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January 20, 2013

Richard asks…

what do i need to have to move into an apartment?

im 18 years old and i want to move out of my moms apartment.
the thing is i really don’t know alot.
i have a debit card. I don’t work but i do receive SSI every month. I also have about 1000 in the bank ive been saving up.
can you tell me everything about moving into an apartment.
thank you!!
no im not living free. i pay rent to my mom.

Administrator answers:

You normally have to pay a security deposit, it’s typically equal to 1 month’s rent. You also normally pay your first month’s rent at the same time, so you need to have double the amount of the rent ready to go.
An apartment complex is going to look at the ratio between your income and the cost of the rent. If you don’t have much to spare, they might turn you down. They also might run a credit check, but aren’t usually very, very strict about your credit score. If your mother would cosign for you, and she has decent credit and income, it would help you get in.
I don’t know what rents are like where you are, but where I am, $1000 wouldn’t cover the security deposit alone. I also don’t know what your income is, but I hope you are really doing the math and making sure you can *comfortably* afford it, or it would be easy to mess up and get behind.
I think in your situation, finding a roommate set-up might be good for you. Cheaper rent, shared utility costs, and a roommate normally won’t bother with a credit check, etc.
You will probably have to sign a lease anywhere you go. The standard is for one year, but you can find places who will do less, or month-to-month. Sometimes, the shorter the lease, the more expensive the apartment, but it’s a very slight difference.
Also consider what you will need for furnishings, kitchen wares, towels, etc. If you don’t have enough stuff, you could sign up for in your area. People are always giving away couches and things. However, you would need to be able to transport anything you get off of it.

Mark asks…

Where is a good place to live in Buffalo, NY?

I need a place between Buffalo and Niagara.
I need a 1 or 2 bedroom.
If utilities are included up to $600
If utilities are not included around $500.

I don’t want to live in a dirty place or a bug infested place.

A place that doesn’t do a credit check would be great. I have awful credit.

Administrator answers:

Good places between Buffalo and NF would be Town of Tonawanda, Amherst or City of Tonawanda. You might try looking in the city of Buffalo itself. If you look in Niagara Falls , you’ll see that rents are even cheaper.

You should be able to find a one bedroom for $600 in these areas.

As far as no credit check, that is a tough one, but I’d suggest you stay away from big, professionally run apartment complexes. These usually have strict guidelines as far as credit, etc. Go with a privately run duplex or house and meet in person with the owner. He or she may like what he sees in you, and rent to you on instinct regardless of credit.

Though you’ll have to weed through the junk and be careful of scams, Craigslist may not be a bad place to start. You may also want to try and look under classifieds.

John asks…

How much would it cost to get a phone line?

I live on my own now and I need to put a phone line in my apartment so that my brother can call me (he can’t call the cell errr).
So my questions:

how much would it cost to put a line in?
do they check the credit?
is there a down payment plus another charge?
which is the cheapiest phone service?

Thank you
How much is the activation fee?
And will it include collect calls?

Administrator answers:

If you have internet connection, you should look into magic jack. You plug it into your computer, then your phone in to it and it works over the internet. No credit checks, you can buy it from Best Buy now. You buy it for about 34.95 which includes: 1yr. Service, free local and long distance calling (unlimited) and the most typical features like 3-way calling, caller ID, call waiting, ETC. After the first year it just 19.95/yr. If that doesn’t suit you then try Vonage, but also works over the internet, which gives you two options for set up. 1 you can call Vonage themselves, have them activate it for 24.95, which they will waive if you ask. Then you have to buy this thing called the V-pod for about $100, which makes it a work. Or you could buy it from best buy. You get the pod, set it up, chose a plan, they start at 24.95/month for unlimited use with ALL the calling features you could ever need, then you start calling. Or look into at&t they have this plan called the all distance about $35/month for the same, unlimited use, with all the feature. But the at&t is not over the internet, but they will need your credit. But for no credit checks the first two would be the better choice, and cheaper over the long run, with a check at&t.

George asks…

Has anyone here ran away from home as a kid and had a good time?

