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August 2, 2013

James asks…

How much money do Me & my friend need to pay rent in a very small apartment in New York City?

Me & my friend are planning on moving to New York City. I was wondering if we lived with each other, How much will we need to make an hour/ a week to be able to pay rent. We have food stamps so food isnt a problem. I have found some cheap apartments online. We will probably get a VERY small apartment in Brooklyn or something. But how much will we need to make a week or hour to pay rent?? We will both be splitting rent.

Administrator answers:

Be cautious as some of those very cheap on line listings are fakes that will take your money for nothing, and others are for hideous slums. You should see the apartment before laying out any cash, and might also look at such Bronx locations as Kingsbridge

Mandy asks…

Rentals that are SAFE cheap and close to New York City?

is there any cheap apartments or anything in a safe area thats near the city?

Administrator answers:

Yeah. Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny live there.

George asks…

Sources of Affordable Apartments in New York City.?

I am looking for an affordable apartment, i already try HPD, Housing, HUB, etc.
If someone knows any other or any number that i can call and ask about information please help me out.
Or what i am looking for is a cheap apartment for low income, and i need it to be in Manhattan or the Bronx.
Any Management agency that any one may know of, please help me.

Administrator answers:

Oops! Wrong section I think.

William asks…

I need a room/apt to rent in New York City. Any clues?

Other than , how else could i find information about cheap/affordable New York City apartments/rooms? ranging $200-$400.

Administrator answers:

First off, unless you are talking about per week, you will not find any place in NYC for $200-400 a month.

That might get you a stinky futon you have to share in shifts with a bunch of unsavories in the a s s end of the Bronx.

Now if you want to up your monthly cost to $600-800 per month a roommate situation is doable in the boroughs, or even some parts of Manhattan.

Check or Even check out the Village Voice.

Craigslist might end up being your best bet.

Craigslist has the most info, but you do have to cut through a lot of bullshit. Be prepared to put the time it.

It is not easy to find a good roommate situation in NYC, but its not impossible.

Your best situation is one where the leaseholder understands you are payig 50% of the rent (or 1/3 if there are more than one roommate) and will act acordingly with the apt. (i.e. No power trips)

Good luck…
It’s not easy.

Jut up your bottom line, and do some homework.

And don’t rule out craigslist. Just be wary

Donald asks…

Tips for someone moving out in new york city?

Im 16, gonna be 17 in like a month, im a senior in High school, and im goona move out of my parents house, or at least planning to, when im done with High school.

But the thing is, i dont even know how to start, i want to know these things now.
Where, and how can i find cheap apartments for someone whos besically broke in new york city? What should i do, and what should i know?

Administrator answers:

What a horrible horrible idea.

Michael asks…

What are the cheapest places in New York City to have an apartment?

I would like for it to be not far from Manhattan but I know that there are not many cheap places to live in New York at all, much less near Manhattan.. But I dont want to be TOO far away from Manhattan. Just what are the cheapest places to live? Also what are the safest places?

Administrator answers:

Astoria and Sunnyside Queens would be two good areas. Both are good safe neighborhoods and you can get within the city by subway.

Mary asks…

Cheap places to live outside New York City?

My friend and I plan on moving to the city within the next couple of years.
We want to move into either a sublet or into a small cheap apartment outside of the city. We want to do this so we have time to find jobs and once we find them then we will commute in till we find an apartment.

What are some places in Jersey that would be inexpensive (2000 max.), safe (it doesn’t have to be suburbs safe but safe enough where I don’t have to worry about walking down the street to the store), and is close enough so I can get to the city in under an hour?


Administrator answers:

Try Bayonne. Prices should be cheaper than Jersey City and Hoboken.

I hope this information was very helpful.

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