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January 18, 2013

David asks…

Were do i find a apartment no credit check for rent an cheap?

Atlanta ga

Administrator answers:

Try looking up Craig’s List online. I live in Baltimore, and I found a woman to rent out a room in my basement on Craig’s List. You can check people’s background histories, etc.for free by going to I didn’t check her credit. I figure if she doesn’t pay, then I’ll just send her on her way. There are plenty of people on Craig’s List who will rent to you in this same way. Just be careful of creepers and scammers!

Donald asks…

Moving to Fayetteville, GA – school & home questions?

First let me thank all of those who answered my questions earlier about moving to Georgia. My family and I went there to check it out. We stayed with a friend in Atlanta and checked out the nearby suburbs. We fell in love with Fayetteville, mostly because of the schools.
Now that we are back in Minnesota, I have been checking out homes near the area. I found out that the homes there are spendy. I don’t want to buy a home right now, I would rather rent.
We also don’t have the best credit and could not afford the million dollar homes there that I found on the web.
I have been searching all over the web, but I am sure that there are some places that I have missed. I am looking to rent a 3 bedroom home in Fayetteville, near Peachtree City.
My daughter fell in love with Starrs Mill High School and my son likes Peeples Elementary. They have boundaries there. Here we do not.
Does anyone know if they have open enrollment for the schools if we live close to the boundry lines, but not within the boundaries?
Does anyone know of a home to rent (not apartments) near those schools?
I am trying to avoid moving to Peachtree City, as I heard that is a “golf course” area. We are not those type of people.
Anyone have any ideas?

Administrator answers:

You have to live within your boundary lines to attend a school there. They are very strict about it. They are trying to keep out the riff raft like us Clayton Countians. It has been on the news, someone was arrested. They have police going out to inspect homes to make sure the kids live where they say. Good luck on that cheap house in Fayette County. That’s why we don’t live there.

Ruth asks…

Where in America is rent only $500/month?

I am really trying to move out of my parents house, its hell. I have a bit of money not much but its something and I need to move by next month. Is $2500 enough to do that? Ideally, I would like to relocate from NJ to the following states: PA (Philly), FL (Miami), and GA (Atlanta). Thank you.
I appreciate the responses however…I am not looking for “temporary housing”. Also, my brother actually moved successfully to New York City with LESS than what I have saved. The plus side to his story is his friend had a full time job offer there so he could look for work once he got there.

I have actually found in Ohio, Texas and even Philly you can get rent that cheap. So its not impossible plus not all the areas are bad either.

My downside is I have no car or job currently so wherever I would go there would have to be public transportation.

Administrator answers:

Well, that depends on how much your moving (do you have to rent a uhaul) and how much gas will cost as well. You can look for a 1 bedroom condo, townhouse, duplex or mobile home. I know they are cheaper than apartments. I’ve seen rentals in Philly pretty cheap, don’t know about FL or GA. I’m in AZ and I have to move next month and will probably have the same amount as you to move with. I’ve been searching online for rentals and I have found some that are $600 or less. Some of the landlords are willing to let you pay the deposit in two months instead of all at once. Talk to them openly and tell them your situation. As long as they know you have steady employment, that’s the main thing. Some are even willing to work with bad or no credit. Check craigslist or backpage for rentals in those areas.
Best of luck with your move,


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