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April 22, 2012

William asks…

Where can I find a cheap apartment? Websites, link, or anything to help me. fixer upper.?

Ok I need a apartment in st louis and I looked and didn’t see much. Here’s what I want. Something cheap and that I can fix up, it doesn’t matter what shape as long as it’s not falling down. One bedroom and in the location of maplewood or on mccausland in between lindell and manchester. Please help me.

Administrator answers:

Call a real estate firm, one that does prop mgt.
If you don’t find one, get back to me and I will find u one

[u have to define cheap]

Steven asks…

How much is a one bedroom/one bath apt?

Ive been trying to help a friend find a decent apartment and everything but the cheap ones are really crappy lol and the nice ones are just too much.. If anyone could help me out, how much generally is a decent- nothing fancy/nothing too crappy one bedroom one/one bathroom apartment, you think?
Thanks in advance(:

Administrator answers:

In NYC, it could be $10,000 a month. In Po Dunk Arkansas, it could be $300. Beachfront in Monaco or Bermuda could be $20,000/month.

This is an international website.

If you need help figuring ot how much apartments are in your area, go to

Sandra asks…

How expensive is it to move a one bedroom apartment across the country and what is the cheapest way?

I also have to get my car, a small dog, a cat and a bunch of potted house plants that are coming as well.

Administrator answers:

Sell every thing you have throw your plants,cat and dog in your car and drive there 1 trip done

Joseph asks…

monroe wa apartments?

does anybody know of any cheap apartments in or around monroe was studio or one bedroom under 600

Administrator answers:

Go to For or The Apartment click on Washington State then go to Monroe area or Woodinville area or Bothell they are all cities right next to each other. Good Luck!!! You can also go to Seattle and go under the rental section for that area to.

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