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Your Questions About Cheap Apartments In San Francisco

June 9, 2013

Michael asks…

Renting out apartments in San Francisco?

Me and my partner are considering going to San Francisco for the winter months are finishing in Spain in the summer.
anybody have any suggestion as to where to look online for cheap accommodation? Thanks

Administrator answers:

Just Google San Francisco + apartments and you’ll get some responses from that. I don’t know how cheap you’ll find though as San Fran is quite an expensive place. But if you’re willing to live with roommates you might find something reasonable.

Richard asks…

Is it cheap living in San Francisco?

I mean is there any nice apartments with decent cost?

Administrator answers:

Unless you are rich, the answer is no. On a list of the most expensive U.S. Cities to live in, SF is near the top.

The real question is: How much are you looking to spend on rent?

Susan asks…

How expensive is to rent an apartment in San Francisco?

I will spend some time in San Francisco (1 month) and I’m considering to rent an apartment in order to be able to cook and have a little bit extra space, but I’m wondering if that is expensive or cheaper than a hotel room for the same amount of days.

Administrator answers:

You most likely wont be able to rent an apartment for that amount of time anyways- but if so, itll be expensive. You may want to google short term furnished corporate apartments- but if your willing to stay outside of the city in a suburb and drive in, then you are more likely going to find the better bet at a motel that specializes in long term stays from around 150 a week (i.e. Extended stay america hotels) (which fyi- a month stay runs around 1200-1600). They come with everything you need including the kitchen and supplies etc but wont charge you for utilities like the corporate stays would.

Ken asks…

What is the cheapest part of san francisco to live in?

I want to start looking at how much it would cost to live in San Francisco, but I’m not really sure where to start. I’d prefer not living in the tenderloin, but what is the cheapest neighborhood to rent an apartment? About how much would the most basic apartment cost per month? I’d also look at living in Oakland and commuting if it would be cheaper, but I wouldn’t think it would be because I would use public transportation if I lived in the city.

Administrator answers:

The mission district; if you wanna live there.

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