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July 2, 2013

William asks…

Low Credit Score Mortage for Cheap house In Alabama?

I have a low credit score from back when I was a kid. I have a 05 Jeep Wrangler I paid cash for and I just paid my grandmothers mortage off and she gave me her house. However, I gave it right back to her as a life estate. So Im not sure if I could qualify for a first time buyers plan. I dont want to put her house up as collateral. However, I need to borrow about 60k to purchase a fixer upper home in my area. I have a steady job, a cosigner (mom) and even plan on having at least one room mate. I also have 5% put back in savings, plus 3 months mortage and bills in savings. I tried Eloan/Lending Tree and was denied. I have no outstanding blls and have paid my rent on time for my luxury apartment, early for over a year which proves I can afford a smaller house note! Who should I turn to? (I definitly want less than 10% intrest) Thanks!
Which credit company has the most important score? I think my score is around 600. Its going up soon because I disputed a lot of charges that wasnt mine.

Administrator answers:

This is a reasonable situation and well explained. The fact that you have a co-signer can definitely help. The first thing I would want to do is make sure the credit score is as high as it could be. This can be improved in 1 week if you know what to look for.

Check out my blog for info on credit score management, mortgage and real estate.

Jenny asks…

Is it too late to think about a house?

I’m 40, I have 1.5 yrs left on child support, about 2.5 yrs left on miscellanious bills, I don’t have any saved up…forget about it? Damn, this is depressing…..p.s. I’m in a apartment.
I’m the payor, not the payee of child support, and when it’s done, I will have an extra 420 a month to play with. My wages are 22.50 per hour.

Administrator answers:

This past year at age, me 44 and my hubby 53, we bought a house. It is not too late. You should start saving or check into buying a cheaper (not the big dream home) house and see if the seller will pay some of the closing costs. Call a local Realtor and check into it depending on your credit and where you live you might be able to get into a house. Or look into rent to own maybe you can get a house that way. Good luck.

Chris asks…

How to Rent Apartment in Montreal,Quebec ?

i’ll land soon in Montreal , Quebec , i wish someone tell me , What’s the Renting system there ?
and how i can rent Apartment to be there for me when i land ? What’s the Average Rent in Saint Laurent Area ? , what’s the things i should be aware of while i’m renting ?

Administrator answers:

It would be a better idea to stay with a friend or get a hotel and search for an apartment once you arrive. It’s important to see a place and make sure there are no problems before you commit to a lease. It’s also easier to find cheap places if you are in the city and can walk around, and landlords will want you to sign a lease before they will guarantee you an apartment. It’s hard to do that if you aren’t in the country.

The way the rental system works is that if you find an apartment you like, you fill out an application. The landlord has the right to do a credit check or ask you for references. If all checks out, they should rent to you with no problems. They must have a valid reason if they refuse you. Once that’s done, you sign a lease with the landlord. The lease sets out the conditions of your rental. Usually leases last a year. If you stay longer, you don’t have to sign a new lease.

Take note that different apartments offer different utilities and furnishings. For instance, not all apartments have fridges and stoves. Sometimes you have to bring your own. It’s important to ask your landlord about that before you sign a lease.

Things to ask and check:
-are fridge and stove included?
-are heat and hydro included? If not, ask approximately how much the previous tenant paid per month.
-bed bugs are a big problem in parts of Montreal. Ask the landlord if anyone has had problems.
-check under sinks for signs of mice or leaky pipes
-ask about amenities in the area (laundry, grocery stores, etc.)

-the average rent in Ville St Laurent is hard to pinpoint, because it depends on size and what is included, but let’s say it’s around $800, heat in, for a two bedroom. It’s a cheaper neighbourhood, so you may be able to find cheaper options. I know someone who has a 4 bedroom apartment for $1200 or so.

If you are going to search for apartments online be very careful of scams. If anyone asks you to WIRE them money, don’t do it! It’s usually a scam. There are people who post online claiming that they are going to Africa for work and that they have an amazing deal available, but that you can’t see the apartment. Usually their grasp of English is poor and they ask you to wire money to Nigeria. This is a known scam operating out of Nigeria, so don’t send any money.

That’s about it. If you want resources to find an apartment, you can find a bunch of links posted on McGill’s site. Http://

If you want to find out more about how to check for signs of bedbugs, and how to find websites that list infected buildings, go here:

If you need information about your RIGHTS and OBLIGATIONS as a tenants, go here.


That is a government website.

Good luck!

Betty asks…

Is it cheaper to use Debit card than credit card?

When I go to restaurant, or buy things in a supermarket, or whenever I spend my money, is it cheaper to use my Debit card than my credit card?

for example, would the meal cost more expensive if I use my credit card? would the things I buy from stores cost more if I use my credit card rather than my debit card?

one more question.

If I rent an apartment in a city, can I pay my monthly rent with my credit card? would they charge me more if I use my credit card?

thank you so much!

Administrator answers:

There is no difference in cost of the items, so long as you pay your credit card bill off within one billing cycle. If you fail to pay off your bill each month, then you will accrue interest and then a credit card will be more expensive. If you overdraw your checking account with a debit card, then that option will be more expensive. It’s more about how you manage your money than the cost of each card. On a side note, a debit card is cheaper for the merchant to process, but you won’t see the benefit of that.

For rent, it is possible to pay with a credit card for some apartment complexes. It is usually processed through a third-party, and they will charge you a convenience fee and also possibly a percentage of the payment to use their service.

Steven asks…

Relocating to a different state?

My fiance and I are relocating to Ohio. We have some money saved up, and are going to rent a cheap room while I look for a job, any job (even fast food resteraunt i dont care)
As long as we have money, are the people who will be letting us rent to them give us trouble because I dont have a job right away since we are relocating? I don’t have trouble finding work, since I am reliable and will work any shift, and again, we have some money. What is your experience with this, are people understanding?

Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Not having a job, especially if you have a poor credit record, may severely limit your options, especially at large apartment complexes.

If you’re certain that you’ll have no trouble getting a job, consider a short-term rental up front and pay in cash if possible while you look for a job. Check Craig’s List for the city where you’re planning to live when you move to Ohio. You can look for room on Craig’s List before moving to Ohio.


Susan asks…

I’m trying to rent an apartment w/bad credit?

They do credit checks. Both my hubby and I have bad credit. We have no evictions. I’m a student on disability and have a PT job lined up. DH works 40 hr/wk. We’ve only had one late payment in the past two years. Will we get rejected? Should we even bother to apply? The reason I was thinking of applying is that someone told me that this particular complex was willing to work with people.

Administrator answers:

You’ve got nothing to loose, really. Also there are landlords out there who would rent out so long as you can prove your current employment credentials.

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