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Your Questions About Cheap Apartments In Staten Island New York

January 17, 2013

Thomas asks…

How much for a cheap room in these boroughs?

I am young and im just looking for a cheap room to rent with a friend in staten island (preferably) brooklyn or queens, i dont care what it is like or what neighborhood it is in, how much would the rent go for (per week or per month) and is there a site or place where i can find rooms for rent? thank you for your help

Administrator answers:

I live in Astoria, queens, with 2 of my friends and we each pay $600 a month. Our apartment is huge and fantastic. I think you could get a 2 bedroom for around $1000 if you look, just stay away from some of the dangerous areas, which of course get much cheaper. As for staten island, I don’t know why you would want to move to new york to live there but maybe its fine, I heard it is cheaper than brooklyn or queens. Craigslist is a little sketchy, but I don’t really know anywhere else to just find a room to sublease.

Mark asks…

What is the safest place to live in NY?

What is the safest place to live in New York preferably close to New York City? And btw, is New York City just Manhattan or is it a separate city? I am also thinking about moving to New York, so should I be concerned with the crime rates? And for any of you locals, are there any cool places I should go see or any place I should never go visit or anything I should be aware of?
Thank you soo much

Administrator answers:

Manhattan is just one of the five boroughs of New York City. Of all of those, I would say Queens or Staten Island are the safest, but of course they also have dangerous areas as well. Just living in a safe area isn’t going to necessarily protect you, however. What’s going to protect you is keeping a good head on your shoulders– not acting like a tourist, not acting like you don’t know your way around (NEVER check a map or GPS out on the street where others can see you. Duck into a store or something), walking too slowly, etc (You’ll notice that a lot of New Yorkers walk with purpose, and quickly. Do the same). New York is a great place, but like any city, it can turn ugly pretty quickly if you make it obvious that you don’t know what you’re doing.

Now, if you’re looking to live close to New York but not actually in the city, I actually would suggest NJ over upstate NY or Connecticut. This is the tri-state area, which is all the NY metro area, but gas is cheapest in NJ and public transportation is easiest from there with the most options. My friend actually just moved to Hoboken, where she has a great view of the city from her apartment on the Hudson. She’s now actually closer to her job in Manhattan than from where she used to live in Brooklyn.

Places you should definitely go see, the list is endless! Rockefeller Center, Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Science Center (technically in NJ though, but it’s all the same area), Central Park, Coney Island, Lincoln Center, Empire State Building, Broadway (go see a show!), Time Square, Yankee Stadium, Madison Square Garden and endless amounts of museums, etc.

Good luck! If you do move here, welcome!

Carol asks…

A little information on new york please?

How far is it from New Jersey? By car, train, bus?
Is new york diverse?
What are some cities that are close to New York City?
Is it expensive to live there?
Hows the business there in New York City?
Would it be expensive to live in Newark and then just commute to NYC every day or so? Or just have a business in Newark and maybe do business in NYC as well? Hows the business & ‘city’ life in Newark?

Administrator answers:

“How far is it from New Jersey? By car, train, bus?”

It depends on where in New Jersey you are talking about (and where in NY you are talking about). I’ll deal with NYC. Parts of NJ are right across the Hudson River from Manhattan and would be minutes by car, train and bus. The further south and west you go into New Jersey the longer it would take. From Central NJ, for example it would be about 1 hour to Manhattan by car or bus. About 45 minutes to an hour by train. Southern NJ (near Atlantic City) would be about 1 1/2 hours by car and bus. By train would be quite longer because except for a couple of weekend special trains (ACES) there is not regular service to NY from that area. One would have to take several trains (even go to Philadelphia first and then come back to NJ).

“Is new york diverse?”

Extremely diverse.

“What are some cities that are close to New York City?”

To the west of Manhattan – Newark, Secaucus, Jersey City, Hoboken, Elizabeth, Weehawken, Bayonne, Fort Lee and others.

“Is it expensive to live there?”

In Manhattan – yes. Apartments can go for $1,500 or more a month, condos/co-ops go for $500,000 and UP (million dollar ones are rather common). Prices in the other boros (Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island have a very wide range. Stores range from the very cheap to the extremely expensive.

“Hows the business there in New York City?”

Business is not bad but with unemployment at almost 10% in the region, business can be rather slow at times.

The rest of NY state can be just as expensive as diverse as NYC (and would take much longer to get to by car, bus and train). It all depends on the area.


“Would it be expensive to live in Newark and then just commute to NYC every day or so? Or just have a business in Newark and maybe do business in NYC as well? Hows the business & ‘city’ life in Newark?”

I don’t know much about the real estate costs in Newark or the business environment. There are good sections and bad sections in Newark (always in the news). As far as commuting to NYC daily – the transportation hub is the Newark Penn station. There you can get PATH to either lower Manhattan (World Trade Center) or with a transfer at Journal Square – to midtown Manhattan (33rd St/6th Av). The PATH single fare is $1.75 but you can get 10, 20 or 40 rides at $1.30 each ($13.00, $26,00 or $52.00 respectively) or a 7 ($18.00) or 30 day (4%$.00)unlimiited pass for for by using the SmartLink smartcard.


Also at Newark Penn is NJ Transit to NY Penn station (33rd St/7th Av). The NJ Transit fare is single one way $4.00, weekly (roundtrip) $34.00, monthly (roundtrip) $111.00.

Maria asks…

If I wanted to find an apartment in New York?

