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June 23, 2013

Michael asks…

Where could I rent an apartment with low rents in NYC?

my parents and i live with my aunt’s families at a very crowded apartment, we just immigraterd to the United States, my parents don’t speak English, they work in Chinatown, they can’t work here outside here, they can’t live far away here, they have low income. I am just a high school students, can’t work and make money. the apartments here are very expensive, we are looking for an apartment, which is cheap, where can I find it.

Administrator answers:

Well, not in New York.

Lisa asks…

How can I afford to go to New York?

I’m looking for some really good internships and most of them are based in New York, I have no connection and enough money to buy only a plane ticket there and some savings.

I know this question is very vague because it depends and mostly its about the money, but if you know any afforable student housing or shared apartments that are very safe and AFFORDABLE, tell me please! I really want this internship and am looking for a new experience for the summertime.

I’m working for my parents, but eventually i want to find another job before summer and save up. What are some things I need to know before flying out to New York for a job interview?

Administrator answers:

The Quakers actually run some sort of communal living apartments in Midtown Manhattan, where you pay cheap rent but you agree to help out with chores. I’ve been there once, to pick up a friend. Pretty nice place too. And no, you don’t have to be a Quaker to apply.

This was many years ago, so I’m wondering if it still exists. You’ll have to google it and do a little bit of research. I forgot the name.

Sharon asks…

Can you help me plan a budget? Analyzing rent/salary, etc. Will it be possible to be on my own?


I’m 21 female, and I live in New York with my parents. I have graduated from a vocational school as a patient care technician, (pretty much assisting in the medical field, electrocardiograms, drawing blood etc.). I have not found a job as I just recently finished and there is one last test I need to take for certification.

Nonetheless I like to plan and think things thoroughly. I really want to move out once I find a stable job, I know they’ll be a lot of saving up to do before I can achieve that.

I have been finding one bedroom studios in the upper side of Manhattan (Washington Heights) for $950 a month which is the cheapest I can find.

I need to organize myself and plot how much I will be needing 1.Saved up and 2.For payment of the place.

If I were to earn $500 a week, how difficult do you think it’ll be for me to accomplish being on my own?

The salary in my field of study ranges from $15/hr to up to $20/hr. Obviously I haven’t found a job yet, and I know I will not start at the highest pay, so with the lowest amount of earned salary within that range, how would I go about managing payments and all?

I am lost and I admit it. I have lots of problems at home, my parents are too strict (yes even at my age), I can’t go out, I can’t have friends, as hard as it is to believe that is the way I have been raised. I don’t want to deal with such mental and emotional drainage, one of the reasons why I chose a short career was exactly for this, to be able to work as soon as possible and hopefully leave to my own small place.

I’m not really a street person, I don’t go out at all, I don’t shop that much, I don’t talk on the phone (although I will need this in case of emergency), the most I use is my laptop. Other than that I keep everything to a minimum, so hopefully I don’t have too many expenses on the side.

I wish I had people I could go to with this issue, I don’t have anyone to guide me or tell me their experience or how they managed to move out so that I can have an idea of how much to prepare myself.

Administrator answers:

Ok to make this simple and neat.

Here locally u need a job.
Said job u hold 1 -1.5 yrs.
U earn monthly FOUR times the rent.

So rent 950 – monthly income 3800$.
In NY u will lose near 30% of income to TAXES.
Utilities here take 30% of rent 950*0.3=285$

so u got 950+285 =1235 out of 2660 (after taxes income).
Gives u 1425 to survive on.

B4 u get the apartment u need 1st month payment,
security deposits (extra month payment), application
fees, prepaid renters insurance, utilities deposits(200$
here). When all that is done u get the keys.

Understand IF u get a roommate, u are responsible for rent
and damages if they break the lease. Ouch.

As for handling parents, visit library for ‘Boundaries” Cloud/Townsend
to save u from your parents now and in future.

As for handling money, visit library for Total money make over,
Dave Ramsey. Will save u decades and 10,000s$ in hard pain filled
expensive life lessons by learning from others dumb mistakes,
not your own.

It is faster cheaper easier that way.

Do adjust the income numbers as needed.

As for phone cable internet , price around as
they are getting cheaper.

