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July 1, 2013

Sandy asks…

Where in new york can I find a cozy cheap 1 bedroom apartment?

Administrator answers:

New York and cheap apartment don’t go in the same sentence.

James asks…

Is living in New Jersey and commuting to New York much cheaper than actually living in New York?

I wanted to live in New York City but i see its really expensive to find a decent place. How much less expensive is a decent place in New Jersey where it would be easy enough to commute to New York City? What is the average price of a decent apartment in New Jersey?

Administrator answers:

Yes! Rent is cheaper in NJ and with a train or bus, you are quickly into NY.

You can use a car but with gas, tolls, and parking, I’d skip it unless you are a real estate agent who may have to drive clients around.

Donna asks…

Moving into new apartment in New York, cheapest internet options?

I will be living by myself.

I can get a Verizon DSL line for $34.99 a month (1 Year contract) with a Wireless Router, and access to ‘Verizon Hotspots’ but not exactly sure what that means.

I could also go with Time Warner Cable’s Road Runner service, but it is like $54.99 (Broadband connection).

Also, my apartment is ‘cable ready’ but I don’t really watch TV. Is there any way I can just get the basic channels (NBC, CBS, ABC) and not pay like $40 a month for hundreds of channels?? I have no need for that many and they don’t seem to have other options!

Just wondering what your experience is with both of these, thanks!

Administrator answers:

First you need to determine what service providers are available in your area. Connect Your Home is a national retailer for DISH Network, DirecTV, Comcast, AT&T, HughesNet and many others. They can search and find what service you have available. Once that is determined they can set you up with a very affordable internet package. Right now they have a $19/mo. Comcast internet package. Give them a call and see what deals they can offer you.

Sandra asks…

What is a good cheap restaurant in New York?

I am staying at an apartment in the upper east side (66th street and 5th) and was wondering where we could go for a really good but not to expensive dinner ….

Administrator answers:

Well, if you want to eat pizza there is a nice pizza/casual Italian resturaunt in the middle of New York City (i think) called John’s pizzeria times square. Its really good it was probably one of the best places i ever ate in in New York. It was made in the building of what used to be a Cathedral so its really pretty too. I’m not sure exactly where it is, because i’ve only been there once on a trip to NYC and I had just gotten off the plane so I wasn’t really sure where i was LoL…, but anyway it comes up if you search it on google, just look for that exact name.

Another really good resturaunt is this place called Rennaisance, which is somewhere near the Gershwin theater(west 51st St.) but i really don’t know where it is and it didn’t show up on google for me, but you can try. They have a really wide variety of food, including sandwhiches, soups, paninis and Italian dishes(like Chicken parmigiana) It has nice service, is clean and has a beatiful garden in the back with plants growing over your head. However, i think that its a little more of a lunch-y place, but still is great !!!!!!!!!Maybe you want to go there some other time …idk

there are many great resturaunts in New york, just PLEASE don’t go to Planet Hollywood, its cool and interesting, but the food is disgusting, it made me get sick.

I apoligize if you do like that resturaunt, but don’t try it if you’ve never been there.

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