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April 11, 2012

Steven asks…

i’m looking for a cheap apartment for my daughter in cuba,n.y. is there one out there?e-mail me if there is.?

she can only afford at the most $300.00 a month.if there is one with utilities included we will consider that also,and she needs one that also excepts pets.she needs at least a one bedroom.thank you and have a nice day.

Administrator answers:

That $300 including utilities for a 1 BR that accepts pets is cheap even for Cuba. Heat alone costs a bloody fortune.

Did you go online and google for the nearest newspaper (probably Elmira) and a local Pennysaver or weekly paper? Check the classifieds. Did you check craigslist? Did you put a posting on craigslist? Did you consider a studio or efficiency? If it is only one person, you may need to reevaluate that budget, pay utilities separately, or get a smaller apt than a 1BR on that budget.

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