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May 27, 2012

Richard asks…

Why is rent so cheap in Buffalo New York?

It looks like a nice city with cool weather. I looked online and it said the average house goes for $100,000!!! That is so cheap. I was looking on Craigslist and was finding three bedoom apartments for around $500. That is amazing. What’s the deal?

Administrator answers:

Buffalo is a nice city and does have cool weather. It is an awesome little city with a reputation for horrible winters (that aren’t really that bad).

Buffalo, like most cities, has good and bad areas. I’m guessing that the 3BR apts for $500 are in less than desirable areas. The median house probably does go for $100,000. Again with the area thing.

Speaking of cool… If this rent doesn’t include heat it could cost you much much more. A lot of the housing stock in Buffalo is old, before people worried about energy efficiency. Rent a drafty old place and you could spend another $500 a month heating it! Really! Utility costs are quite high in Buffalo.

I’m guessing that the $500 apartments were not in Amherst, Orchard Park, Clarence, etc., they were probably East Side, Cheektowaga (bordering the East Side), South Buffalo or Lackawanna. These areas aren’t great…

Good luck!

Another note on the housing prices… REAL ESTATE TAXES ARE AWFUL up there. You could pay $4000 a year in real estate taxes on a $100,000 house. Yes, you read that right, $4000 per year! This really keeps the home values depressed because you’d need $350 a month to pay the real estate taxes on a $100,000 house!

Daniel asks…

Has anyone ever used Trip advisor to rent a vacation apartment in New York City?

I’m planning a vacation there sometime in end of June or early July and noticed it may be cheaper to rent one of those vacation apartments for a few nts rather spend so much on a hotel room. But since I’m such a skeptical person I would apprecaite any feedback if those places are legit or just out to take my money. It’s tough to choose since there aren’t too many reviews for the places. HELP! :) Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Trip Advisor actually goes through 3rd party sites like Expedia, which I have used before and is very reliable. Trip Advisor also has great reviews of many hotels, better than those on sites like expedia (because they just want you to buy into what they are selling).

Susan asks…

Apartments for rent in New York City?

I am wanting to move to NYC but I need an apartment. Do you know how much they cost, where the cheapest place to get one is, and a website to find listings? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

My friend, may I recommend the link below. It will give you all the information you need to know about apartment hunting in New York City.

Good luck
Native New Yorker

Charles asks…

Best place to rent an apartment in Manhattan, New York?

What is a some what cheap but safe place to rent an apartment for a college student?

Administrator answers:

All Manhattan is very expensive.
My friend, you can forget Manhattan. Try Brooklyn. Here are a list of neighborhoods you may want to consider:
Brooklyn Heights
Prospect Park
Downtown Brooklyn
Park Slope
Fort Greene
Carroll Gardens

In Manhattan try the Upper East or West Side, or Central Park Area, Gramercy Park neighborhoods.i love Carroll Gardens. Still has a city feel, but quieter and more human with beautiful brownstones and gardens.

Paul asks…

whats the cheapest apartment i can get for rent in new york city??

Administrator answers:

Humera j, I moved from New York to Colorado last year, so I’m not sure who I could call to help you. Here is a resource of apartments in New York that you can call. Http:// I’m sure someone can help you.

Have fun in New York

Linda asks…

What’s a cheap place to live in New York that is close to a place that auditions actors?

Bill Maher said that when he went to New York City to audition for film/TV/theatre roles and do stand-up, he was able to live for free by doing chores for the landlord or something. He said it was called a rent-free apartment; what is that?

And where is a cheap place to live in New York or LA(less than $1,000/month)?

Administrator answers:

Less than $1000 a month?? Good luck. Your best bet would be to find 4 or 5 room-mates and then rent a loft in a bad part of town, nowhere near Broadway.

George asks…

Do you know any cheap accommodation in New York City?

Hi, I’m planning to go to NYC over the summer and I was wondering if there were some cheap accommodation deals I could look for. For instance I was thinking about students that rent their apartments while they’re on vacation or something like that. Is there any website I should check? Thanks

Administrator answers:

Hey man,

Yes, people sublet out their apartments/rooms during the summer months while they are away. I went to school in NYC and did it myself.

If you want more info on what to look for/look out for when it comes to subletting inNYC, you may want to check out the following article.

Student Intern Summer Sublets in NYC

Good luck!

Joseph asks…

I’m moving to New York what should I do? How do I get a cheap apartment and a job?

I’m moving to New York in the hopes of becoming a comedian. I need to know what I should as far as getting an apartment and a job. I’ve heard apartments are REALLY expensive in New York. I would like to get a job before I move out there. I am kind of a country boy. The town I live in only has like 100,000 people and you can rent an apartment for like $800. So it’s going to be very different for me. I really appreciate your input.

Administrator answers:

There are no cheap apartments and very few jobs in New York City and, if you want to become a comedian, then you should not START your career in New York City because here in NY you will be one of, like, literally a million other aspiring comedians, so your chances of getting noticed at ALL are darn close to zero, sorry.

I would suggest that you move to some other, slightly smaller, mid-sized city, like, say, Seattle or Boston or Atlanta or Miami or wherever, where you would actually have a real chance of starting a comedy career and then, when you have some experience under your belt and some credits, THAT’S when you come to New York City to make it big, NOT before.

What you’re proposing, starting out in NYC, is like when some teenager who plays a little football says “I’m going to go join the NFL!”

Yeah, right, sure you are, kid.

Good luck!… :-D

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