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Your Questions About Cheap Apartments In Los Angeles

August 25, 2012

John asks…

Are there any cheap apartments in Los Angeles that is near the beach?

I am a foreigner so I am not kidding.

Administrator answers:

Are the rules of real estate different in your country? I think not.

Anything near the beach is desirable. Nothing is cheap near the beach. An apartment at the beach is twice as much as an apartment a few miles inland. And those aren’t cheap to begin with.

Robert asks…

Are there cheap apartments in Los Angeles?

Thinking about attending a school in la and have no idea how much apartments are.

Administrator answers:

Depending on the location, apartments are from about $800 and up for a single, and $1100 and up for a one bedroom. Those are generally for units in older buildings, not many amenities. Look out for rental scams, there are a lot out there. If you see something for much less than the prices I stated, look into it carefully. (Those are close to the LA Section 8 rates, so legit rentals don’t get much cheaper than that even in the poorest neighborhoods.) We don’t really have tenant sublets in LA, so if you don’t have a landlord or property manager run your credit and rental history, than you’re likely involved in an illegal rental, which you will get booted from in less than a month (legal reasons) and likely not get your money back. To get info on possible scams, Google: rental scams

If you are considering attending college here and you aren’t a CA resident, you will have to pay a big non-resident fee to attend public colleges. For the UC’s (like UCLA) the yearly fee is $22,000+ more than the resident fee ($88,000+ for the 4 years), so with tuition/fees, room & board, personal expenses, etc, the costs are about $50,000+ a year.

Good luck!

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