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July 2, 2013

Thomas asks…

How safe is Buenos Aires, Argentina?

I am male, 64 and healthy. I would like to visit there for at least a month. Could I use public transportation or walk around safely?

Administrator answers:

I have probably seen more of Argentina than most Argentinians, and the entire country is very safe in my opinion. I was in BA last winter and am headed there again in a month. This trip will be a property scouting “overview”, as my partner and I (both late 50s) will probably retire in BA. Like any large city, there are places to avoid. Always be aware of your surroundings and safeguard your possessions.
Florida street is a place to be extremely cautious, as are bus stations and trains stations. Veer away from crowds, particularly those that gather around “staged” fights and around “street shows”. Pick pockets are prevalent in the “La Boca” area and will fleece you while you watch a tango show on the street. Or stage a fight for the same reason. Sometimes they will spill something on you, and then while apologizing and trying to dry your clothing help themselves to your wallet. The San Telmo area is also one where you should be alert, but don’t let that stop you. It is a fascinating barrio. BA has a fabulous Subte system which is inexpensive. The main corridor in along Santa Fe Avenue, so you will probably want to find an apartment nearby. Retiro is a good neighborhood, but the walk to the subtle is about 8 blocks. Barrio Norte (near Callou/Santa Fe) is convenient as are the Palermo districts, with the exception of Palermo Soho..again an 8 block walk to the Plaza Italia subtle. I would not suggest staying downtown. I always rent a flat while in BA for the convenience of meal preparation. There are a lot of agencies on line. Google holiday rentals Buenos Aires for a look. And remember, our winter is their summer, although BA never gets cold. I don’t know your budget is or how you like to travel, but LAN is having a business class special to BA right now at $2999.00 R/T. That’s from San Francisco. New York and Miami will be cheaper. We used them last year and the experience was quite nice. I have used American and Delta business class and there is no comparison. The LAN aircraft are “new” and the seat fully reclines to make a bed. Food for thought. Enjoy..the Paris of South America awaits you.

Sandra asks…

im planning on moving to Chicago next summer about how much does it cost to live there?

and any other information about moving there and anything else about it would be awesome thanks so much!

Administrator answers:

Get roommates. I live in a very nice neighborhood (Lincoln Square), near the El, the grocery store, and lots of coffee shops, and pay well under $400 a month for rent. It’s easy to find spacious two-bedroom places in good neighborhoods for under $1000/month with heat included (important here) – check And if you’re especially cheap and/or poor (like me), you can totally put three people in a two-bedroom apartment. (Uh, or four. Just don’t tell your landlord.) Having roommates also cuts down A LOT on your utility bills.

If you’re not from around here, the north side is probably the way to go – Lincoln Park, Lakeview, Roscoe Village, etc. The further north and west you go, the more reasonable the rent is without sacrificing safety or convenience (places like Lincoln Square, Ravenswood, and Northcenter). I’m also fond of the far north side neighborhoods, particularly Edgewater, but Uptown and Rogers Park can be hit-or-miss.

Also, ignore that guy who thinks the El isn’t safe at night – that’s true in sketchy neighborhoods, but on the north side you’ll be fine. I’m a young, small female, and I take the El by myself very late at night all the time (even through the sketchy parts of the city – I work weird hours). You have to take precautions, like you do everywhere – don’t listen to your iPod, don’t wear expensive jewelry, have a cell phone handy, and be aware of your surroundings – but the El is not a serious safety concern.

Word of advice: If you don’t already have a job, find one before you move here. The job market is pretty tight, particularly if you’re entry level, and while your expenses will be lower here than in other big cities (New York, L.A., and D.C. In particular), they’ll add up pretty quickly if you’re unemployed.

Donna asks…

Can a person manage to live in on New York City Island (Manhattan) if they make $30,000 a year?

Maybe 2,000 a month for rent. Maybe 200 a month for food and social. Is it doable?

Administrator answers:

$30,000 a year is before taxes. After taxes, you won’t have that much.

There are parts of Manhattan where rent is cheaper. Some areas it’s even under $1,000 a month, but it won’t be in the “best” areas, and some people will say it’s more dangerous. Overall, Manhattan is super safe, so I wouldn’t worry about safety.

Live in LES or Upper Manhattan for $1,000 or less, or find a small apartment in better areas for like $1500 a month. You can do it, but you’ll be broke.

Mary asks…

What’s the cheapest area to live in New York City and how much does it suck to live there?

Administrator answers:

It depends. Some areas have subsidized public housing. For instance, the Upper West Side has apartments going for over $3,000 per month, and yet there are some subsidized housing projects in the same area where the rent is only a few hundred dollars a month, since it is 30% of your income.

So somebody could live in a subsidized housing project in Manhattan and get a better quality of life for virtually the same price as somebody renting in a project in Brownsville or Morrisania.

I hope this information was very helpful.

Charles asks…

Where is the cheapest place to rent an apartment?

Administrator answers:

Bay # 3 Pennsylvania Station – New York, NY

50 cents per month, plus utilities – cardboard box, blankets,
and bottles of booze to share.

Cheap, hah?

Joseph asks…

Can I move to New York at 16?

As soon as I hit 16 I’m planning on moving to New York (I’m 14 now) will that be possible? I’m going by myself and I don’t know anyone. I’m planning on going to college there so would that be hard and would it be hard getting an apartment, jobs etc.

Administrator answers:

No, moving at 16 won’t be possible, all alone or not. You need to realize that the rent for the cheapest areas of New York (which is probably not Manhattan “the city” but in the outer boroughs and probably not in the best areas to be in alone and at 16) are probably in the $1500-$2000 a month range, and that is not all the other utilities you would need to survive. At 16, you will not be able to sign a lease by yourself so an apartment is impossible, let alone if you could afford it. You would be working a minimum wage job because you wouldn’t be able to get anything else, so I doubt you’d be able to do much of anything and hello, at 16 you’d need to be in SCHOOL. And I don’t know what college you were thinking, but if it’s like NYU, it’s about $50,000 a year when it all comes down to it by the time you’d be in college. I don’t know how you’d afford all that without tons and tons of loans that would be on your credit for a very long time.

Don’t move alone, no matter what you do. Wait a few years, finish high school number one, and if you want to move to New York, save up money and do it, but take someone else with you or find out some people you might know even through friends of friends that would be moving also or have a relative/friend already in New York to get you on your feet with knowing someone.

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