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June 29, 2013

Carol asks…

Cheapest places to live in New York City?

I need a New Yorkers help! Before you all gang up on me saying how naive I am for thinking I could find anything “cheapin NYC, hear me out. I know that anything I find “cheap” will be in a crappy neighborhood. I don’t plan on moving there tomorrow, I’m looking ahead for the future, perhaps 2 or 3 years. I’m not educated on New York City and I wonder if anyone could help with that. I mean what boroughs are there, which are the best ones to live in (condition wise) YET semi-affordable for a newly graduated college student. I just want an idea. I figured I’d get a New Yorker’s perspective rather than just asking Google. So can anyone help? Just tell me a little about it! Please don’t judge me for asking, like I said I am a little naive on it all, but this is a few years in the future. And I may or may not decided to go there, I just want an idea….Thank you!

Administrator answers:

The Bronx and yes it still has nice safe neighborhoods. The Pelham Bay line #6 train travels up from Manhattan into The Bronx. You can rent an apartment in a building or a large complex or a private home.
You can live near a green acre park (Pelham Bay Park) or near the water (Long Island Sound)
Thing is you would have to use a realtor to find you an apartment. One trick that locals use is a Church Bulletin. Private homes that have rentals the landlords list in the local Catholic Church vacant units thus this ensures the prospective tenants come from the neighborhood.

Mary asks…

I am looking for a good place to live in or arounf New York.?

Hello everyone! I am looking for a good cheap area that is a good distance near a grocery store. I have my heart on moving sumwhere near New York. So if any1 knows a good area in or around New York with Cheap rent (nothing over 800) and it is a good area please let me know! Much love to all that try!

Administrator answers:

If you are willing to accept a fairly small apartment in an older building, you might find something under $800 and near grocery stores in Flatbush (Brooklyn) or maybe Kingsbridge (Bronx), although I’m not sure about Kingsbridge these days.

Helen asks…

What is life like in Cebu, Cebu City, Philippines?

I am planning to move to Cebu City in August 2007. I would like information from anyone who has moved there even if you have returned home.
What is life like?
What are the schools like (I have a 14 year old daughter)?
How expensive is it living in the city?
What are the utilitie rates, Rent say 3Br LR, Kit, 2 bath rooms.?
How did most people react toward you?
Is WI/FI internet avalable
If you returned home why?
If you still live there why?
Did you get homesick?
Do you have many Philippino friends?

I would really appreciate any information you can give me. Yes I have been there several times but never long enough to say I lived there. I was in Cebu for 2 weeks in 2005, two weeks in 1997 and a month in 1989. My experiance was very positive all three times. I don’t like Manila very much but then again I don’t like New York or Tokyo either.

I am married to a Philipina from Cebu, Cebu City

Administrator answers:

Hi, i live in cebu. I live with my parents, 2 sis, 2 cousins and an aunt. That’s my entire household.
Cost of living estimates:
utilities P3000.
Rent P20000. That’s a good house. If you go uptown, it gets more expensive..outside cebu city is cheaper. Although some apartments/houses cost less than 20000. Some cost less than 10000/month. But if youre gonna stay for a long time, i suggest buy a lot and house.
Wi-fi internet is available..provided by SMART communications.
Schools depend on which school you send your child to.. Could cost from 25000 up/year. International schools are much much more expensive. Catholic schools are good. Some nice catholic schools are univ of san carlos, univ of san jose recoletos, sacred heart, st theresas college, colegio de la immaculada concepcion and etc.. Search it up.
Living in the city is more expensive than outside..and i think its more stressful. I live in a city next to cebu called talisay. I think it’s a better place, its made up mostly of residential homes.

Life in cebu is easy. People are warm and friendly. Everything is accessible. Not very complicated if you try not to complicate it. Nightlife, sports, hobbies, business, schools, churches everything is here. As far as i have experienced.
Bad things happen but they do wherever you are dont they?

Ruth asks…

Does anyone live or go to Community College of Denver?

I was wondering if it was a good place to live and if the school was a great place with decent resources and teachers. I like the city and i enjoy going out and doing things like clubbing and shopping! And i love the cold! is this place for me?

Administrator answers:

I went to front range which is in the denver suburbs it ia a great place to go to school and live. The shopping is nothing compared to vegas or new york but isnt that bad the good malls are flatirons, cherry chreek, and park meddows. There are tons of clubs, im not sure which are the best though, i dont go clubbing but i know that there are tons of clubs because my cousin goes his personal favorite is the church. We get both hot and cold on average our highest high is 102 and our lowest low is like -6. We also have great snowboarding and ski resorts in the winter, probably the best in the country. In the summer we have the nations largest water park, water world which i personally love. We also have two amusement parks, elitches and lakeside, elitches used to be owned by six flags but now iit is owned but a colorado company.

