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January 17, 2013

Donald asks…

What is the best way to find privatly owned rentals?

im looking for a townhouse or apartment that soesnt require credit checks, where is a good place to find those other then a newspaper,

Administrator answers:

Craig’s list and driving around in the area you want you live. But it is getting harder because credit checks are so cheap. Anyone with a computer and a very few dollars can get one done.

Helen asks…

what is rent to own houses and how do this program works?

I’ve been on craigslist looking for apartments and I’m seeing alot of “rent to own” houses. They’re dirt cheap and so I called the number provided. I spoke with someone and they told me that I didn’t have to put any money down, no credit check, and my job was all that I needed. This sounds funny to me should I trust this program?

Administrator answers:

Rent to own programs normally only require proof of income and not a credit check. Normally a certain amount of the rent goes towards a escrow for the down payment and if you don’t purchase at the end of the term then you lose any amount of money in the escrow.

Joseph asks…

Im 23 and I think my credit sucks. Will an apartment complex even let me sign a lease?

its a cheap apartment, only $420 a month per person (3 person apartments), everything included. However I know my credit is not good and my folks have been signing my leases until now… how bad do I have to worry?

Administrator answers:

It depends on the complex. At my complexes we don’t do credit checks and even if we did we would not decide solely based on credit score. More important to us is where do you work and how long have you worked there and your rental history. If you have no rental history we will still probably give you a first chance if your work is good.

Susan asks…

How long does it take for credit to be established to rent apartment?

I’m looking at renting an apartment that DOES check your credit. I’ve only had my card for around a year at most and I pay it off every time I use it. One time, the balance was like 420 and I split it between two months. How do I raise the credit enough to rent this apartment because I need a place to live and this is the cheapest one.

Administrator answers:

Were you rejected by this apartment’s landlord?

A year should be plenty of time for the card to appear on your credit report, and paying it off every month is excellent. When I got my apartment, the only thing in my credit history was being an authorized user on my parents’ card. They did run a credit check and that was enough. I think you should try to get the apartment, and they will probably approve you.

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