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April 5, 2012

Donna asks…

bad credit, looking to move into an apt that does a credit check?

I am looking to move into a great, CHEAP 2 bedroom apartment with my daughter, and sister. My sister has decent credit, not great, not bad. I have terrible credit. Just awful. They run a credit check on all adults applying to live there. There are other apartments out there, thru owner that I could occupy. However, this one is a great deal. Is there any way around this dilemma?

Administrator answers:

TALK TO THE MANAGER about your credit problems BEFORE they run a credit check. If you can possibly explain why your credit is so crappy (beyond “forgetting” to pay your bills) such as a job loss or something of that nature, you may be able to get in with a bigger deposit or something of that nature. Whatever you do, DON’T try and pretend your credit is wonderful up to the point where they run it and find out it’s not – that’ll just tick them off because you’re wasting their time. Be honest and hope for the best – and if you get in, PAY YOUR RENT ON TIME so you can start rebuilding your credit! Good luck!

Paul asks…

Any good, cheap apartments in the edmonds, shoreline, wa area?

I am 19 and I am looking for a good cheap apartment to live at. I am looking for one in the edmonds area, the shoreline area, and possibly in mountlake terrace. My parents would be paying for it. There budget is $600. But they don’t want me to be stuck in a lease for a year. so is there any places that have 6 month leases?
In the payment we want the utilities to be included. But no place seems to have that. If the utilities are included i think that the budget per month would be $750 or so.
Any ideas? Ive looked online at places but they are $800.
-One bedroom, or studio.
Thanks for the help!
Oh! and pet friendly! that accepts German Shepherds!

Administrator answers:

The words “shoreline” and “low rent” are mutually exclusive.

You’re also asking for a shorter lease which keeps the rent higher.

You should expect to pay $750 for a 1 bedroom apartment with no frills, and work up from there.

Donald asks…

Cheap apartments in Oklahoma City?

Are there any apartments Oklahoma City, ok (near okcu) that allow big dogs? I’m looking for a studio/one bedroom that is less than 400 and has some utilities paid!! Help!! Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Look in Midwest City. They have some pretty cheap apartments on Midwest Blvd near the Police Department and City Hall. You can even rent a decent house in MWC for around $600. Midwest City is east of Bricktown/Downtown OKC and is home to Tinker AFB in case you didn’t know where it was.

Ken asks…

I need help Finding cheap apartment’s?

My boyfriend and I are trying to find cheap apartment’s in the Flint Michigan area or somewhere relatively close to that. We are JUST starting out and we only need a one bedroom apartment he is the only one working at this point. Also kind of related to the subject because I need to find a job…how old do you have to be to work at hooter’s? I’ll be 18 in a few months. Or if you have any tip’s let me know, thank you.

Administrator answers:

Just keep looking in the paper. Maybe hang up a few signs here and there.

Robert asks…

a cheap cheap apartment in canada?

a one bedroom apartment anywhere in canada, preferably ontario, anywhere in ontario (i know its large// i live there) …rusty, old, nobody wants to live there, so cheap (not for me, for a story)

Administrator answers:

You need to narrow down a location. Canada is massive, Ontario huge. It’s hard to advise you without more information.

David asks…

will there be a fee if there are two beds in a one bedroom apartment?

I know this question sounds simpler than it is but i’m curious.

I was thinking of moving in with a colleague of mine who happens to be a guy.
It is a lot cheaper to live in a one bedroom apartment but i don’t the idea of sharing a bed should be considered.
so i’m asking from any ones’ previous experience in looking for apartments or any type of home, will i be charged as a two bedroom rather than one if there are two beds in one room.


Administrator answers:

It sounds great now but it will wear thin shortly. What if he wants someone to sleep over?

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