Administrator answers:

Manhattan is really expensive
so maybe somewhere in brooklyn or queens
i live in queens and i pay 1100$ a month for 2 bedroom apartment
its not in apartment building i rent it from a homeowner/landlord

there are lots of nice places in brooklyn /queens like kew gardens,astoria, maspeth ,middle village
as for brooklyn right now im thinking about moving to williamsburg( somewhere near mccarren park ) apartment there arent cheap but they are not as expensvie as in manhattan

Jenny asks…

Looking for an apartment to rent in New York?

I’m looking to go to school in New York. I’m 19, so I don’t have a big job. I need somewhere I can stay for about 1 year, that is close to “Broadway and 34th Street”, so I can get to school without hassle. So that means I’m looking for a good place (a furnished place might be the right choice) for a reasonable and manageable price. Any ideas on where to look and what to look for?

Administrator answers:

Whats reasonable and managable price for you? A cheap place in NYC goes for 1500 a month. You can find 800 in the outer boroughs. If you look really hard and dont mind living in a VERy small room. I would suggest starting with craigslist.

Betty asks…

Where in New York City should I consider living?

I’ve always wnated to live in New York City and I’m planning to do it now with my daughter, it will just be her and I.
I can’t spend more than 2,000 a month on a place though. Could we get something decent in Brooklyn in a safe area? What are the best areas to look at?

Administrator answers:

Well, you can scrach Manhattan of your list of place to live, because there are apartment there that rent for more the $2000 a month. You might want to consider the outer boroughs, where the rent is cheaper.

Since your considering Brooklyn, which is a safe borough to live in, there are plenty of areas to consider. Everything from Brooklyn Heights and Fort Greene to Prospect Park and Bay Ridge.

My advice check the link below. You will find plenty of information is regard to places to live in Brooklyn and the other outer boroughs.

I hope this information is very helpful.

Good luck
Native New Yorker

Robert asks…

How is it to rent a room in New York City?

Many people tell me that u get what u pay for. They also tell me u live in a small room infested with rats & roaches, as a result of them being cheap, & that it’s a scam. Is this true? I’m moving there before the end of this month.

Please give me phone #’s and adresses of some legitimate places to live in the 5 boroughs area. All help is appreciated. Thanks. Also, tell me your personal experience with renting a room in NYC.

Administrator answers:

Listen up, they are not lying to you. I lived in New York City and in all the boroughs all my life, then moved to Florida. Make sure you have an excellent job with an excellent salary! Manhattan, is the most expensive place to live! And tremendous in size and locations!

To rent an apartment in New York State in general, is not the same if you are renting outside the state. You have to know where to go, because it has it’s good and bad area’s. And the bad area’s are no joke!

You have to know, and I have to stress (know) exactly where you want to move to. Each borough is extremely different than the next!! Manhattan, lower east, mid-town, upper east, will run you at least $1000.00 or more for just a box to live in, no furnishings, AC, or room to room carpeting. All you get if you’re lucky is a refrigerator, stove with an oven. (make sure it works)..because they will not tell you if it doesn’ me on that!

Most of the apartment ads run straight through the Times, or NY Post, the rest of the building apartments, you have to go through the Housing Authority located on 350 Broadway. (Good luck with that), those jokers take forever to get in touch with you, plus they place you on a long waiting list! Don’t go that route!

The brownstones, run about $1000 to $2000 per month, you have to contact each individual landlord that own’s their brownstones or a real estate agency that handles their inquires.

Check out some of the new housing developments and see how to get an apartment through them. New York is a very hard place to get an apartment, not unless you have BANK, and can throw the cash out to the land lord and pay for your apartment straight out.

Staten Island, you need to commute by ferry or the tran, the apartments there are run through housing, but for independent apartments, check the news papers! Or their online ads, ask questions too!! Because if you don’t ask, they won’t tell!!

Queens is about 45 minuets to an hour, depending on your transportation. Lots of brownstones, and home rentals, check out New York Apartment listings in the New York Times section of the classified ads.

The Bronx, depending on where you go, the south bronx, you might want to avoid, try the area of white plains or the Grand Concourse area! And City Island, it is nice there and away from the boroughs!

Prices there vary..$800.00 to $1000.00 per month, per one room/ full bath/ kitchen/ dinning and living room combined. The number 4, and 6 trains take you from downtown manhattan all the way up to the east side of manhattan and straight up to the Bronx and white plains area. The tokens are $2.00 each way, coming and going.

Brooklyn, wow! There’s Prospect Park, Park Slope, Brighton Beach, Coney Island, Sheeps Head bay, Carnarsie, Flat lands, cozine, Lafayette, Pink Houses, Cypress Hills, Lefferds Blvd area, and the list goes on…each area is totally different depending on cultures, and what you are looking for .

The cheaper apartements are in the (WORST and DANGEROUS) parts of New York City. So, if I were you, I would really, truely,consider where I would reside. And one month, in my opinion is not enough time!! Do you know anyone in newyork city?

If not, you may have to blend in real fast with the people. New Yorker’s can spot an outsider faster that you can blink an eye! Try not to stick out like a sore thumb (figure of speech) will be easily taken advantage of. There are lots of carn artists too, so be careful who you choose to have as associates, I say associates because you will just be arriving and have not been there long enough to consider someone there your friend.

Just don’t fall asleep on your game, find out all of your questions before you head out to the city that never sleeps, and I mean that literally! You can’t be weak in that State, keep your guard up and don’t speak to strangers, say good morning and see what happens!!

Get all you need to know before you go, contact realtors over the phone and ask everything you can possibly think of when you talk to them. And READ ALL FINE PRINT ON YOUR LEASE! Make sure you agree with what it says, including if pipes do not heat up during the winters, because chica, it gets cold up in the NYC!

Good Luck, not trying to scare you, just giving you the heads up on the boroughs…

Sharon asks…

How much would a new york apartment cost?

The smallest thing out there. I don’t care if it has fucking roaches or whatever. I need something super small and cheap that isn’t in the ghetto (wherever that is). How much do you think I would have to pay? How much do you think I would have to make to live there? Thanks!
do you think I could get somthing for $500 a month?

Administrator answers:

The median NYC apartment is $650,000.
I own a luxury condo in Midtown and it was $1.7 million.

Good luck on finding something in the city for $500. The typical and median apartment rent for a NYC apartment is $2,000.

The only thing you will get with $500 a month is a 120 square foot apartment in the ghetto of Queens.

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