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May 3, 2012

Nancy asks…

What are the cheapest apartments to rent in Fredericksburg, VA?

I’m transferring to the University of Mary Washington for the Spring Semester of 2013 and was researching different apartments to possibly rent for that semester, but everything I’ve found is really expensive and I was looking to get some help from people that live in the area that might know of places that are relatively inexpensive and could fit into a college student’s budget.

Administrator answers:

I don’t know specifically of any complexes there that are cheap, but we have an apartment search that has a few hundred listings in Fredericksburg, VA. We crawl thousands of apartment searches and bring the listings into our site, so we should have the cheapest apartments available for you. I attached a link to the site below. Other good sites to check out would be,,,,

Mark asks…

cheap apartment for rent in lancaster or palmdale area california?

price range 500 – 600 $

Administrator answers:

There are apartments in your range but they’re relatively in ghetto areas infested with crime ridden streets, unfortunately most of Palmdale and Lancaster have turned very ghetto ever since the price of homes skyrocketed and you had a mass migration of low class, low income people move to those areas, but since the economic crisis you’ve also had even more of the same people move into all those foreclosed homes

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