Feel like running away.Had a bad yr mostly my fault .I got suspended for bullying,sorted it . Now been threatened with expulsion for my attitude !! I am no longer in the same class as my friends.Parents dont understand me. I have some money in bank and have looked on internet for cheap appartments .I am 15 and want 2 start over so any positive exp?

Administrator answers:

I know some people who ran away. Doesn’t really work out. One of the people I knew ran away and I think lives with one of her friends parents. I wonder how long that will last?

How much money do you have in the bank? Do you have a job? Since you’re only 15, if you have a job, it must be under the table, or illegal somehow.

How much money do you have? $5000?
Lets do some math. Lets say…you find an apartment for…$800. That is fairly cheap, at least, around where I live in the bay area. Apartments charge differently for the apartment, then utilities such as garbage, water, electricity. So lets say your total now is $1000 per month. How much do you spend a day on food? Skip breakfast, lunch is about $8 incl tax, and dinner can be like $12, so thats a total of $20 a day. Times the average days in a month, 30. $20 x 30 is $600 for food.
Transportation? Unless you walk or bike, taking the bus somewhere cost about $1. And back. Another $1. Assuming you go out 5 times a week, thats $40 for the month. I’m guessing you dont drive or will have a car. So dont worry about insurance, car payments and gas. Do you have a cell phone? $40 a month.

What are we at now? $1000+$600+$40+$40 = $1680 a month.

Assuming your total in the bank is $5000, 5000 divide by 1680 is about 2 months. You cant live in an apartment for part of the month. So you have some money left over, because $1680 x 2 months = $3360, meaning you have $1640. $1640 to spend in 2 months with friends, new clothes, activities, desserts and snacks, that all averages out to $30/day.

Will you have a good time if you run away from home? Sure. For 2 months. And then you’ll have to go home and you’ll be completely broke.

My suggestion? If you really cant handle your parents, you need to force yourself to stick with it. You dont have to talk to them and all, but your life will be much easier if you do. And it will be easier for your parents as well. And then when you find a job and turn 18 you can move out and do whatever you want, legally. Well, almost whatever you want. Also, change your attitude. If you know its your fault, and you keep the same attitude, not only will school be hard, it will be hard to keep a job.

Also, I dont think you can get an apartment at 15…they do credit checks and I think you have to be at least 17 or 18, or move in with someone that is old enough.

And stop bullying. Have you ever seen that bumper sticker that says “mean people suck”?

Maria asks…

is it possible to pay for college and an apartment?

i have to move out after high school. and im going to an art school. im trying to get a job so if i do, is it possible to pay for college, gas, an apartment, food, bills, and internet?

im gonna split rent with one of my friends so that should help with the apartment. but is it possible to do this?

Administrator answers:

Yes very possible,
like the guy before me said, figure out how much you’re necessities are (gas, upkeep on vehicle, household supplies [cleaning supplies dishes trash bags laundry detergent hygienic products like shampoo etc] rent, food, utility, bills, frivolous spending, and internet[which isnt a necessity seeing as there is usually internet on campus or local restaurants/cafes]) subtract that from what you would be making and leave room for emergency money for those just in case moments.
Think about if you can handle working and going to school at the same time (think of each credit hour having four hours of homework)
consider your eligibility for scholarships loans etc because you may get more than your college expenses cost and get money back to use on rent etc
consider the cost of an apartment compared to dorms or housing costs with the college and gas from the apt to the college and to the store etc (cheaper to walk than drive consider getting a bike if you live close by or on campus)
cut coupons, save every penny you can there are several websites for this, i use coupon mom a lot walmart also does ad matching so check ads within 50 mi radius of the walmart you would be shopping at for sales and bring those in when you go to walmart to save a few bucks
Consider meal plans through the college, they may be cheaper
Raman and tea/cool aid are a college students best friend
make SURE you have your budget straight before signing ANYTHING
and i cannot stress this enough READ YOUR LOANS WELL!!!

Daniel asks…

Has anyone regained a proper home after becoming homeless?