As for furnishings, visit walmart and get inexpensive
easy to Move stuff u can do by yourself.
Smoke alarms Always get.

Do save up at least 2 -4 months operating costs
for your 1st lay off. Life is easier with savings.

Good knowledge is good luck.

Mary asks…

Migrating from the US to France or UK?

I’m not getting married and plan on migrating to europe? What cities should I look at based on low rent and cost, employment, etc.
Interesting I’d like to hear more about Eastern Europe thanks thats helpful.

Administrator answers:

If your renting in Paris the prices are about the same as New York and San Francisco. Look for around 900-1,200 euros/month, depending on size and location. This is for a basic, furnished, 1 bedroom flat that is comfortable but not fancy. London that if you want to live in west London. One bedroom flat £700 – £800 month. East London again one bedroom flat £650 – £750 month. Cheapest to place to live in Europe is eastern Europe. Bulgaria and Romania. The UK has now two million people unemployed at the momment. The average cost of a flat in Bucharest, Romania is 200 euro a month. But remember that Romania is a very poor country. Most people in Romania don’t make much money and most barely have enough money to buy food, clothing. But houses are very cheap in Romania. You can buy a 1 to 2 Bedroom Flat/Apartment in Bucharest for From £61,790 to £89,430
Cheapest place in Italy to buy properties is in Puglia, Italy. South east of Italy. Http://

James asks…

Is my property manager allowed to be taking over my apartment like this?

Seriously, I’ve only lived here a month, I was on a waiting list for 3 YEARS to get in here, and it’s all new, a nice place, but this PROPERTY manager is totallyy disrespectful, it is horrid.

First of all, I signed a Lease Agreement, and for maintenance it states:

10. Maintenance

b. The Tenant agrees to:

(3) Not litter the grounds or common areas of the project;

6) Remove garbage and other waste from the unit in a clean and safe manner.

14. Rules: The Tenant agrees to obey the House Rules, which are Attachment No. 3 to this Agreement.

Bradmar Village House Rules state:

Tenant is responsible for keeping the patio and surrounding lawn area clean and neat.”

Ok so I get a concealed garbage can with a lid and have it on the patio it looks like this

I get a knock on my door and a letter in the mail saying that I’ve gone against the Lease by “littering”…………

He tells me I have to keep garbage in the garage, which is UNATTACHED, and across the complex and it’s a pain in my A$$!!! He even went on my patio, opened my garbage can lid and took PICTURES of my garbage………..

So I’ve been walking across the complex 5+ times a day to throw away diapers which is absolutely insane. Plastic in my kitchen is piling up.

So THEN, I get a “24 hour” notice in the mail on April 23rd that workers will be here to paint my doorway on April 30th at 8:30AM along with other apartment units.

So I go to his office and explain if he could please tell the painters to wait until I get out of work at 1pm.

What happens? I get home from work at 1pm and MY DOORS ARE WIDE OPEN and there are painters painting my door an UGLY blue.

I hate blue I don’t even want a blue door! See the colors around the sides of Yahoo Answers? That blue is my door right now and I am so agitated.

And curtains, I’m not even allowed to change which curtains I want! I have these cheap blinds my daughter broke, the property manager says I have to pay for the repairs, I said ok I’ll replace it myself but I’m not replacing it with those blinds again, I’m getting a shade!

And he is just so ANAL about everything it’s insane he has no respect! I can’t believe I said not to go in my apartment and they did! It wasn’t even ready for people to be in it was messy I’ve been busy wth!!

Seriously what will happen next? He keeps violating me I don’t like it.

He is disrespectful because this apartment community is based on low income. My budget determines how much rent I pay. And so since I pay low rent, he acts like he runs the place I live in as if I have no rights. Like wtf if you have such a problem and think you can treat me so horribly bc you don’t like the fact I pay low rent, CHARGE ME MORE.

I can’t believe it.

I am in New York State. Western New York.
Lmao try being grateful? I’m extremely grateful. I’m NOT respectful toward a person who will blatantly lie to me. He lied and told me he’d have them paint the other doors of other buildings first and then reach me once I got home. And he lied, he didn’t.

