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October 12, 2012

Susan asks…

Looking to buy an apartment, why are prices so high?

I’m looking to buy not rent an apartment in New York so I could throw some tenants in there and have constant extra income. But I’m looking at prices and I see them at $250,000 to $350,000. Those are almost prices for homes! Why are they so high? Can I get one cheaper? Where should I look? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Redsox84, I moved from New York to Massachusetts last year, so I’m not sure who I could call to help you. Here is a resource of apartments in New York that you can contact. Http:// I’ll bet someone can help you.

Good Luck!

Joseph asks…

Would this be enough to go to New York City for 2 weeks?

Me, my mother, and a friend (hopefully the friend) are wanting to go to NYC for 2 weeks. We’re all going to save up money for the coming year to go for 2 weeks in the fall. There is tons of stuff there and I know we’ll be wanting to do a LOT of stuff. I mean LOADS. But, I’m worried we wont have enough money. We are wanting to drive because it is cheaper than flying. I will have 2,200 dollars after I buy my car in the spring and save up ALLLL year until then. And I want to do this so bad. Would we be able to rent and apartment for 2 weeks, which is cheaper, drive, eat, shop, sightsee, and do awesome stuff on not much money? We’ll all be saving all year and I don’t know how much they will have or if my friend will have much at all by the end of it. Will it work????

Administrator answers:

SORRY, 2200 for 2 weeks will get you NO WHERE in new york but in a rat hole eating crap. Apartments are extremely expensive, hotels are extremely expensive, and food is extremely expensive. Perhaps you can walk around manhattan and times square to sightsee. You might be able to survive for 1 week with that though. That allows shopping money (can’t go to NY without shopping), food and a place. Go see some museums too.

Linda asks…

Apartment to rent in NYC for under $1000 per month?

Me and my friend want to move to New york city by next year but we need to find a 2 bedroom apartment for rent under $1,000… We know it’s extremely hard to find but someone told me if you go downtown, you can find apartments for rent above restaurants for really cheap. Does anyone know any good stories of people who got a cheap apartment in NYC or know where I can find a cheap apartment in NYC? Please do not say “Google” or “Craigslist”. I’ve searched a million times over.

Thank you!! Xx

Administrator answers:

Wait a minute….You want a TWO BEDROOM apartment or under $1,000?????

You must be joking!

Good luck finding a studio for that much!

If you’re going to move to NYC, get used to a LOT less space!

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