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April 1, 2012

Thomas asks…

Finding apartments in Naples Florida?

I am moving to Naples at the end of this month for a job. I am a single non-smoking male with no pets and am looking for a cheap one bedroom apartment, furnished or unfurnished. Anyone know what I can expect to pay and perhaps any resources to help me find a place to stay?

Administrator answers:

Hi I lived in Naples for several years but it has been a while. I suggest looking in Golden Gate Park it is about 12-15 miles from town and you would take Alligator Alley to get to town. It is a nice community and the housing was more reasonable priced.

Check the local newspaper for possible room mates or sublets and other offers. Good luck. Naples is beautiful.

James asks…

when moving accross the country how do I find a desirable location?

My boyfriend and I are moving from Baltimore to Tucson in about a month and have yet to really get into finding a place to live. We have found a couple of nice places, two bedroom apartments for $499 while our current one bedroom is a whopping $785 a month. But how do we know these cheap apartments aren’t in the Tucson ghetto? I know Tucson is sort of a college town and will have its problems, but how do I find a safe affordable area to move to? Help!

Administrator answers:

You can google.. Apartment advice I believe is the site and they tell you how good your future apartment is.. Its helped me pick some winners :)

Chris asks…

Where can you find the cheapest apartments?

In the entire United States, where are the cheapest apartments? Quality isn’t a problem. As for size it only needs one bedroom.

Administrator answers:

Connecticut’s got some really cheap ones
If quality doesnt matter

John asks…

Apartments in New York City?

Hello everyone! My goal is to get a Graphic Design job in New York City after I graduate in May. I just want to ask what is the cheapest apartment to live in a one bedroom apartment in New York City?

Administrator answers:

1500 for a Studio, 2500 for a 1 bedroom in Manhattan
The other 4 boroughs are a bit cheaper but still 1000 minimum

Jenny asks…

Would Using Space Heater in the bedroom for one bedroom Apartment Result In A Cheaper Electric Bill ?

Would Using My Space Heater in the bedroom for one bedroom Apartment at night Result In A Cheaper Electric Bill Than the Wall Heater?

Administrator answers:

If you turn the wall heater off or down like to 55 and the bedroom is small and you keep the door closed and if you keep the bedroom about 60 to 65 degrees, yes. Space heaters are not dangerous if used properly. Keep them away from blankets or anything flammable. Two feet clear all around would be considered a safe zone. I keep mine on a table about two feet off the floor and facing the bed, it is set on 60 degrees and works great. I also have an extra blanket on the bed. The only way to save money and lower your electric bill is to turn down the thermostat and improvise and find other ways to keep warm, like more blankets at night and long sleeve sweaters during the day.

Mary asks…

A few thousand dollars for a house, is that even possible? Is it safe to live in an old house that cheap?

I am 19 and need to move out of my parents house. It makes more sense to me to buy a house outright in cash if possible instead of getting an apartment since the cheapest apartments I could find are still like $300 a month and that will add up over the years. I actually found a few houses that are under $10,000 (this is in Wichita, Kansas). They are all old (built from 1900 to 1940) and most are only 1 bedroom. The cheapest one was built in 1900 and has 3 bedrooms and costs only $4,000. I am really surprised that there are houses this cheap. How can they sell houses this cheap? Is that even possible? Does this most likely mean there is something seriously wrong with the houses? I was also wondering if it is safe to live in such an old house? I don’t mind living in a house that is run down, but what are the dangers of living in an old house? Could I get sick a lot from mold and such or have other health problems?

Administrator answers:

Houses are that cheap for a reason. The house might be in a drug infested area. There might be serious structural issues. Might be mold or other water damage. There might be holes in the walls, pipes and wires ripped out, or anything else you can imagine. If those houses were great deals, don’t you think that people would be paying cash for them as investment properties??

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