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June 27, 2012

Michael asks…

When I’m 18, I plan to move to New York with my friend. How do I make a financial plan?

But being smart, we don’t just want to graduate and drive off.
We want to work every summer, weekend and when we’re not in school. For minimum wage, of course. So we save enough money (my friends mom has money so she’ll probably give us money and so will mine) and we could rent a cheap apartment in New York city. But we still need Electricity money, Cable money, Air condition. I want to make a financial plan so I can be prepared. But I really don’t know how to make one.
oh & no negative stuff because I didn’t ask for it.

Administrator answers:

Most people (incl. Me) use a spreadsheet program to tabulate for each month, the incoming money (wages, cheques from parents) and outgoing money (rent, bills). The difference should be zero or positive if you want to be happy. If it’s positive, put that bit (excess) in a bank account. Anyway, that’s what I understand by financial planning.

David asks…

Furnished apartments in new york city for a weeks stay?

So i’m planning to visit New York City towards the end of this year and i’m trying to figure out this whole housing thing. I am planning to stay for about a week maybe a week and a half. I want to try to avoid paying for a hotel room nightly, i do not care if i’m living lavish and classy i just want a place with the essentials so i can just have a place to sleep at night. i am trying to find out if it is possible to rent a small, cheap, 1 bedroom, furnished apartment for a set fixed price for my short week stay. Doesn’t have to be classy just have the neccessities. im looking to avoid the high hotel price. If anyone knows wherei can go or how to work this out if possible, or if anyone has done this before and can speak from experience please let me know. All help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Everything is high in NYC, especially the hotels and apartments. There is a website called AirBNB that will show you people willing to rent rooms and part of their apartments for a set price but then again you will be living and sharing a strangers home (and bathroom…yuck) They have hostels but those that we looked into were nasty and the way they are set up I’m sure people will rob you blind. So I went to Ney York City at Halloween and then again the first part of December and stayed in a quaint little hotel. It’s not a big chain hotel but what is called a botique hotel. Go online and look up the Da Vinci hotel in NYC. It is located on W. 54th street and Broadway. You are literally about 4 blocks straight down from Times Square one direction and another 4 blocks or so from Central Park in another direction. The hotel is nice and the people are so sweet. This place is clean and housekeeping is awsome. They have roomservice from a downstairs Italian Rest. Called Joe’s which is pretty good. A sushi place and Indian food place are on the side of it. I’m telling you, this is the way to go. We paid right at $100 per night which was excellent compared to the $300 + every where else. I think it pretty much depends on the time of year and the days of the week you stay as to the price. Go online and check it out. When I go back, that’s where I will be staying. Good Luck to you :) is their website. Just if you book online make sure you check no thanks to the added in lunch or dinner charge. You just need to kind of read it all.

Nancy asks…

I’m moving to New York to work for a year, how do I rent an apartment there short-term?

What are the best letting agents to use and I don’t really wish to sub-let, I need a furnished apartment in a cheaper area such as Queens… where do I start?

Administrator answers:

Ask a realtor to help you find a month-to-month lease. There are tons of really good agents on this website:
i’d check out the “featured” agents first, but if none of them cover your area, the rest are lovely as well. Good luck ;)

Mandy asks…

Any Tips For Someone Moving To New York City?

I curently live in New Jersey.
I’m trying to move there to go to a really good culinary school.
I don’t make very much money right now so it’s kinda hard to save but I’m trying.
Is there a way to get an apartment without going threw a broker?
How much would rent be on a cheap apartment?
And do you think land loards would rent one out to a 21 year old?

Administrator answers:

Where in Jersey do you live? The commuting isn’t bad. You could be in mid Manhattan in less than half an hour, and the rent is a lot cheaper.

Sharon asks…

Apartment rental in Brownsville & East New York, are these areas safe for me, im white?

Im moving to USA next year and to NYC, I don’t have much money and have spotted several cheap apartments for rent in Brownsville and ENY sections on Brooklyn.

I’ve heard these areas are dangerous or is that just bullshit?

Im white and 20 years old, male, I’m not from a rich background either Im a working class guy so it’s not as if I’m not street smart, because I’m not dumb and wouldn’t walk anywhere at night or do stupid stuff like that.

What do you think?

Administrator answers:

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, and moved away as an adult in 1959. My family continued to live there. Even during this relatively safe era, Brownsville had the reputation of being quite dangerous. A book was written about the gangs there- The Amboy Dukes. My deceased husband grew up there.
In later years when I drove thru the area, I noticed that it had deteriorated, and I was even fearful of driving thru. So unless there’s been a redevelopment there in recent years, I would say that it is not a good place to live.
East New York is not the best place, but there might be some good areas. I’m not sure. I’d hate to see you move there, and then be stuck in an undesireable, even dangerous place.

Linda asks…

Is New york City easy to live in?

Ok I want to move to New York City…..when i finish high school i want to move and go to University.(NYU)Im proud of myself that i can do things if i believe in them.I want to become a lawyer.

Are things expensive?

Easier to walk or drive, bus, subway, etc

Pay rent for apartment, ok, cheap, Expensive?

Food Grocery?


Tell me more if you can
give me tips!

Administrator answers:

That’s great that you want to move to NYC and attend NYU. Yes New York City is a very expensive city to live in things don’t come cheap here. It’s easier to walk or take the subway then it is to drive or take a bus because it’s much quicker to walk or take the subway in many situations. Rent for an apartment is very expensive you’d be looking at about $2,500 a month in Manhattan for a 1 bedroom or studio apartment. Once you get into the outer boroughs it’s a little less expensive then Manhattan is but still pretty expensive compared to the rest of the country. Food and grocery isn’t too expensive it’s probably higher then the rest of the country though. If you are looking for a place to rent I would advise you to look in Queens or the Bronx both places aren’t as expensive as Manhattan, Staten Island is limited as far as public transportation goes so you would probably want to try Queens or the Bronx because Brooklyn is more expensive then the Bronx or Queens.

Lizzie asks…

Safe & Affordable Places for Gay Men to Live in New York?

Hello. I’m a gay 21 year old man who is looking for cheap apartments in New York to live for a few months so I can start a internship I recently received. I currently reside in Maryland. Do anyone know cheap places in the city that I could live for a few months? I literally only have $500 to my name & need to live somewhere safe and affordable. I need somewhere that won’t burn my pockets but is safe to live without worrying about getting robbed or shot. I am familiar that NY is not cheap and is considering bringing one of my friends to help split rent. I know there are some areas in Brooklyn that are cheap, any others? And remember, I’m looking for something NO MORE than $700 a/month in a safe area if possible. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Whenever there is a list of the most expensive cities in the world New York is on it. And its always in the top 10 for cost of living.

Its been a long time since I’ve been there but its not likely that rents have gone down. You are not going to get anything at all for $700 a month. Plus In addition to the current month’s rent there will be last months rent (for when you leave), cleaning deposit and probably other up front costs.

I don’t think that you will have much of a choice but to find a roommate and split the rent and other costs.

I Googled NYC gay resources and turned up a long list of places – but the one that drew the most praise is the LGBT community center. Why don’t you email them to ask about shared apartments?

Good luck in finding a suitable place to live.

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