Administrator answers:

The landlords need to keep it nice. Dealing with drama queens like yourself with chips on your shoulder about following basic rules we all follow requires a firm hand. You are being provided with a lovely home for your kids in a safe environment that you could not afford on your own. People are subsidizing your rent with their taxes. Is it too much to ask that you follow some basic rules? Low income housing has a very bad reputation. They don’t want this place to have that reputation.

You have a door that locks that keeps your kids safe. If you want to pick the color, paint the door in the home you buy with your own money. If you want to hang up your own curtains, do that in the home you pay for. The dude is not going to give in to you because then he has to hear it from 50 other single moms who want to put up blinds or a sheet. They want the place to not scream low income housing. The neighbors want it to not scream low income housing. That drops their property values.

Get a garbage can inside. Don’t expect people who do not work for you to accommodate your schedule. The painters have lives to live and they aren’t going to sit around and wait for you to get home. Time is money. Would you have paid them to wait until they started the door? No. Neither would their boss. They are not going to get chewed out because some tenant with a messy apartment doesn’t want her door open.

Get the chip off your shoulder. Nobody owes you any special treatment. He is doing his job, not harassing you. His job is to maintain the cleanliness and safety of the area.

Donald asks…

Is it cheaper/better to live in New York if you think about?

Transportation, gas, and renting an apartment with a buddy or a few friends? Compared to living in LA where traffic is like two hour and you’re wasting all that gas…..but what about living expenses and taxes? I think New York would be better because you have to walk everywhere and that forces you to get some exercise right?

Administrator answers:

Well, it all depends on your lifestyle. New York City isn’t THAT expensive if you know how to manage your budget. If you look for sales at the supermarket, split the rent with a roomate, don’t live in a “trendy” neighborhood, etc, it becomes more affordable. And there are savings that come with an urban lifestyle, like lower heating costs (because you’re getting some of your neighbor’s heat as well), public transportation (though LA’s system actually isn’t that bad), and so on.

Paul asks…

How much does it cost to live in San Francisco?

average living…..
single living alone or with roommate.. not expensively .. and not cheap..
thank you for ur answers =)

Administrator answers:

San Francisco is remarkably expensive. It probably rivals New York in terms of affordability, with my cousin living in the Big Apple’s Little Italy neighborhood at $2700 a month for a tiny studio apartment. San Francisco unfortunately, is no different.

But to be honest, I think regardless of the high cost of living, it is worth it. San Francisco’s a hell of a great town. It’s hip, it’s fun and it’s got a lot going on.

My brother moved there in ’96 and started paying $700 a month for his studio apartment, which was good for one person. Although he moved at the height of the dot com boom, which honestly speaking, really screwed things up. I think the boom was one of the direct reasons why it was so expensive. But my brother was at rent control and he paid cheap compared to what a lot of other people are paying now.

The average cost of an apartment as evidenced by the San Francisco Craig’s List, shows that apartments run an average of $1,000 or higher, and these apartments aren’t limited to just studios but apply to one bedrooms and up. Naturally, the bigger the place, the higher the rent. Rentals are as steep as the hills of San Francisco itself, so you’ll be paying big. Living with roomies would cost an average of $800 and up. My co-worker’s brother lived in the Tenderloin, which is a bad neighborhood and according to her, he was living in “a postage stamp-sized apartment” and was paying $1300 a month. The cost of real estate is high. My cousin himself is a born and bred San Franciscan and paid $500,000 for his condo, which in all honesty, three could live there in this tiny little hamlet with no view. The house he moved out of, which is owned by his parents is in a great neighborhood and a quiet one. This house is fantastic and at the time during the 70′s when purchasing it, they nowhere near paid the monumental price the house is worth now. San Francisco real estate is pricey and people will pay big money for the gorgeous views the city offers.

The San Francisco Bay Guardian ran a survey of how much of a decent salary one would need, in order to live in San Francisco and the salary wasn’t modest. It was priced at $50K and obviously not all jobs pay that much. San Francisco surely is an expensive city all around and the thing that only makes it worse is the very real possibility the city might start to resemble New York City in terms of development, therefore making the city lose it’s charm and it’s beauty. San Francisco is already on par with rental prices and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Check out these sites: (Offers a cross section view of what S.F.’s average rental prices go for) (Underground pop cultural newspaper covers local news and events with an edge)

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