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December 4, 2012

Charles asks…

How to get started looking for apartments?

I’m moving out in a couple of months, looking into getting a apartment around my area.

I live in Pasadena California.
But this will be my first time on my own, and the first time looking for a apartment.

Where do I start to look?
I’m only 19, I’m not looking into getting a realtor.

Administrator answers:

Go look in the area of Pasadena you want to live and look for rental signs, most landlords don’t have to use ads to find good tenants in Pasadena. Also, look in South Pasadena. While it’s more expensive, there are some older buildings without a lot of amenities that aren’t too bad, look in all areas of South Pasadena, in the hills by OSH, Huntington Dr, Fair Oaks, Monterey Rd, near Garfield Park. You might also try Sierra Madre and northeast Pasadena (near Altadena & New York and Hastings Ranch area).

I’m sure you know that not all neighborhoods in Pasadena are that great, so be sure you really know the neighborhood before you get stuck into a long lease.

Ask everyone you know if they know of any rentals. Do your parents know anyone who owns apartment buildings? Read up on tenant law, just basic stuff you can find on the internet. Remember, in most cases, a deposit for an apt is non-refundable, and if you back out they can usually get you for a month’s rent, too (no 30 day notice), so be sure you want the apartment before you sign.

Check your credit at all 3 agencies before looking, and correct any mistakes. (Sometimes the agencies have different info.) You can get one free report from each agency a year. Here is the official place to get them free:
FTC info
Annual Credit Report

Even if you don’t have any credit cards or loans, check your credit. You never know if a sibling, friend or stranger used your info to get a credit card.

You may have a problem since you’re not 21, some landlords only like to rent to 21+. Your parents being in the area might help.

Some places to look online, be sure the apartments are actually in Pasadena, as sometimes they will be elsewhere, like Highland Park or even further away.

Places4Students Put in Caltech. (You could always say a friend at Caltech told you about it if it comes up.)
My Apartment Map Put in Pasadena.
PadMapper Put in Pasadena
Apartment Guide
Apartment Finder
Yahoo Rentals
(You’ll see a lot of the same bigger buildings that tend to be more expensive on some of the websites.)

Go look at the boards around the PCC campus for rental postings.
There is also craigslist, but please be careful and let your parents help you with that, it is really full of scams, that’s why all the warnings on the page.

Living out on your own is very expensive, are you sure you can’t stick around with the parents a bit longer, pay a little rent, don’t get on their nerves, and save money? I moved out at 17 as soon as I graduated high school, but I had a business and was earning good money, and things were much cheaper then. Whatever you do, don’t burn bridges!

Good luck!

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