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August 21, 2012

Nancy asks…

Looking for someplace cheap for a recent high school grad to stay?

I want to move out of my parents house and have my own apartment with a few friends of mine. We want to live in New York, but it doesn’t have to be New York City. It can be anywhere in New York. ANy suggestions? We live in California and finding a job is really hard for us.
And is the rent cheaper in New York and will we all be able to find decent jobs? There is 4 of us so it doesn’t have be too decent.

Administrator answers:

If you’re that desperate, you could live in Harlem…

Thomas asks…

How do cable and internet services work in New York City apartments?

My boyfriend and I are about to rent an apartment. His parents and I viewed the apartment before we agreed to rent it, and his mom asked whether the apartment had Time Warner or Verizon, and she was told that it had Time Warner… the thing I don’t really get is, what does it mean if the building “has” Time Warner? Am I not able to go with whatever internet provider I want? TW and Verizon are both a little pricey for what we need, and I’ve done some research and found some smaller ISPs that are a lot cheaper… is it possible for us to go with one of them, or are we literally stuck with Time Warner if that’s what the building “has”? This is so different from the last place I lived.
It’s actually not FiOS that we’re thinking about going with — both Verizon and TW are too expensive for us. I was thinking instead of going with RCN. I’m having a hard time telling from their website if they provide internet over cable or over fiber optics — it says you need a cable modem, but it also mentions fiber optic cables…

If my building having Time Warner means that it’s cable-ready, does that mean I should be able to go with some other cable company with no problems?

Administrator answers:

There should be some hotlines. Call them and ask. Keep asking the neighbours around you. Or if possible move to a different place :)

George asks…

Where is the cheapest place in New York to move to? I want to rent.?

I am planning to move to new york in a few months.. Me and my boyfriend. I dont really know where is the cheapest place to look for apartments. I am looking for a price range between $500-$900–ish.. I know that New York is expensive but I dont want to spend too much… I am hoping to find something near shopping and a community college and maybe some restraunts.. Will i need a car? Where is a good community college with a good nursing program? I am a Certified Nurse Assistant and my boyfriend is too.. Is there CNA positions over there? Someone help me please…. :)

Administrator answers:

I live in the Bronx… N personally I feel that its cheap to live here. I live in a brand new building 2 beds for 652/ month .and no its not housing or projects. Me and my husband go to Bronx community college studing nursing.. And this college has one of the best nursing program. Their website U dont need a car unless u prefer one. But look around the Bronx but be careful with your choice. Feel free to email if u need any other info.finding a cna position…. Google cna job in newyork and you should get some results. Also is good for both job and apartment search.good luck

Chris asks…

Economic help!!!! Rent Control: Preventing Capitalistic Acts between Consenting Adults?

some Questions about the article below! help me plz!!! I am lost!

1. According to the article, ____ of apartments in New York City are subject to rent control?
A. 33%
B. 67%
C. 50%
D. 100%

2. When the market for rental housing is in equilibrium, are all suppliers and demanders happy? which of the following statements are true?

I. Some demanders believe that the price is too high because they are not willing to pay the equilibrium price.
II. Some suppliers think the price is too low because they are not willing to rent apartments at the equilibrium price.
A. Neither I nor II
B. I and II
C. II only
D. I only

3.Consider the market for rentals in a different town. Assume that the city council in this town decides that the market price is unfair to low-income renters and passes a law that establishes a price ceiling of $800 per month.

The shortage that results after the city council sets and enforces the price ceiling is caused by:

A. The price ceiling set by the city council
B. The greed of demanders, the apartment renters, who want too many cheap apartments

C. The greed of both suppliers and demanders, who behave unreasonably and thwart the good intentions of the city council

D. The greed of suppliers, the apartment owners, who want too much money

Administrator answers:

1. Read 6th paragraph from the bottom (“Right now, rents for …”)

2. B

3. It’s an opinion question. Read the article, and decide whether it favors demanders or suppliers or both or neither of them.

Ken asks…

Is living in New York City really that expensive?

