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August 30, 2012

Daniel asks…

Where to rent an apartment in Manhattan?

I’m looking for a cheap, yet nice apartment (I’m a student) in Manhattan to rent starting in like June, any ideas what neighborhoods too look in, or websites to visit. I’m from southern Connecticut, so I know New York very well.

Administrator answers:

If you know New York very well, as you stated, you’ll notice there is nothing really cheap in Manhattan.
Your best bet would be a Roommate situation….Maybe renting a Large Rent Controled Apt, near Downtown Riverside Drive with a ‘few’ other Students.
Otherwise, I’d suggest, Bronx, (Bronx may be too out-of-the-way) Brooklyn or Queens & COMMUTE!

Ruth asks…

who want’s to host me in new york?

i’m a young italian guy(24),i wish to relocate me to new york city,to work From half of december or at the begin of january for a period of six month,i’m a barman and i study economy too.i can pay also a little rent;nice;so beautiful,no smoker;no drugs and at the moment heterosexual.hoping for a contact or an idea for a cheap apartment…regards

Administrator answers:

There are websites you can go to where you can live in someones new york home or apt and they will live in your home in italy. You don’t pay the other person anything, I bleive you only pay the site a small fee. Sometimes vehicles and other things are included. Go to and type in “house exchange” they will help you find the site. I believe this is the best way to get what you are looking for.

Susan asks…

Where to look for the cheapest apartment in or around Chicago or New York?


I am currently looking at colleges for myself and my first choice of college is a college in Florida. It got me thinking if that doesn’t work out where do I look next. So I currently live in Indiana.

I love the big city, but not the big city cost =)

So I am looking to go to a college in a big city as my second option, but I don’t want to live right downtown. I can live off the main path I just want access but either bus or like what Chicago has the El.

I will be willing to travel 30 mins or so on a train just so I can get more square feet for my money.

The most rent I really want to pay is 600 a month.

Like in new york. I would be willing to live in like new jersey or something but then take amtrak over to new york city.


Administrator answers:

There really aren’t any apartments for $600 in new york or new jersey. Studio’s and one bedrooms usually start at $800 and up. In nyc, you could not even touch an apartment with that amount. A lot of the students in nj who went to rutgers would rent a house and each tenant would sign his/her own lease for their room. The rent would be about $500 per month.

Perhaps a roommate situation or living at the dorm until you can find a house to share/rent may be a solution.

William asks…

Moving to New York?

I am moving to New York from Houston and I have been all over the internet insinde of apartments for rent and lease and I have found many that I’m interested in. I’m wondering though, is it really true that the cheapest there are is about $1200/mth. So if that’s the case, is salary higher there than in Houston? I know I have to look for a job there before I move and I’ve been doing that as well, but I’m just wanting to know if anyone from New York City can help me.

Administrator answers:

Depends on where you want to live. Must you live in Manhattan? And if you live in Manhattan must it be certain areas? If you live in not so great parts (ie. Harlem, Washington Heights/Inwood, Lower East Side (aka LES) the rents are cheaper. But keep in mind you will have to deal w/certain aspects you may not be use to. I grew up in Inwood on the 5th floor of a walk up. My parents only paid $125 a month (this was 1992) bc my dad lived there since he was 16. But we couldn’t have an air conditioner, you had to walk up 5 flights of stairs (which you get use to), there was little to no water pressure in the summer bc of the fire hydrants open (kids play under them bc parents are too lazy to take them to the sprinklers in the park) and then there’s the crime factor. The cheaper the neighborhood, the higher the crime. It’s generally a given.

Now there are nice places in the “outer boros” as its called to live in. Staten Island is fairly nice but remember its an island. The only way in if you work in Manhattan is via a ferry. If that ferry goes down, you may be screwed. Queens, Brooklyn & the Bronx have decent areas. I live in the Bronx & the only places I would consider (based on crime & cleanliness) are Riverdale, Throgs Neck, Morris Park, Pelham Bay, Pelham Gardens, City Island, Country Club & Woodlawn. A lot of these areas offer apts in houses which will run about $700-900 a month & often include gas, electric & maybe cable. Plus in these places you can have a car bc parking is available moreso than in Manhattan (we always had a car but we had a parking lot which is a HUGE must). Keep in mind too that car insurance is VERY expensive here too (I pay $200 a month – shock!).

Of course you will need a job before you get here. And yes, the salaries are higher but so is the cost of living (COL). So 60 grand in Houston might be a lot but here it’s average. You will have to take in account for your transportation commute which will run around $80 a month (Metro Card does offer a discount…let’s just assume this on a $2 fare each way for the bus/train). This is provided you live in Manhattan. If you live in one of the outer boros you may want to NOT deal w/the subway, which is what I do. I take an express bus which costs me $5 each way. I LOATHE the subway bc it isn’t efficient to the Bronx or at least where I live (some nights I got home in over 2 hours).

If you want to live in trendy areas, ie Upper West/East side, Chelsea, the Village you will pay well above $1200 in rent. You would be lucky to find something for $1200 & that includes a studio. I would guess $2000 for a studio, maybe a very small 1 bedroom. But again, you have to check the amenities (ie. Air conditioning, how many stairs do you climb, the neighborhood, safety of the building, what your neighbors are like). I would suggest you not move on the same street or across the street from a bar, club, school or park. You won’t sleep.

Before you get excited about moving here, have you ever been here? And when I say been here, have you been to the non-tourist places? Have you explored north of 96th Street? Gone to Brooklyn & I don’t mean some yuppy place like Brooklyn Heights. Rode the subway during rush hour? Rode the subway through Harlem or the South Bronx? Have you seen this place in the summer when its 100 degrees, humidity is 100%? I understand Houston gets hot but I also understand you guys walk from one AC to another. That doesn’t happen here. You will melt waiting for a train. Your I don’t know how many stories below ground & in August that can feel like HELL (like last summer did).

There is more to moving to NYC than being able to afford the rent. Moving here is a huge step & a bigger committment than I think people are aware of. You just don’t move here. Don’t come here w/false hope or high expectations. And please make sure you have a job. This is the last place on earth you want to be w/out some sort of financial security.

Good luck & let me know what happens.

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