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February 19, 2013

Mary asks…

Whats is a GREAT art school in New York for photography, film, and fashion?

Im moving back to New York next year around this time, and I really need to find a college to go to. Im already taking some classes up at Valley College here in California, but I need to know about an art school, the BEST one, or at least ONE of the best. Not to mention an apratment. I remember when I used to live there in Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Harlem, the rent was ridiculous, but now its just insane! Anyone know about apartments and art schools, please help out, I’d really appreciate it. An art school for photography, film, fashion, and writing, and an apartment. HELP ME! Thanks.

Administrator answers:

The best school for all three artistic endeavors is Parsons school of design(this is the same school that hosts Project Runway). Being one of the best if not the best means that it is not cheap and it is not exactly easy to get into. However, if you think rent is insane in New York, wait till you find out about the tuition fees at Parsons.

Thomas asks…

I want to move out of New York. The costs are going up & up. How to convince my also New Yorker fiance?

Weve lived in New York all our lives and now gas is ridiculous along with MTa and overall cost of living. Thinking Pa. or Md. He drives, I don’t

Administrator answers:

Take your fiance to the desired place and show how much better or easier life could be. Be very specific: cheaper rent for bigger apartment or house, decent style of living (places to shop, eat, go out), shorter commute times, better weather(?), nicer people (atmosphere), etc.

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