We are about to lose our apartment, and have no where to go. There isn’t room in our family’s homes, and the government was “Out of money”, the waiting list of HUD was 8 weeks, and we must leave by the end of the month.
I just want to know, have you been homeless? how long did it take you to get back into a home and be normal again?
I’m terrified. I have a baby who will be only one in 6 weeks, and here, we will probably celebrate his birthday in a shelter.

Administrator answers:

Yes. It was not fun but we survived and if I had known then what I know now we’d have been a lot better off. My husband and I had moved to his hometown with the promise of 2 good jobs. We both got laid off because the mill started cutting back on jobs after I’d been there about 4 months. That meant dealing with an interstate unemployment claim which took forever. We couldn’t pay our rent. We had a yard sale and sold just about everything that wouldn’t fit in our car and left for Atlanta. First night we stayed with a friend who had encouraged us to come back there. 2nd day around 10PM she announced that her “estranged” husband was coming home and would not be happy we were there. We spent that night in a highway rest area. Next day we tried driving to N. Carolina and staying in the car. That got old and we went back to GA because we decided we could straighten out my unemployment better there. When I finally got a check we got a motel for a few nights and called everyone we knew to see if anyone knew of any jobs. Finally found one and we got a nice apartment again. We were without a home about 5 months but in a motel part of the time.

Not happily ever after though because a couple of yrs later my husband got sick and couldn’t work. We were homeless again for a while, lived in a campground in a canvas top pop up then stayed with friends (that was from June till February) and then rented a trailer that was not in good shape…the neighbor’s cat could walk in through the hole that came in the bathroom wall when the water heater blew. Landlord never would fix it. We were there technically with a home but not a home for a bit iver a year. Our pastor told us about someone who wanted to sell a nearly new trailer and land and we realized that it was a lot cheaper than what we were paying for the rundown trailer rent. They wanted out and wanted rid of the payments on trailer and land because they were moving to another state, couldn’t pay for 2 places, and didn’t’ want a foreclosure or repo on their credit so there was no real down payment. We rented from them 6 months and took over payments. That was 1996 and we still own the place. It has not always been easy. There have been times I’ve cried, prayed, cried some more and finally prayed again and seen God answer at the last milisecond. Over the yrs I changed job fields from marketing back to working with people who need help and I have seen a number of people make it back to having a stable life again.

I’ve learned a lot from them. May I share some of what I’ve learned with you? 1. Unless you have a rental agreement to the contrary you are not evicted till a judge says you are evicted. If you have no where to go stay till the day of an eviction hearing. You do not necessarily want to go to the hearing but rather let the court know that you have gotten out because that should prevent a judgment against you for back rent. Generally it will take at least 2 more weeks to have an actual eviction. It also costs he property owner $100-200 in court fees. Therefore if you can agree to be out in 1 more month they may agree to this. 2. In almost every state you have a right to “pay and stay” that is catch up back rent anytime up to the eviction court date. Check with legal aid in your state or call magistrate court and ask. If that is true where you are and it probably is you may be able to get help to pay back rent. (not meaning to be mean but if it is that you do not have October rent hang in there till they make you leave unless you have a strong sense that you would be doing actual harm to the property owner. If it is a management co they will just write it off their taxes. If it is a little old lady who won’t eat of she doesn’t get the rent that is a different story,)

3. Places to get help with rent (no one place will usually do it all) Salvation Army, Catholic Charities (nearest large Catholic church can direct you) Other churches especially Presbyterian, Lutheran, Episcopal. Call United Way for list of helping agencies and ministries in your community, also check out community action agencies in your area. Look in your yellow pages under Social Services and call every place that seems even vaguely likely to help. If you can get HUD housing in 8 weeks do all you can to stay housed fdor as much of the 8 weeks as possible.

4. You are probably eligible for some or all of the following: TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) money help to people with children and not enough money, Food Stamps (now called SNAP – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) which come like a charge card that can be used only for food. Medicaid (medical assistance for the baby and maybe for yourself too) These are all through welfare often called Department of Social Services or Family and Children services. WIC (Women, Infants, Children) which is also a food assistance program through the health department. You

Mandy asks…

How to prepare to leave Canada and move to the States?

