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August 22, 2013

Robert asks…

Is a 1 BEDROOM apartment for $193/month supposed to be cheap in California?

And the neighborhood is above average.
Hey guys everyone asking me HOW.. IT’S BECUASE IT’S SUBSIDIZED!!!

Administrator answers:

Were? I live in NOHO and I pay 700 for a single. 193 for a one bedroom cheap!!!!!!

Joseph asks…

Is A 1 BEDROOM APARTMENT for $193 in California CHEAP? even though it’s subsidized project 8?

That’s my rent and it’s subsidized the neighborhood is good.
The square footage I think its about 350.

There was someone telling me if my income was $10 then I only pay $2 for rent.
I first found about these on

Administrator answers:

That is very cheap you are only paying a tiny portion of the actual rent.
We taxpayers pick up the rest. Without section 8 housing many handicapped people would be homeless since they only get about $623 in SSI.

Paul asks…

I need a cheap place to live by Camp Pendleton California?

my fiance is stationed at the Marine Camp Pendleton and I need to move down to be with him before he is deployed for a year and a half!!!!!! =( but its really expensive to live in Oceanside/ Carlsbad ETC. If anyone knows of mayb a cheaper apartment complex that’s not listed online around that area it would help me out alot…
My max amount that I can spend a month for rent is like $850

Administrator answers:

You could try living in 29 palms…

Betty asks…

I’m thinking of moving out, maybe somewhere in california , anyone know where i can rent cheap apartment?

Administrator answers:

The beach is free.

You could live real cheap on the beach. It even has showers and toilets. Think how nice it would be to sleep under the stars every night.

Otherwise there’s no such thing as cheap rent in CA unless you take on multiple roomates. The places that are cheap are cheap for a reason. Cheap rent is not worth risking your life over. Do your due diligence before arriving in California.

George asks…

What areas in California are comparatively cheaper when it comes to renting apartments?

Administrator answers:

Search on, you can look by rent prices. Maybe you can find a cheap place in a nice neighborhood.

Based on the oc (on fox), it looks like chino is cheap. Haha.

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