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February 21, 2013

Jenny asks…

What programs may I qualify for in FL when supporting my daughter and I on a $1,400/mo salary?

I’m at the lowest point in my life right now. I recently seperated from my wife and got an apartment on 8/1/09. I make $10.50 per hour and I always come up short on my bills. My 1bdrm apt is 600/month, which was honestly the cheapest place I could find at the time. It’s not the nicest neighborhood, but it’s a place to live. I drive a 1997 Honda Civic DX (a very basic car…not even power steering!) and pay $120/month on it. I had to get a car when we split up because I work full time in Tampa and I need a way to take my daughter to daycare. I have 3 credit cards (which I havent paid since July. I don’t have the money). I have no cable, but I elected to have a cable modem (cheapest plan they have). I have a cell phone, which I pay 35/month on. It was the cheapest plan they had. I have no renters insurance, but must carry car insurance because I owe on my car. Other than utilities, that’s pretty much it. I have no other income and I’m a hard working full-time employee. I have a chronic medical condition, called Hydronephrosis (swelling of the kidney that causes severe daily pain). My co-pays average at around $300/month and is indefinately ongoing. I do qualify for food stamps, which I just found out about today. Does anyone know of any other programs in Florida that could help me out? Any help would be sincerely appreciated! Thank you so much for your compassion!!

Administrator answers:

Http:// gives a list of programs that help people in FL. Hopefully some of them will be useful for you. There are programs state and nonprofit) to help with food, child care, medical, and other needs. You may also want to check out if you need to take medication for your kidney problem

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