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February 27, 2012

Robert asks…

im looking for a cheap one bedroom dubai apartment for rent for two months?

im off on holiday to dubai on the 13th of july this year and i depart on thr 6th of september which is almost two months. its going to be 3 people staying and i was looking to rent an apartment thats cheap, furnished and and has a great veiw. im struggling to find anything suitable and i need some help searching? please help 10 points best answer!

Administrator answers:

International city

Laura asks…

Where can I find cheap apartments in Toronto?

My boyfriend and I are planning on moving out soon. My boyfriend already works in Toronto and I’d like to take a job in Toronto. We currently live in Durham Region and we prefer the Toronto city life atmosphere better. I realize apartments that are right downtown Toronto are extremely expensive but are there any half decent areas of Toronto accessible by subway that have cheaper one bedroom apartments? I’m looking for cheap in a half decent location. We’re looking to spend no more than up to $1000 a month on rent….cheaper if possible. We don’t drive so we’d have to be close to public transportation (subway) especially since my boyfriend already has a job downtown Toronto around Union Station.
I’m definitely buying a metro pass because right now my boyfriend is commuting by GO train to Oshawa and that’s costing him a little overt $300 with the monthly GO train pass plus the DRT pass which is almost $100. Just taking the subway would be easier and cheaper for us.

Administrator answers:

You can try Yonge and Eglinton. It’s a really nice area with TONS of stores, restaurants, movie theatre, shopping….EVERYTHING. I don’t know how many apartments you will find for $1000 or less but I’m sure if you look around, you can find one. Try looking on Also try, Just moving northward away from downtown will be cheaper. Don’t move to Jane st. Or Westen Road. Try around Bathurst and St. Clair. Don’t go west of there though. Old forest Hill is a GREAT area and very influential but there are MANY older buildings in the area as well that are really cozy. The subway is really close as long with an awesome Loblaws. It’s kind of expensive though. If you don’t have to be right on the subway line and don’t mind taking busses of street cars, you should try the Parkdale area along with the Queen West area. There are many houses that are divided into different units and most are privately owned homes. People rent out their basements, 2nd floor, main floor, the whole house. The King West up to Liberty Village is the same. Leslieville is starting to become popular but to be honest, I think it’s still too ghetto and shady. At least for me. Leslieville is the Queen and Leslie area. You can find basement apartments in the beaches. You should also check out the Danforth. There are many affordable apartments in that area as well. Apartments in houses and above stores and businesses are more affordable. The Danforth is a great area too. There’s a lot to do in the area. Manyy restauarants. Anyway, I hope that was helpful. Good luck.

Susan asks…

Does anyone know of any cheap apartments in Edinburg, Tx?

A one bedroom very cheap apartment is what i’m looking for, so if anyone knows of any please comment! The only thing i would want is for it to be a quiet place…

Administrator answers:

Check Craigslist. That is where I found my apartment in McAllen.

Paul asks…

Studio or One Bedroom Apartments in Massachusetts Under $600?

I’m looking for studios or one-bedroom apartments in massachusetts for those with low- or moderate-income and I’m coming up pretty short :(

Does anyone know of any cheap apartments under $600 in Brockton, Stoughton, Canton, Easton, Sharon, Braintree, Cambridge, Boston, Milton, Randolph, Avon, Quincy, Dedham, Bridgewater, Holbrook, or other places surrounding these towns/cities if you know this area I’m talking about? Just trying to find something closeby …

Thanks so much in advanced for any response. I’m a bit desperate and as an teen fresh out of high school with a part time job at Dunkin Donuts, well, its not so easy to afford apartments when you’re getting only about $1000 a month as most of you know :)
Ok. Right now I make about 1000. I have the time in the future to increase my availability and thus earn more money. I will prob switch to full time in the future but want to make the rent as low as possible so that I can pay for other things.

Administrator answers:

You will not find anything that low. The expense of a mortgage, property taxes, insurance and heat make it impossible for a landlord to give away his property If all you earn is 1000 no landlord will even rent you an apartment at 400 a month. Guide is you must earn 3 times your pay. The most you qualify for is 300 a month

Mark asks…

Where can I find an extremely cheap one bedroom apartment in New York? (Preferably in Brooklyn)?

Administrator answers:

In Bed-Sty, you can find a roach infested, gang ridden apartment for about $1000. 00 a month.

Ruth asks…

Looking for a cheap one bedroom apartment in Lakewood, Parma, and West side of cleveland ohio.?

Administrator answers:

Look on Craigs List

Sandra asks…

need a cheap one bedroom apartment in downtown miami?

i need a apartment pirce range around 300-400 in downtown miami or miami beach

Administrator answers:

Good luck lol…without getting a roommate, its going to be tough…

Carol asks…

Where can I find cheap apartments in San fransisco?

In that area I need a one bedroom apartment. I’ve been looking online but there’s so much… I need it to be a little spacious though because I use a wheelchair. Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

If you need one to accommodate a wheelchair that is more difficult to find. It has to have an elevator or be on the ground floor. You can try the Panhandle, Outer Sunset, Western Addition. The only really cheap apartments are in less desireable areas. Perhaps you can find a basement apartment. Can you live in the East Bay or Peninsula instead?

James asks…

on average, what is the cost of a one bedroom apartment monthly?

i am in the hampton roads area in virginia. i want the cheapest one bedroom apartment i can get!

Administrator answers:

The cheapest you’ll probably find is around $650. Check out (, or (

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