My husband just got a job offer in a university in California : D We’re very excited but we need to pack up everything and DRIVE from Quebec to California by December 2012.

-Which American Bank account should we open?
-Figure out what to sell in the house and what to keep in the car
-We don’t know if lodging will be included, so just in case how do we apartment hunt?

Please answer if you have experience or know someone who had a similar scenario.


Administrator answers:

First of all, make sure your husband and you get proper visa approved in advanced or get stamped at the border. A few of spouse visa allow to work in US with permit. Others don’t.

You can google about US Bank and apartment near his work. There are big major banks such as Bank of America, Chase, etc. Also, there are small banks and credit unions offer better benefits.

Regarding what to bring or what to sell is very personal decision. If you can afford to transport all of your belongings so that you don’t have to buy everything, you can bring. Buying everything in US won’t be cheaper either. If you are bringing everything, check regarding the customs before your border crossing what to prepare.


Carol asks…

What’s a good way to buy a cheap house, to rent out?

I’m thinking of trying to purchase a house or some property that I could possibly rent out. What is the best way to purchase property cheap? And is it better to start off small like purchasing a house to rent out, rather than trying to get an apartment building?

Administrator answers:

There are about 1,000 ways to accomplish it.
My favorite, which is also the most complicated, involves truly motivated sellers who let me lease option their home for their mortgage payment, then rent (or lease option with a 5-10% down payment) it to someone else for more than what I need to pay on the mortgage every month.

I’m working with a motivated seller now who was talked into rental property by his mortgage broker 4 months ago. His credit is in the toilet, but by working with me, his credit will be great.

My advice to new investors is always the same. Get really really good education. There’s a ton of investor education out there and most of it is either incomplete, for seasoned investors, or just bad. I’m following 3 programs right now because the more I learn, the more I want to learn to be able to help the sellers that I can (I always help them too because they come back later to buy a different house or refer houses for me to buy and I pay them).

The second advice (just as important as the first) is to connect yourself personally with people who are investors. You may be able to begin by partnering rather than taking the whole thing on yourself. Online connections are good, so do some of that, but REI groups are better. “Lurk” for a while before deciding who you want to talk to about your deals and who might be a good mentor for you. Realtors and mortgage brokers may mentor you, but keep in mind they’re also benefitting. Always get an opinion about the NUMBERS on your deal and the LOCATION’s possibility for your strategy from someone who will not be paid if you go thru with it. You might find a really great deal, but if everyone is selling in the area, or someone is dumping a bunch of property, ask a lot of why questions and check with the police on calls to specific properties as well as the neighborhood. This may help to avoid buying a crack house whose inside will need to be gutted. Also remember that if lots of property is available, rents will also be lowered to fill them.

ALWAYS have your OWN inspection of the property and a professional appraisal is a really good idea too. The appraiser should be familiar with market rents as well as property values, and whether those values have been increasing in the area (or not) faster or slower than the community or metropolitan area. If you can find these professionals and they are also investors, so much the better. You may spend up to $600 for their advice, but as opposed to a loss (which could be thousands plus the emotional headache), it is money well-spent.

An apartment building can be purchased my favorite way, and an REI club can be a great way to do that. Many people only go to REI clubs when they are selling something and esp. When they’re having trouble selling something. However, if they’re having trouble…get even more advice.

I love talking RE so feel free to email me if there’s more. Also see other answers I’ve given.

Donald asks…

How to get a place with no money saved up?

I just got a work at home job and they require me to move to an area with faster internet. I have no money saved up and I can’t start back until I pass an Internet verification. I’m looking at getting a loan for around $600.00 or so to get first months rent and and everything out of the way but with a low credit score not sure how viable that is.

Administrator answers:

For any decent apartment, you need to have three months rent to put down (first, last and security deposit). You have to pass a credit check. It would be a lot cheaper to get your own internet service and pay $40 a mont for it. You do not have to rely on the building’s internet. You could get your own wif from Verizon or one of the other major providers. It plugs into the computer and gets its signal the same way cell phones do or from a satellite.

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