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January 24, 2013

William asks…

How difficult is it to move to Chicago in order to start living and working there?

I’m not planning on it right now but I’d like to know. How easy would it be to get an apartment, get a job, etc.

And how expensive is it there, compared to New York for example.

Administrator answers:

I live in chicago, and i think Chicago is a nice place to live in.
Getting a job- my friend was looking for an extra job to get more money at an office and he apply and he got an interview 3 days later, got the job the next tuesday. Getting an apratment is pretty easy too. Downtown has a lot of lofts, condos, an apartments for sale or rent.

Compared to NY i think that Chicago is much more cheaper, because its a smaller population but big.

Carol asks…

If i went to NYU would it be cheaper to live on or off campus?

Going to NYU has been a dream of mine since, well forever. I am not concerned with your opinion, i am only looking to make this a less costly experience. I will live on campus my first year, seeing as i don’t live in New York and i am unfamiliar with the area. Would i be saving money, if living on campus is $16,000 a year, to find an apartment my sophomore year and living there? Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

The rent of apartment in New york will depend on the area where you are looking to settle. I know there are some place where you can rent at $1500 2BHK. And considering you are single 1BHK would be comfortable for you. If you are looking to live outside uni campus you have to do bit of search.

Sandra asks…

What’s the lowest possible amount of rent to pay for apartment?

The apartments don’t have to be super nice, just decent…. as long as they aren’t the “worst kind” where all people that live there are on drugs and it’s unsafe or whatever….

or perhaps a studio?
I’m a college student btw
Portland, Oregon or perhaps Seattle, Washington
Yes, cost is a problem, I would definitely have to look into buying something.. not sure I would be ready to make such a big step…

hmm, what about a condo?

Administrator answers:

Depends where you live. I live in New York and the cheapest apt you could find is about $800-$1000 for a one bedroom or studio.

Donna asks…

Where can I find vacation rentals in New York City?

I’m looking for an apartment rental for long weekend trips to New York City.

Administrator answers:

If you are a tourist, the best place to rent an apartment or guest room in someone’s home would be in Manhattan—–>

* Most of the listings are in Manhattan. There might be some that are out of town. So if you aren’t sure, ask the owners. Ask alot of questions before doing business with these individuals and remember to always go with your INTUITION. These bed and breakfast/vacation rentals are a great alternative to hotels! Plus their rates are 50% cheaper than hotels.

Richard asks…

How expensive is it to live in New York?

I’m a junior in high school and I plan to go to college in New York, if I don’t plan on living in dorms, how much will rent be? And also how much is food and utility bills?

Administrator answers:

Average rent a month in New York City is between $600-$1200 shared and plus or minus $2000 if you’re looking for your own apartment.

Food can be as cheap as maybe around $20 a day if you go low budget and make your own meals. But for those days you eat out make it say $40 a day. And that’s not including eating at good restaurants. That’s budgeting it, about, averaging it out.

Well utilities depend on whether they are included in the rent. Some renters will have cable and electric included, however, others will charge you an extra $50 to $100 a month, discuss it before agreeing to rent. You should also think about transportation, cell, clothing, books, tuition, entertainment and miscellaneous.

Robert asks…

How expensive is living in New York City?

A general overview is fine, like do people drive cars or just take taxi cabs/subway? How much is rent for apartments, gas, food, shopping?
not really “rich people”. i know different areas have homeless people, poverty, etc but I’m just saying in a city like Manhattan or so. I’m a college student btw.

Administrator answers:

I’m a college student who lives in New York – I go to the Fashion Institute of Technology.

People don’t drive cars in New York. They walk, take the subway, take the bus (It’s not as bad as other cities, it actually takes you places and doesn’t really cart around just crazy people), and take cabs or car service if they are too inebriated to find their apartment. I have been there.

Rent can vary by location of your apartment. You could pay $1000-$2000 YOURSELF if you SHARE an apartment, but don’t expect to pay less than $2000 if you want to live in Manhattan alone. Get a roommate, I used

Gas is expensive, but you won’t need to worry about that! And Unlimited 30-Day metrocard is $104, which if you ride the subway round trip every day, or use the bus a lot, it pays for itself.

Food is mildly more expensive – all depends on where you buy groceries. Try to stay away from Gristedes, but Trader Joe’s and Fairway are cheap grocery stores in Manhattan. Eating out and getting drinks will be expensive if you go to places that are inherently expensive (Case in point: Bistros and High End Bars). Also, ordering food in is dreadfully easy and dirt cheap on occasion.