More about front range the teachers i had were great very nice and helpful my largest class was 30 students and the teacher still had time for all of us. There are three campuses westminister, boulder, and brighton. Brighton is probably the best one to start out at as they have cheap and nice apartments right across the street. The rent in those apartments is about 450 a month and they are decent. Brighton is about 20 miles outside of downtown and is a great place to live. Westminister is also nice. It has some upper middle class neighborhoods and some lower ones. The places next to the westminister campus though are rather expesnive as they are in a rich neighborhood. If you are super willing to drive to school then westminister is the campus for you. More about westminister and other cities surrounding it: thornton is great town it is one of the larger suburbs and almost all it is really safe. Broomfield expensive close to flatirons mall, one of the safe cities in the nation. Northglenn resonably priced, surronded by thornton a great place to get started out on your own. Arvada im not all to sure about but i am pretty sure it has the same crime rating and safety ratings as westminister which is safe too. Boulder is expessive and a very wierd place. It has a mixture of everyone. Its fun to visit but i personally wouldnt want to live there, this is also where cu is located. You are really safe living anywhere in denver except for the denver/aurora side of colfax. The surrounding area is bad and dangerous this is where 90 percent of the violent crimes in denver happen.

All of the cities i listed are north of denver. They are great cities to live in. There are also some cities south of denver but i dont know all to much about them.

Betty asks…

How is Woodbridge Toronto like?

Woodbridge is in Vaughan right??
How far is it from York University?
What is the community like their?
Is it an expensive area for a student looking to rent an apartment their?

Administrator answers:

Woodbridge is in Vaughan, yes. Depending where you are it can be very close (directly across Steeles Ave) or very far (Jane and Rutherford) from York University.

The community has been an Italian ghetto for many years, but more Filipino, Indian, and Chinese immigrants are settling on the fringe of Toronto, and so the demographic is changing.

If you are looking to rent an apartment, you will find few. Woodbridge is mostly suburbia except at Jane and Rutherford, where condos are the big thing. Prices will be expensive. If you want to rent a basement or a room in a shared residence, that is more likely in your price range. However, keep in mind that there are few transit links from Woodbridge to Toronto. You can catch the YRT 10 or 20, both of which have limited and very long routes (the 10 is longer, 20 goes to Vaughan Mills mall and Wonderland).

Apartments right next to the university are quite cheap and get my recommendation.

James asks…

I am an American with an opportunity to live and work in Costa Rica. What can I expect from my “everyday”?

My spanish is marginal, at best. i am a commercial diver. what can i expect to pay for a house, rent, daily living expenses, etc.

Administrator answers:

You will love Costa Rica, the people are friendly and the country is beautiful, I lived there fron 1990 to 1995.

Most people speak english, and you will see that you do not need to know spanish in order to accomplish things. The bad part is that you really will have a hard time learning spanish, especially if you live in any beach, they are full of people from the USA and europeans.

For rent… Well it depends where you are going to stay. If you are going to stay in the beaches or coastal areas rent will probably go for $ 300-500, a decent apartment with two or three rooms. You always have the option to share apartments and you can find ads in the local newspapers. In San Jose it is a little more expensive, but again it depends at what you are looking for.

Transportation is OK in San Jose, you can use the local bus service to get anywhere (which is very cheap) as long as you bear in mind to use your common sense, no cameras, jewelry, other wise it is pretty safe. The taxis in all Costa Rica are well kept and the fares are reasonable, you can find cabs many of them everywhere you go. It is like New York, the predominant car is a cab and they have electronic fare, all of them by law, so it is difficult for a cabby to trick you.

The food is amazing in Costa Rica, everywhere I ate it was delicious, I miss it. From cheap sodas to restaurants the food was great and accesible.

No matter what town you go, you will have a decent supermarket, laundry, cable TV services, internet, restaurants and such, and nightlife. I think you will enjoy it. If you need any other info please contact me.

Glad to help.

David asks…

I’m moving to Phoenix, Arizona in about 5 years…?

I’m currently a sophomore in high school and I am currently planning on moving my life from New York City, to Phoenix Arizona. I just have a few questions so can anyone please help?

- How much is rent for a one bedroom apartment?
-Are jobs difficult to find?
How much is an airline flight from New York City to Arizona?
-Is it really warm all year round? For the most part, New York is freezing and cold.

Thanks a million!

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately, Phoenix is set to self destruct in 3 years.
Seriously, answering these questions for five years from now is just not going to work. There is no way to tell if the job situation will improve (we have 9% official unemployment right now, which is a real unemployment rate of about 18%). There is no way to tell you rents, because they may go up or down.Currently, a decent one bedroom goes for about $500 to $700 per month. But you can rent an entire house for about $800 per month right now. And if you can come up with a downpayment, buying a house would result in a mortgage cheaper than that. There is no way to tell airline flight prices either. Five months from now might be predictable. Five years, no.
As for warm all year round, all I can say is that it has been warm all year as long as humans have inhabited the area (the last 700 years) but one never knows if that is going to change either. Ask Al Gore.
Temperature today was about 75o Farenheit.
Temperature in July is 115o
Temperature in August 100o and humid.

Susan asks…

Cheap/Safe place to live in North Toronto?

Hi! My family and I are planning to move to the North York area so I can attend school. We are looking for a safe place to live with our infant son, and would like to find an area that fits into our student budget. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :)

Administrator answers:

In North York? Uh…nothing. That’s considered the rich area. You want safe so if you have a car, try the outskirts of Toronto, where rent is in the hundreds (as opposed to the thousands), and drive to school. Unless you’re rich, you really have nowhere safe to live in anymore.

Now, that I think about it, you’re going to Seneca, aren’t you? I was thinking of another part of central North York. If that’s the case, then there are tons of apartments around that area where rent is in the high hundreds, but, again, nowhere safe. Even if it’s right next to a police station. And I can’t think of any police stations around there.

Remember, kids, like drugs, say “no” to Toronto.

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