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February 13, 2013

Donna asks…

How can you live with 10000$ / month in New York?

I’ve had an option to get a job in New York that pays 65$ per hour. This means around 10000$ / month and i was wondering what is the general cost of life in New York.
I’m interested in rent for a 2 room apartment, food, utilities.
Would it be a good enough salary to begin with (and live in a reasonably good area)?

Administrator answers:

Well it depends how much extra activity you want to do rent alone in good areas could cost upwards from 2000+ a month car parking cheapest I’ve seen is 400 a month and thats up near 95th an columbus which isn’t to bad an area now if you want to live in the business district chances are that amount won’t be enough

Paul asks…

Im moving to London for school, which areas are the safest, and what areas should stay away from?

Im 5’5 18 years old female and the last thing i want to worry about is crime. However ive lived in New York many years and i just want to know what are the calmer areas of london before i rent myself an apartment and realize its right in the middle of the worst area.

Administrator answers:

London is miles safer than New York. If you lived there and survived, London is nothing.

The other part about London is what you can afford. It is very expensive, and obviously the “nicer” the area, the more money it will cost. In addition to that, your more likely to get mugged or burgled in a posh area as the thieves think you have good stuff than a bad area.

Finally it all depends what institution you are attending. There’s no point in you going Brunel in the West, and living in the east.

Brixton isn’t that bad, its a vibrant and diverse place, which does have crime, but so does Chelsea. I wouldn’t want to live in a council estate in Brixton, but that’s not the type of property you’re going to be looking at anyway. If you are looking at that side of the river, you’ll see a huge difference between the Brixton postcode and the posher Balham or Battersea one, which if they’re private lets are only a few streets apart. Then I would say, go for Brixton, save some cash. Same goes for say South East London. Blackheath is lovely, but expensive, further over in the New Charlton or Woolwich area almost identical, and the heath etc still available/close but loads cheaper. Thamesmead Est. Again not somewhere I’d chose to live, but again, mainly council housing so its unlikely it would come up.

Your uni usually has lists of student housing that students rent each year, why not start there.

Robert asks…

How would I go about moving to New York from the UK?

I’m going to have to wait for a few years but just so I know in advance, how would I move? Would I need a job or a permit or whatever?

I have a passport, but I’m not really sure what else you need. I plan to move when I’m done in uni. Any advice?
I live in the Uk, and I’m in the country… but it’s also walking distance from the city so y’know.

Administrator answers:

My friend, first of all, start saving your money because New York City is not cheap, especially when it comes to renting an apartment in Manhattan. The rent here are high, and I’m kidding.

Second, have you travel papers together. My advice, check with US embassy in London to see what is required to move to US.

Third, have a secure job. I know its tough, but having a job will help you with you move to the US. Check out companies that have branch office in the States, particularly in New York, and try you best getting a position with that company.

All this information is very helpful.

Good luck and happy holidays

Steven asks…

How much would would it cost to rent a room in new york?

I was planning to move alone next year and trying to figure out

Administrator answers:

Actually. If you are talking about Manhattan, as the previous answer assumes, you’d have trouble finding anything as cheap as $1,000 a month, at least in any part of Manhattan close enough to anything interesting. Perhaps you might find something that inexpensive in Washington Heights or Inwood (though I’ll bet even there, $1,000 isn’t enough) but if you’re going to be that far uptown, you’d be far better off in western Queens or northern Brooklyn. (And even there, $1,000 would not be enough.)

Truthfully, you’d need at least $1,500 for even a crummy apartment in the outer boroughs and at least $2,000 in any part of Manhattan where you’d be close to anything.

Now, if you are willing to have a roommates. You might manage less, but figure at least $1,500 a month.

Helen asks…

What’s the average cost of living in New York City?

I would like to know the cost of things such as rent,electric bills, travel and food?

Administrator answers:

There is no right answer to this question. It varies a lot.

Rent can vary from $500/month if you live with roommates in a loft deep into Brooklyn (you’d be very lucky if you could even find something *that* cheap). It wouldn’t be pretty and you’d probably have rats living in your apartment.

Or you could spend $1 million/month in a penthouse overlooking Central Park. The sky is the limit.

The average 1 bedroom apartment in 2008 in Manhattan was around $2600/month. New York is one very expensive city!

Betty asks…

Where is the best place to look for a sharing flat in toronto?

I live in france at the moment and I’m arriving in toronto with a mate of mine around mid-november, the ideal would be to share with more people but as I’m on another continent searching for roomates isn’t that easy. Where do I start?

Administrator answers:

Hi Brad, in Toronto most people use Craigslist to find roommates. There are a few different areas of the site you should look at:

The Room/Shared section, if you want to find roommates who already have an apartment/house:

The Sublet section, if you and your mate only going to be staying in Toronto for a couple months or less:

The Apartments section, if you want to find an apartment first and extra roommates later (note: it’s not hard to find roommates, lots of people need a place to live):

And finally, the Housing Wanted section, where you can beg for a place a live, if none of the options above worked out for you:

In all cases you should consider how much you can afford per month. In Canadian dollars, a good monthly rent cost for a single room is from $300 (cheap) to $600 (a little pricey). Anyone charging less or more than that is usually either taking advantage of you, or giving you a terrible room.

You should also consider the area the apartment is in. Unless you’re here to attend York University, you probably want to be close to the downtown core – especially if you’re between the ages of 18-30, because downtown has many students who will be your age. That means no more east than Yonge St, no more west than Ossington Ave, no more north than Bloor St, and no more south than Queen St.

Other sites you should check out are Toronto’s Kijiji, which is a similar classified ad website to Craigslist, also free to use:

…or apps like Roomster on Facebook:

Now, the only other thing to keep in mind is that in Toronto, the bulk of listings won’t go up until about 3-4 weeks before the move-in date, and most people expect someone to move in on the 1st of the month. In other words, if you’re planning on arriving November 15th, you might have to start your search around October 5th. If you can’t find roommates who are okay with a mid-November move-in date (instead of a November 1st move-in) you may have to pay a full month of rent even though you only arrived for half.

Or, optionally, you could start searching November 5th in hopes of finding a place for December 1st, and spend your first two weeks in Toronto using hostels or couchsurfing at a few different places for free:

Best of luck finding a place, and have a great stay in Toronto!

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