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Your Questions About Cheap Apartments In San Francisco

December 16, 2012

Robert asks…

Is Berkeley or San Francisco cheaper to live?

I’ve looked at craigslist and whatnot but I don’t know which neighborhoods are nicer and other reasons for lower prices. Is it generally cheaper to rent an apartment in Berkeley or San Francisco (need to be in a reasonably nice area) or are they about the same? Any other pertinent information would be appreciated, I’m moving to the Bay Area in August.
I should add that I will be going to school in San Fran so would it be worth it to live in Berkeley and commute to San Fran during the week?

Administrator answers:

If you have to commute from Berkeley to SF, you are going to kick yourself bc the commute will be at least an hour each way, maybe longer. If you use BART, go to their website and calculate what the fare is going to be. In SF, you can take the local bus (MUNI) or even bike/walk if you live close enough to school. You might find out that you save little or no money and waste a lot of time living in Berkeley. Berkeley’s rents are usually cheaper though it depends on the apt. If $ is tight, see if your school has dorms or a housing office that has ads posted by landlords.

Daniel asks…

where can i find a cheap two apartment in are around san francisco for about 700to 800 a month?

Administrator answers:

Checkout – if you can live just outside of SF you may want to check out Daly City – and for that price you should check out Emeryville or Oakland.

William asks…

How much do apartments cost in San Francisco?

a cheap ok looking apartment in a nice area

Administrator answers:

Small studio in a not so good neighborhood will start at $800. For realistic ideas of how much to rent or buy check out the housing listings on Craigs list.

Steven asks…

Where can I find cheap accommodation in San Francisco?

I’ve tried posting on craigslist to swap apartments, no luck. I’ve run a few i-searches, no luck. Well… there was, but not cheap enough. I want somewhere centrally located for like $400 to $500 for 9 days. Is that asking too much? I really just want somewhere I’m gonna feel comfortable leaving my shit in the room during the day/over night sort of thing. I don’t want to “dorm it”.

Administrator answers:

There are quite a few sites that you can search that will likely give you the best prices available. Just go here: and you will be able to compare prices on all the reputable travel sites in just a couple minutes. It’s very convenient and will save you a bunch of time and money. Also, make sure you buy them online… Otherwise they charge much higher fees for phone orders. Good luck.

Mary asks…

Is the mission district in San Francisco partly cheap to live?

Does anyone have any apartment rental websites as well?

And how much to the prices range in this area?

Administrator answers:

The Mission is less expensive than some other areas of SF but parts of it are pretty gritty bordering on unsafe.

For an idea of price ranges on apartments try the housing boards at Craig’s List.

David asks…

About how much would a decent, but cheap apartment be in the SOMA area of San Francisco?

Administrator answers:

At least $1200 for a one bedroom studio. In San Fran, there is no such thing as decent and cheap. In case you don’t know, San Fran is one of the most expensive cities in the WORLD. Cheap and decent will NEVER go together in that city.

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