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April 21, 2012

Mary asks…

What can I expect to pay for rent in Seattle?

My friend and I are considering moving out there. After some research, I figure it’d be best if we get an appartment in the Capitol Hill, University District area. What’s the cheapest two bedroom apartment in this area? What could we expect to pay for a tiny, well-kept one in an semisafe neighborhood?

Is it possible to go carless in this part of Seattle? (I’m counting on biking around or taking the bus). Would it be dangerous to do this?

Here are our priorities for chosing a place:
1. price
2. transportation
3. safety (I know living in a big city means it’s not safe, but we’ll be two young college girls completely new to both the city and the state. We need to be able to get around without getting mugged or murdered or raped.)
4. close proximity to places like grocery and general stores
5. living by other people our age

Administrator answers:

1.The cheap end of rent for that area that I’ve seen for a 2 bedroom is $850. I live just outside Seattle in a 2bd/2b and it’s $930 a month. We are looking to move and haven’t been able to find anything under $1000.

2.Even from where I am at taking a bus is super easy! From U district and the hill buses are EVERYWHERE! All of Seattle is rather hilly which is why I bus (when I can, I do own a car) rather than bike. If you plan on busing around (which with the current weather is a great choice!) get a monthly pas. It’s so much easier. Many employers also offer bus subsidy. Also, Parking in the City can be awful!

3.Neither is the safest area but not the worst either. There are so many tiny neighborhoods it gets confusing if you don’t live here or know someone. Cap hill has a nice 420 population and mucho homeless teens but I’d personally live there over U district. If you don’t mind being right outside of central Seattle you may consider Northgate or Lake City as cheaper alternatives.

4. You are never far from a store of some sort. Taking a bus to them is super easy if you can’t walk.

5.What is your age? I’m late 20′s

Where are you moving from?

Carol asks…

One bedroom apartment and baby on the way?

My husband and I have a one bedroom apartment and are planning on staying there after the baby is born. At least for a while. (Rent is really cheap and using extra $ to pay off bills so we will be able to buy a nice house). Anyone in this situation and how did you make it work? The baby will obvously have to be in our room. Any baby things that are a must or thing that you can go without?

Administrator answers:

Right after the baby is born, you will want the baby near you. So having to share a bedroom with the little one won’t be so bad. (just don’t sleep in the same bed cause that habit is really hard to break!). As for toys, just keep things organised. Get some really cheap plastic totes. They will stack so to get the most out of little space. Congrats and keep your head up!

Daniel asks…

Does anyone know of any nice apartments for two bedrooms for CHEAP, in a nice area in the DC area?

It could be a place in the DC metropolitain area close to a subway/train station. Even a price on a one bedroom would be helpful as well. thx.

Administrator answers:

You can try

Michael asks…

i need apartments that are Studio or one bedroom for 400 or cheaper?

i need the name of the place or web site places need to be in vancouver wa thanks sorry for spelling

Administrator answers:

No place is that cheap.

Mandy asks…

Should I strip during college to make money?

Earlier in the year we found out that since there was going to be so many incoming freshmen this fall that they would be short on dorms. So far even though I turned my stuff in over a month early it seems like I will be one of the unlucky ones to not get a dorm. But the problem is that the cheapest one bedroom apartment is $800 a month. I can’t think of anywhere else I can make that much a month. i have a friend that does it and she is where I got the idea.

Administrator answers:

Look for a rented room, a studio apartment, or a shared apartment. Some college students make money as strippers, but the lifestyles of most strippers are not compatible with a successful student’s schedule, studying, or productive attitude.

The student housing office should be able to put you in contact with other women who are looking for an apartment. If four students can pay $500 each, they can probably rent a two-bedroom apartment which will be more comfortable than most dorm accommodations.

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