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September 24, 2012

Joseph asks…

About how much $ should I save before I move out?

I know there’s a lot to take in to account.. I live in AZ and next year I plan to move to New York (the most expensive place in the U.S., gah) and room with a friend. Here is what I have planned so far though:

Rent – Hopefully a cheap apartment with rent around $800 or under (split the rent and 400)

Food – Live mainly off ramen and other cheap foods to try to keep under $150 a month. (I know, cheap ramen isn’t good for the body, that’s why I would eat healthy foods from time to time and work out)

Net – I don’t remember how much Cox internet costs monthly, anyone want to clarify?

Electric bills – Uh.. we probably won’t use much light except for the warm glow of the computer screen and TV. lol

Others – Furniture.. well, I’d make sure I have enough money to buy needed furnitures (and my future roommate)

And hopefully keep things floating under $1300 a month.

What do you think?

Administrator answers:

Make sure you have a safety net saving account with at least a months worth of bills and rent in, before you move out so I’d say that you should have around $1600 in your account and at least $1600 again in savings in case you can’t find or lose a job.

Paul asks…

I plan to move from Canada to New York when I’m 18, whats the fastest way to do this?

I’m 15, and I live in Ontario. My dream is to move to New York when I’m 18(or 19, 20, around that age) and start up a new life there. I’m young, I don’t want to stay in one of the most dull cities in Canada (Ottawa… there’s nothing to do -.-), I want to go to one of the best, and iconic cities in the world.

I don’t mind staying in Ottawa and working a few years to save up more money to start a new life in the US. I’m smart and have an 80 average, but I don’t plan on wasting money on going to university. Things I would learn in university aren’t in my plan of starting a small business eventually (well, for what I would be paying for university, I can learn it much cheaper elsewhere, just less formal I guess).

So my question is; What’s the fastest way for a lone, young foreigner, legally immigrate to the U.S.? At fresh out of high school, I won’t have a job where I can be transfered to the states. I don’t have any relatives I’ve met personally that live in the US. I’m not gonna be married to an American at that age. How do I legally get immigrant status?

Without a green card I can’t get a job and rent an apartment. I don’t understand why it is so difficult for a Canadian to immigrate to the US. Maybe it’s just difficult for me because of my situation.

So if anybody has any ideas, or any help, I would really appreciate it. This is my dream right now, and I still have 3 years of high school left to think about and plan it. I just want to know ways I can make this possible. Thanks :)
@Ou812 The Hated Crakker
Lool, I’m pretty sure that would be considered illegal :P Besides, I can’t get a decent job without legal status, or rent a place if I’m an illegal citizen
Well, I won’t get a small business loan immediately. I’ll need to live in NYC for a few years in order to understand what the neighborhoods are like there, and get a feel for what type of business could survive there.

Administrator answers:

There are just 3 ways .. None of which will will work for you


Donald asks…

Living in New York city?

how much would it cost per month, living in cheap areas in NY

to rent a shitting apartment/studio or whatever
electricity, food, drink,…basic living needs

for 1 person only thanks

Administrator answers:

I live in NYC Manhattan and here are my costs. Basic living needs depends if your a big spender.

RENT – $275 (1 Bedroom 1 bath apartment, electric and water included)
FOOD – $300 (Eat out twice a week at nice restaurant, cook the rest of my food)

John asks…

in what part of united state i can buy the cheapest apartment…?

i live in new york but i am thinking to buy a cheap apartment.. and them rent
my driend told me you can get houses and apartment for 3000 i dont know if is true…

Administrator answers:

Money magazine bought a brick three bedroom house in a very bad part of Detroit for $8,000 and did about $8,000 repair.

So what you want to do is find an area where people are leaving in droves because they are afraid to buy or live there. I think that would not be smart- but it would accomplish your goal.

Michael asks…

Did my roommates stab me in the back?

I live in a room with my girlfriend, and there are 3 other people with bedrooms in the apartment. We all pay pretty cheap rent for New York, but everyone had agreed we wouldn’t sign the lease for another year. It’s been 2 years.

Then yesterday, one of them let it slip that they were planning to re-sign the lease, and his girlfriend was moving in and they were going to take the room I now live in with my GF, and they were going to just let us move out. We were about to buy the paint to -repaint for the landlord.

They claim that they thought we were moving out, but that was only when we thought EVERYONE was moving. It’s a huge slap in the face, and I’m very offended that they’d make decisions regarding OUR apartment without cunsulting us or metioning it.

Was I stabbed in the back?

Administrator answers:

Yeah. You should move to get away from the jerks!

Charles asks…

A place i can rent in NYC just for the summer?

this summer i am going to New York city for 6 weeks. i was going to stay at a friend but apparently they’re selling their apartment. So now i’m looking for alternatives. Does anybody know a cheap place i can rent in Manhattan for 6 weeks? Even a hotel with a special pricing is fine. everywhere i found is like seven thousand dollars. So if anybody knows something cheaper than that but some place secure, please help.
i’m just 15 years old and most of the student housing requires me to be older.

Administrator answers:

Well I had a classmate who came to town for summer classes at
NY University she got a room at the YWCA for under a $700 for the month, they have monthly & weekly fees for tourists. Also a lot of ppl R renting out rooms in their house but then U are at the mercy of other ppls attitidues & personality.

Thomas asks…

How much would my 3 month trip to America cost?