Shopping is pretty much the same as it is other places. In certain places, you could even pay less if you go to discount stores like Century 21. However, we don’t have Walmart, Target and Costco are in a shady area, and K-Mart just sucks. BEWARE, there are very few big box stores in the city. Supermarkets DO NOT really exist.

Neighborhoods you should check out in Manhattan are Yorkville in the Upper East Side, the Financial District (although lots of stuff closes on the weekends), and the Upper West Side above 110th St, if you feel comfortable in an ethnically diverse (and I mean REALLY diverse) area. Astoria, Queens is gaining popularity – lots of guys I know live out there.

Lisa asks…

How expensive is Japan in comparison to the US?

Because I am (really, honestly) going to take Japanese and move to Japan.
I want to know exactly how much I should be looking to take with me until I have a suitable job, reasonable apartment, etc, and how much that sorta thing usually costs.
Thanks much,

Administrator answers:

Depends on where in the US you compare it too because I’m guessing living in Memphis is alot cheaper than Los Angeles or New York.
But for the sake of your question let’s just say you want to compare LA to Tokyo. (Where I live now)
The cost of living is about the same. (Rent / Utilities / Dining etc.)
It’s about $1200/mo for a decent place in a decent neighborhood, it’s about $10 to have a nice lunch, and about $20 to eat a decent dinner on a friday night in LA and for me while living in Tokyo, it was about the same. Although the actual size of the house was much smaller than in LA and the size of the meal was also much smaller than in LA.
Utilities are a bit pricier in Japan (like for cell phones) but since you won’t be driving a car (maintenance, gas) that should make up for it.
The salary though will differ. This will all depend on the job you choose, but unless you speak fluent Japanese, the odds of you landing a job with a regular Japanese company is almost none.
(With that said it amazes me how goodhearted some of these US companies are when hiring people!! Some people barely speak English and yet they have a pretty good job doing customer service!!)
I think a typical salary for a university graduate early 20 something business person inTokyo would be around 220000 yen to 300000 a month. But many many Japanese company give out annual bonuses so add another 2 months worth to the monthly salary and that’s your total annual.
I think in the US the wage is about the same but many companies do not give out annual bonuses and when they do it’s not as much.
At least this is my experience.

Linda asks…

I accepted a job offer in North York and need to move soon. What area should I look for an apartment in?

I’ve never lived in Metro Toronto exactly, just because I will be working in North York doesn’t mean I need to live that close, but my job involves driving almost daily. I need fairly cheap rent, but safety and an interesting local community are most important to me. Maybe cute shops or cafes, etc.

Administrator answers:

I moved from New York to New Jersey last year, so I’m not sure who I could contact to assist you. Here is a list of apartments in New York that you can contact. Http:// Hopefully someone can help you.

Enjoy New York!

Mark asks…

How expensive would it be to move to Washington (the state)?

I want to move to Washington. Not because of Twilight or anything like that. For 3 reasons:

1) Community College is cheap
2) Its close to Canada (where my Boyfriend is)
3) It rains almost everyday (I love the rain!)

How expensive would it be to move to Washington? Whats cheaper: house or apartment? Would it be easy to find a job there? Thank you to all who answer!

Administrator answers:

It’s kind of hard to answer your question if I don’t know where you’re moving from and what your standards of cheap vs expensive is.

As for jobs, it really depends on what you do, what is your professional background?

All I can say is that for me moving to Washington worked out because even though I made less money than before, the living costs were a lot less than what I had to pay in New York City. There is no income tax here, but there is a high sales tax, so Washington is great for savers, but not so much for spenders. (But it’s still far cheaper than Vancouver. My friends in Vancouver order expensive stuff online and ship it to my place and then come pick it up)

The economy sucks right now nationwide, but our unemployment is lower than national average.

As for housing, both house and apartment can be cheap or expensive depending on location and amenities. I used to live in a house with 5 other guys and everyone paid 458 a month + utilities. Now I live in an apartment with a friend and we each pay 555 a month + utilities. I know someone who pays 350 a month, but her place is a real dungeon, I wouldn’t want to live like that. You can probably negotiate rent with landlords, my current apartment used to rent for 1500/month before, we negotiated it down to 1110.

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