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January 26, 2013

George asks…

How can I secure an apartment before moving to Canada? ?

I will be moving to Canada on my own for the first time, I am currently living in Africa. However I am a Canadian citizen. I have no family to stay with in Canada. So it is imperative to have a apartment secured before I land. If I can get a job before I move I will be able to show proof of income. Are they likely to accept?

Administrator answers:

Why is it imperative to have an apartment secured before you land? If you are a Canadian citizen… There is no need to secure a place immediately.

Most land lords will not rent apartments without meeting the person, performing a credit check, doing a walk-through, and receiving a down payment. You also have to consider that many places want leases of at least four months, plus a security deposit and first month’s rent. You also have to consider things like furniture, arranging for phones, power, cable, etc.

Generally, it is smarter to get a cheap hotel for at least a few days while you go looking for an apartment or room to rent. Travel Lodge type hotels can be as low as $30/night. You can also look at, Expedia, etc. And get regular hotels for a week or so at those type prices — especially during the off-season. They are comfortable and have phones, internet, etc. Which you can use in looking for a place. If that gets expensive, you can look for hotels with weekly rates or a room for rent on a monthly basis.

Most people don’t make long term commitments on apartment before ensuring that they have a job, that your work is in easy commuting distance, or without checking the place out. For the cost of a few days in a hotel, you can save yourself thousands of dollars in grief.

Personally, I’d be focusing on getting a job. And (unless you have a lot of money) I wouldn’t be limiting your search to any specific city. Get the job where you can, then move to that city, then use a hotel for a few days, open a bank account, then look for an apartment near your work.

Lizzie asks…

How can a teenager rent an apartment?

A couple friends and I are trying to rent an apartment, but just until September. I have no credit, but I’ll have at least the first month up front. My friend may have credit. So, what are our pitfalls? Not every apartment has realtor commission fees, right? how much do they usually cost? is it true that you have to rent out for a minimum time, like 1 year? please share some knowledge

Administrator answers:

Most apartments require at least the person who signs for the rent to be 18+. They’ll also do a background/credit check & make you sign a lease agreement for at least 1 yr. They don’t like renting for shorter periods because they have to come in , clean , paint , etc between each occupant & it’s not worth the trouble or expense to have to do it evey few months. There are of course exceptions to the rule, usually they’re either very lush & expensive ( so they can easily cover their costs if you leave suddenly ) or very cheap & run down ( rented to temporary workers & such ).

Susan asks…

When you turn 18 and plan to move out on your own…….?

Okay, im planning to move in a year, because i really dont have a choice its the situation, so im planning ahead, i want to know how do you “start” up, when your looking for apartments, and you have nothing to be judged on? You know how they say they need to credit check you, and all of that stuff well if you just turn 18?? Do they accept you?

Administrator answers:

Assuming your renting it, you will be liable for gas, electricity, council rates, and even a ground rent,plus you will have to put down one month in advance. And then you have to think about your food. You might consider sharing a house with other teenagers as a cheaper option.
I would start saving up as much as I can in the meantime.
As for credit checks, you could always ask now, your not committing yourself.

Chris asks…

I’m trying to find a roommate or a cheap enough apartment around the Troy, MI area?

I’m trying to find a roommate or a cheap enough apartment around the Troy, MI area. If you know of websites that is up to date with their housing information, please let me know. Thanks.

I tired and whatnot, but the singles they have are pretty expensive. I wish there was a website that kinda let you choose what roommate situation you would be getting yourself into before signing the lease with other people to a landlord.

craig’s list is too sketchy and facebook marketplace might suffice to see what other tenants need roommates…thoughts?

Administrator answers:

I’m not in MI but here there are condos which rent rooms and if an apartment is too expensive for you then just rent a room. Sometimes the “Y” can tell you where to find a rental. Then there are real estate companies what have renter-matching. Call a few and ask where the office is that does the apartment rental matching. You’d fill out an application (for a fee) and they’d check your employment, credit, criminal check, etc. Before providing places to go. Having a roommate is a real bear so maybe family could provide you a room if you pay them, why not ask.

Richard asks…

getting an apartment with a felony and bad credit?

I am looking for to rent an apartment but i have a felony and i also have bad credit. the only reason im looking for an apartment is becuase its cheaper to rent then a house becuase im moving in by myself with my one year old daughter.

Administrator answers:

Be upfront with your entire situation to your landlord and then be prepared to offer a lot of money for a security deposit to reduce the risk of renting to you. When I say a lot I am taking about 3-4 times the requested security. You will be eligible to get this money back if you fulfill the lease and return the property in good condition, but if you default on the lease the security is immediately forfeited. Sometimes you just may have to live in the bad neighborhoods where landlords don’t bother running credit and background checks.

Mark asks…

Does anyone know a website where I can find rentals or rooms on rent?

I was only aware of craiglists but I think most of the listings on there are spam.

Administrator answers:

I’m actually writing from a half-way decent apartment I got through craigslist — maybe you’re just looking at the bad listings?? found me an apartment when I moved to Fort Lauderdale, but they’re mostly for nicer apartments, run by management companies (where they run credit checks on potential renters!) — so craigslist generally has cheaper places.

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