Im flying to New york from london on the 28th of May 08. I plan to spend 3 months travelling around the beloved North America. My destinations are New York, Miami, texas, california, San fransisco, LA, Vegas, washington and possibly a few more states.
It will include road trips, theme parks, excursions and possibly more activities. We plan to do hostels, hotels & rent cheap apartments for the longer stays in some states. We will be travelling by greyhound, plane & car hire. I will be travelling with 2 other people so the cost will be split in some areas like accommodation & car hire. I have saved £5,000 (pounds) $10,000 (dollars) excluding my flight from london to New york which has already been payed for and not part of my £5,000 budget. That said my question is will this amount be enough for the whole duration???
Thanks everyone for taking the time to answer I sure I’ll have the time of my life. America is one of a kind.
Thanks everyone for taking the time to answer Im sure I’ll have the time of my life. America is one of a kind.
Thanks very much was actually planning on taking a very long greyhound trip but i do think I will take your word for it & reconsider that one. Thankyou.
Thankyou so much barry for your thought out & detailed answer appreciate all the advice given will definitely take it onboard & will let you know if we do decide to stop by New Orleans.

Administrator answers:

I disagree about the “danger” part of the answer warning you against using Greyhound, but they are right about the frequent stops (most routes) and comfort level. Very few people use Greyhound for long-distance trips.

AmTrak is an option you should also consider, especially for a trip along the eastern seaboard (ex. New York to Washington, DC):

Contact the airline you will use to cross the Atlantic and ask about “air pass” options for the USA. Using the passes MAY allow you to save a lot on airline tickets within the USA.

Using a rental car is one of the best ways to see the USA because America is designed for automobiles. Driving is even proactical for traveling across the country, given that you are planning a 3-month trip. Having a car also allows you to stay in less expensive suburban hotels (that also have free parking). However, most rental agencies require the primary renter be age 25. If none of you are 25 or older then you need to talk to a travel agency to find rental options for younger drivers.

Also, the insurance offered by the rental agencies is very expensive. Check with your home insurance company and/or the RAC to find out about automobile insurance that will cover rental cars in America. Make sure any car you drive is well insured!

Insurance again: Bring with you proof of medical coverage in case you need treatment in the USA. Travel agencies and airlines sell trip medical insurance if you don’t already have coverage.

Note that the Immigration Officer may ask you about medical insurance and how you plan to support yourself if they realize you will be in the USA for almost 90 days. Be prepared to answer the questions with printed copies of hotel & rental car reservations, insurance info, etc.

Try to use a moderately priced nationwide hotel chain like Best Western or Holiday Inn. Join their frequent guest program and you should collect enough points/miles for some free room nights before the end of your trip: and

If you have a valid student ID then bring it as many attractions offer a student discount.

Consider joining SERVAS, which is a global network of travelers and hosts who have completed a background check. You will have local contacts in many places even if you don’t choose to stay with a host:

Let me know if you might visit New Orleans and I will send “what to do” info to you.

Hope you have a great trip!

Robert asks…

Why would some people say New York City isn’t a good place to raise a child?

I’m not sure who drew up these weird rules of what the ”ideal” place to raise a child is. I’m not saying every city is ideal, but not every suburban or rural place is exactly either. One thing I always hear over and over is safety. Unless someone believes what they here in Hollywood, they’d realize cities like NYC, Boston & Chicago are very safe. Someone doesn’t have to be a cop to know how to read crime indexes rather than newspaper blogs and let in sink. New York City is ranked the 136th safest city with populations of at least 100,000, tied with Boise, Idaho. I hope that’s not ”intimidating.” Brooklyn is tied with Hartford, CT, a college town. You could see the links and sources provide on Wikipedia.

You may not own real estate (you may rent) or own an apartment with little property (therefore, low property taxes). You’d be able to afford private school (if that’s your preference). You wouldn’t need to own a car (helping save on not paying car insurance, car loans, wear and tear, gas, ect.). If you were from a suburb in Northern Jersey, if you opt’ed for the city instead you wouldn’t have to pay ridiculous property taxes. You’d have a cheap commute to work. Even if people have less children because of expense, there’d be so many children living in such a close proximity that they’d meet other kid’s as opposed to setting up ”play dates” on a cul-de-sac.

There’s pros and cons to everything. Besides space though (if that’s what someone desires – although it’d be more costly), everything seems to be leaning into the favor of the city. They’d be able to get around as a teenager without you having to chauffeur around everywhere. Wouldn’t it be more ideal to be able to see lots of different cultures first hand? Now just people from all over the world, but all over your country too. 85 percent of people don’t look the same. Not everyone comes from the same background.
You mention ”creeps.” On a suburban cul-de-sac, when no one’s outside, if a couple of kid’s are out on the street and a guy in an Ice Cream Truck asks them if they want to jump on there’s a chance no one will see. With people around everywhere – not to mention a higher cop-to-person ratio, it’d seem like those ”creeps” would have a much less likely chance of getting away with it.

Terrorist attacks is a legitimate concern, but if you were to live in a suburb and commute to New York City, like so many do, the parents would be equally as vulnerable. If it were biological, everyone in the city and nearby suburbs would be screwed. Ironically (and I say that due to higher stress level and pollution), New Yorkers (or New York residents) average a life expectancy of 2 years above the average of the country. People have closer and quicker access to hospitals, doctor offices, clinics, ect. There’s also a larger variety of foods at different stores within walking distance of where you live
You’d also be more custom to walking everywhere which provides exercise. You wouldn’t be lonely and would have a better chance of meeting someone too.

Administrator answers:

Cause some people just can’t wrap it around their little itty bitty minds that other people kids aren’t theirs and that the rearing of other kids is noneof their business. These people are tarts.

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