I haven’t ever been to New York. I would Love to live there. What are some good neighborhoods to look for a place. the cheaper the better.
P.S. I want to live on the island not around it.
Long island.

Administrator answers:

Which island?? Long island, staten island, manhattan island, Roosevelt island.

Lisa asks…

Holiday in New York, October – any family accommodation recommendations?

We are coming over to New York in October and would like some accommodation recommendations – apartments or hotels of good quality, somewhere central. Got two children and want a treat.
Any Tips, info, good restaurants, things to do – anything New Yorkie?
Thanks Guys!

Administrator answers:

My friend, I hope this helped.


-Empire State Building
-Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island
-Rockefeller Center and the Top of the Rock Observation Deck
-Times Square (no trip is complete without a visit to the”Crossroads of the World”)
-Catch a Broadway show
-Lower Manhattan/Wall Street Area
-United Nations
-Central Park
-Brooklyn Bridge (you can walk across it too)
-Grand Central Terminal (largest railroad terminal in the country)
-A Ride on the Staten Island Ferry (its free and you can see the Statue of Liberty as the ferry crosses the harbor)
-Sightseeing tour on a Double Decker Bus
-Conference House (scene of the only Peace Conference during the Revolution, Lord Howe versus John Adams and Ben Franklin)
-Bronx Zoo/New York Botonical Garden
-Yankee Stadium (big year for the Yankess Baseball team. This will be the last year their playing at the Original Yankee Stadium)


-Museum Mile (Fifth Avenue from East 86 to East 103 Streets)
-Museum of Natural History and the Rose Center for Earth and Space
-New Museum of Contemporary Art
-Madame Tussaud Wax Museum
-New York City Fire Museum
-New York City Police Museum
-Transit Museum
-Manhattan Children’s Museum
-Sony Wonder Technology Lab
-New York Hall of Science
-Bronx Museum of Art
-Brooklyn Museum
-Milk Gallery
-American Craft Museum
-Museum of American Folk Art
-Museum of the Moving Image
-Museum of Television and Radio
-The Municipal Art Society
-Jacques Marchais Tibetan Museum (only Tibetan museum in the USA)
-Alice Austen House (one of the first professional women photographers, many of her prints are on display, and her home had an absolutely unbelievable view of the harbor)
-Snug Harbor (nation’s first and only home for retired mariner, its now a museum complex)
Other Attractions


-Macy’s (West 34th Street and Broadway in the heart of Hearld Square)
-Bloomingdale’s (Lexington Avenue at East 59 and East 60 Streets)
-The shops along Fifth Avenue (just don’t max out you credit cards)
-FAO Schwarz
-Toys “R” Us in Times Square
-Lord and Taylor (5th Avenue at East 38th Street)
-Chinatown/Canal Street Area (if you want to go on the cheap for the stuff you can’t get on Fifth Avenue)
-NBA Store (for the basketball fan – 5th Avenue at East 52nd Street)
-The Apple Computer Store (East 59th Street and Fifth Avenue)
-The Time Warner Center (West 59th Street – Columbus Circle)
-Hershey Store (for those with a sweet tooth)
-Grand Central Terminal (for the shopping)
-Century 21 Department Store (Church and Cortlandt Street)
-forever 21
-Barneys New York (660 Madison Ave)


-Second Avenue Deli
-Carnegie Deli
-Stage Deli
-Junior’s Cheescake (home to their World Famous Cheesecake)
-Mickey Mantle’s Restaurant

Good luck
Native New Yorker

Lizzie asks…

how much does a one bedroom apartment in new york cost?

im not sure which city i want either Manhattan, buffalo, or really anywhere besides Staten island or jersey . So on average or give an estimate on what it cost for a one bedroom because i will be moving there by myself and i dont know anyone there so wont have a roomate

Administrator answers:

In Manhattan, $2000 a month. Also, Manhattan landlords tend to want proof of 30 to 40 times monthly rent in annual income for two or more years, or a guarantor in the area who makes 100 times rent. There are certainly exceptions but that’s what you’re most likely to find, and don’t forget that you’ll take home almost nothing when your taxes are withheld.

You should be able to find a place in the far reaches of NYC for less than $1000. Housing in other cities will be substantially cheaper. But, state taxes are still usurious and all you get in return is nightmarish wastelands like Poughkeepsie, Kingston and Albany.

Small towns upstate are wonderful once you get used to them. But, you may experience culture shock. If you want to be in a city in New York, move to Brooklyn or Queens with little more than the clothes on your back, shack up with friends or strangers and pay $500-$1000 in rent, waitress 16 hours a day and try to make a life.

Laura asks…

Im moving to new york soon, im trying to find a relatively cheap place to live within the city not so dangerou?

like pref a sublet or renting is fine but i cant find any websites to help me out, anyone know any good places or websites?

Administrator answers:

The cheapest borough to live in is Staten Island, most of its areas are pretty safe,rent is relatively cheap compared to the other boroughs, and you are within 15 minutes of manhattan south, brooklyn south and new jersey.
Theres only 1 catch, it is the only borough where you have to have a car, unless you dont mind taking a ferry boat every day to get to manhattan, but in the island the ferry and train is free.
Look up apartments for rent in Staten Island on craigslist youll find a ton.
Keep in mind that the standard of living here is very high, and rent no matter where in NYC you live might be equivalent to a mortgage in another part of the country.
I hope you have a good job waiting for you here.

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