I am not denying anything I am just a junior in high school living 20 minutes away from the city and i really want to live in nyc after college its my dream. I understand its so expensive to live in manhatten and stuff and people says its hard but can someone please explain how hard it is, how much you would have to make a year, how much like the cheapest apartment for rent is in manhatten and like how it all works to make it so dam almost impossible. Also what do you think nyc will be like in 5 years with living and all of that. Will it be cheaper, expensive, a big mess, or just the same as now?

Administrator answers:

You should work the other way around. Figure out how much income you have and figure out what you can afford.

If you live in modest apartment in a decent neighborhood in Manhattan expect to pay:
$1700/month for a small apartment (studio)
$1200/month to split a 2 bedroom
you can save more if you have friends willing to share a room

You can save more if you live in Queens.

You can save even more living in New Jersey and taking the train.

If you eat ramen and drink tap water, don’t have a cell phone or cable, you can probably get by on $1500/month.

Susan asks…

Any particular place in New York not to look for an apartment?

Okay, so Im doing some research on New York and the safe areas to live in, but also cheap RENT. (: my budget is 1500 MAX. I really want to find a safe but cheap area at the same time. Any suggestions? Thank you.
Oh also, A place that allows pets, (pitbull and a cat) and utilities included.

Administrator answers:

$1500 is about the absolute bottom for even the smallest apartments in Manhattan (not including Harlem, East Harlem, or Washington Heights), and you would have a hard time finding even a small walk-up (non-elevator building) studio (bedroom and living room as part of same room) at that price. Also, water and heat may be included, but electric generally won’t be if it’s a cheap apartment. The pets may be a problem too, especially the pit bull. If you wanted to live in Manhattan at that price you probably would need roommates or a room share. And even if you found an apartment for around $1600, there will usually be a “broker fee” to pay to the real estate agent that is around two months rent for a year’s lease. Many landlords expect you to have an annual income of 40x the monthly rent, or 25x the monthly rent if you have a guarantor, and if you don’t meet that, you may have trouble getting approved.

You could live in the part of Harlem around 125th Street all the way on the West side, or in Washington Heights, both of which are fairly safe areas. You could try Murray Hill, or the part of the Upper East Side that is between 86th and 96th Street. East Harlem still has a lot of crime, and in the rest of Harlem the areas vary a lot so you have to check out exactly what the situation is where you are looking.

Other than that, you would have no problem finding a place in Brooklyn or Queens, although a few neighborhoods will be off-limits at that price, like Park Slope or Brooklyn Heights. You should look at Astoria, Long Island City, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Jackson Heights, and Woodside, all of which are safe. Bushwick and Red Hook are former high-crime areas that have become somewhat safer and are gentrifying rapidly, so you may also look at those.

Don’t look at the Bronx, most of which still has high crime, or Staten Island, which is basically a suburb, without any of the advantages of real New York City living, and is too inconvenient to the rest of the city. A lot of the rest of Brooklyn also still has high crime – Bed-Stuy, East New York, Brownsville, Crown Heights.

Paul asks…

Expenses in New York?

I am from LA, planning to move to Manhattan New York or near there soon in the future. Are things more expensive there than they are in LA. How easy or hard is it to find a retail job for a 21 year old. Are apartments cheaper or are rooms to rent more affordable?


Administrator answers:

LA isn’t cheap, but Manhattan is more expensive. Tiny studio apartments in Manhattan start at around $1400-$1500.month plus utilities and that is just in limited areas. Expect to pay $1800 in most neighborhoods. You can save a lot by renting in one of the outer boroughs like Queens or Brooklyn. Rents start around $1k/month for something decent and a little less if you live in someone’s basement. The only real financial advantage you have here is that you don’t need a car like you do in LA. NYC public transportation is very accommodating, fairly economical (an unlimited monthly pass is just over $100) and makes getting around quite easy. Retail jobs usually have a high turnover, so you should be able to find one fairly easily, however – it will not pay enough on it’s own for you to survive, so you’ll need a second job or a roommate. That is unless you have a stunning resume and land a high end commission job. I would not recommend renting a room. You’re better off with a roommate(s),

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